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September 30, 2006, 08:57:41 PM
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If you are interested in the upcoming round of magic classes, fill out this application.  To do this correctly, copy and paste the application onto an email, then fill it out appropriately.  When finished, send the email to for my review.  I strongly advise making a copy of the complete application before sending it to me, as occasionally something goes wrong and the email is lost.  These applications must be turned in by October 15th in order to be considered.  After sorting through them and deciding who to accept, those chosen will receive a Private Message directly from me.  Do not come to me privately and ask if you were accepted!  If by October 20th you have not received the message then it is safe to presume that you were not accepted.  Usergroups will be set on the 22nd, allowing for basic conversation and introductions to take place until the first lecture(to be given the proceeding Sunday at a time to be determined). 

By applying you are necessarily taking the risk of being turned down: I am sorry, but this is going to happen.  I have tried to expand the class size in such a manner that significantly more people should be accepted, as I truly desire to instruct as many as I realistically can.  If you are not accepted, know that it is not because you are a failure, or anything of the sorts.  Perhaps you need to work on grammar, composition, or some other aspect of your application.  Perhaps you simply did not dedicate quite enough time to the application.  There may even be a chance that your application was excellent, but simply came in a little too late (in so far as good applications are concerned, I accept on a first-come first-serve basis).  It mostly certainly does NOT mean that you should stop pursuing occultism, and most definitely does not mean that I have some sort of personal vendetta against you.  With that, I wish you all good luck.

Magic Application

This is the application form for the study of magic via instruction at Veritas by one of the certified teachers that any aspiring student must fill out to demonstrate a level of dedication to his/her studies, and willingness to learn.  When applications are gathered and sorted through, those whom have sent back the most impressive application forms will be considered as possible students more so than people who gave sentence-fragment responses on long-answer questions.  This application consists of short-response, long-response, and essay questions.

Short Response

1.)   In your own terms, define magic.

2.)   What would you like to learn as a student of magic?

3.)   Do you already contain a working knowledge of magic from past studies?

4.)   Have you had any previous teachers?  If so, list who, and a possible way to contact him/her via the internet(email, instant messenger, etc)

5.)   Do you have any background in psionics or Eastern Mysticism?  If so, how long have you been studying?

6.)   If you have answered yes(along with required response) to either/both question three and/or question five, please provide a list of the skills you have cultivated thus far, to what extent they have been developed.

Long Response

1.)   Explain, in detail, your feelings about magic, including your own ethical disposition towards it.

2.)   What is your goal?  What fruits would you like to reap from your studies?  Provide, and explain why.

Explain how you became interested in the occult, and provide your motivation for following this path.  Include why that particular thing is your motivation.