Author Topic: Doing the standing mediatation from D.D. article  (Read 3398 times)

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December 15, 2003, 03:27:24 PM
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When i was doing the three circle standing meditation i kept getting light electrical impulses around the base of my spine. I think its spasms from my muscles tightning but it does feel strangly like when you press your tongue up against a nine volt battery to test it. I have no previous experience in qi and i wasn't focusing on moving qi partly cause it says not to and partly cause i don't know how too. If this happens to anyone else please tell me and if you know whats going on please tell me too.
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December 16, 2003, 09:15:14 AM
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Depends. Check your posture, it could be wrong. It could develop in a back-ache, so watch it. Or it's just a culmination of energy hanging around the base of your spine /slash/ your ass. Try relaxing MORE.
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