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January 07, 2007, 10:03:26 PM
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Introduction to Kinetics

Kinesis is one of the most popular, famous, and striking powers in the realm of future selection. Future selection, you will recall, is one of the three primary disciplines of psionism, dealing with changing and transforming the world around you. Future applications can range from opening doors, to healing, to setting in motion far larger events. It can be applied in nearly limitless ways, of which this first lesson in kinetics will serve as only one example.

The contents of this lesson are covered in kobok’s article, “Introduction to Kinetics”, available HERE.

Please note that this exercise is recommended only for those that feel they have discovered their soul in the focal meditation exercise, as the soul is a necessary component. If not, please return to it HERE, and redouble your practices!

This first exercise, the bending of the candle flame, may seem trivial. However, it is an excellent first step, as it allows one to practice their beginning kinesis skills and receive immediate feedback as to how well they are doing. Almost all of those who have managed to succeed at this lesson have reported some very enthusiastic side effects: to realize that you have the power to change the world, to see it before you with your own eyes, is an empowering feeling indeed.

The next lesson will deal with some possible further applications for future selection and kinesis, and we will also be moving beyond a survey of kobok's public material. Until then, get bending that flame.

The journey has only just begun. :)


Q) Why won’t it move?
A) There are a few factors that could contribute to this. You could be still struggling to connect with the soul, in which case I advise you practice more inward focal meditation. Your mind could be wandering, in which case you should practice more mental control. As always, there’s the possibility that you’re simply still learning to ‘flex’ the soul, in which case, the only thing you have to do is practice. :)

Q) It hurts my eyes.
A) Try focusing near the edge candle, or seeing it out of the corner of your eye. Sit farther away, or practice in a brighter room. Try something to help your eyes adjust to the candle.

Q) I can’t concentrate hard enough.
A) First of all, you shouldn’t strain. Don’t kill yourself trying to move the flame, as too much stress can raise blood pressure and, well, cause stress. Keep calm and relaxed. If you’re having trouble retaining focus and concentration, practice focal meditation more often until you can concentrate better.

Q) I’m straining, but I can’t get it to move.
A) See above answer.

Q) How do you move your soul?
A) In all reality, you can’t ‘move’ the soul in the sense of the word. The soul is not a physical object, and it can’t move if it doesn’t exist physically. However, what you want to do is concentrate on the flame, and let your soul change ‘shape’ to match that of the flame. We use words like ‘move’ and ‘shape’ simply because we have no better word to describe what’s happening. Concentrate on the flame, mirror the flame in your soul, and move the flame deep within.

Q) How can I be sure I did it?
A) If done correctly, some pretty amazing things can be done with kinesis. Try minimizing wind around the flame so there’s minimal flickering and swaying of it, sit farther away, and see how extreme you can get the flame to move. Don’t overexert yourself in the beginning, and keep practicing.
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