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December 04, 2006, 07:44:32 PM
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This happened to me alittle while ago, I was shaking a friends hand and we got into the squeze each others hand to make the other one give up thing, you know.  But we are locked for a good half minute, im gripping as hard as I can, and something kind of weird happened.  It's like my focus went up and I could feel something different in my hand, and it felt stronger. Right after that I could feel my grip dig in to his hand another centimeter, which he then immediatly stopped.

I'm pretty sure if was just extra focus to gain more strength ( Something related with chi? I do martial arts but never really practice energy ), but anyone know of any ways to help acheive this result faster, easier, and more controlled.  Seems like it could be pretty useful to creating alot of power in your strikes if you can use it more then just an occasional fluke.

December 05, 2006, 04:03:20 PM
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Some people say, "that with the help of your mind you can do more things than you though you could."
Willpower, to change, to become stronger. Many people have debated about this and no one is for sure.

A man who thinks he is at his limit, feels the urge to give up, But when he denies this, his mind can push him futher.
What is it?
Could just be your Willpower, could be the Mind or perhaps its Chi.

One thing I know for sure it that whatever you know youself to be capable of right now. If not what you are truly capable of doing. In fact you are really stronger and faster than you know yourself to be. But you don't notice. Only when your mind if truly clear you know, you can feel how powerful you are. Then you can improve from there.

But, sadly I don't know much about Chi. I would say you were using more of your body than you normally do because of you focused mind. I'm pretty, positive that someone else Will come up with a way for you to get results faster depending on what they think it was that made you stronger.  They always come up with something.
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December 05, 2006, 10:38:31 PM
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actually, Shadowx089, I think you pretty much nailed it. When you tell yourself you are only so great, only so strong, you impose a psychological block that manifests itself physically. The same concept is usually applied in a positive light, such as visualizing yourself making a basket before shooting the ball, which actually has alot of evidence supporting the improved accuracy. You could also visualize and focus on yourself healing faster or recovering from illness quickly, which turns out to help one actually recover quickly. In a negative light you can inflict yourself with depression and fatigue. Many would argue that Chi is the medium that the manifestation takes place with, but that, at the moment, is more of a personal decision.

Salubrion, I would suggest really paying attention to the little things in your actions. The particulars and the small things can really add up to influence your acuity. Focal meditation, making a strong effort to notice things that usually go unnoticed-- many things like this can increase the speed and ease of increased strength.

That's what I would do, if I wasn't already trying.

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