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September 15, 2006, 01:13:41 PM
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This is a short essay concerning the meaning of life and life in general, extracted from my incomplete non-fiction work entitled "Of Life"
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Of Life

“Man tries to learn how to achieve everything in life but he has yet to learn the most important: how to live.”

What is life? What is its meaning? Why were we born? Why do we breathe? Why do we love and hate? A great many philosophers since the ancient times have been and will be trying to find an answer to the above questions.

Before trying to give an answer to them though, let us firstly examine how people use this gift called life. We see everybody, including ourselves, daily trying to achieve what they want, i.e. get a promotion, become a doctor, raise a family &/c. In other words, we all seek success. We all spend our whole lives in order to find and taste it. Success can be defined in many ways depending on each individual. For some, success means being wealthy, raising a nice family; for others, exploring and learning about the world, traveling, finding spiritual peace, or developing themselves spiritually and getting closer to God; for some others, success means managing to find some food so as to get through the day or take revenge for something which has happened to them in the past. No matter how each person defines success, the point is that everybody inherently strives for it; from the richest to the poorest, from the oldest to the youngest, from the most arrogant to the most humble.

A question may be raised now on why we all need success so much and spend our whole lives seeking it, while knowing that no matter how successful we are, our lives are going to end sometime and everything we have earned is going to be lost. In order to be able to answer this question we should see life as a challenge. Let us compare it with hunting: A hunter faces the challenge to find and mortally wound his prey. What feelings is he going to be possessed with when he finally manages to spot it and kill it? He will be overcome with joy and happiness for his achievement. Therefore, we conclude that the meaning of hunting is to enjoy our time. Now we can easily realize that the meaning of life is also this: to enjoy it. We always seek success by trying to realize our dreams/expectations and when we finally achieve it, we shall feel joy and happiness.

Of course, it would be a great mistake to consider that we should get on with our life trying to reach our targets and always looking ahead to the future because, as a result, we would not enjoy the very precious moment of "now." Let us return to the example of hunting. If the hunter is so obsessed with and worried about catching his prey, it is understood that he will not enjoy the challenge that he has to face. When he finally manages to hunt it, it is obvious that he will feel content. That feeling will only be temporary though, as bliss will soon be replaced by the feeling of sadness and guilt. Why? For he will later realize that he was not able to enjoy his hobby as he was so absorbed in reaching his prey that his obsession did not allow him to enjoy the challenge. Moreover, he is likely to feel guilty and angry with himself for not paying any attention to the present moment. The same happens in life exactly: If we are very obsessed with realizing our desires we shall not be able to enjoy it for we will not live for the invaluable moment of "now" but for the moment when we will have already realized our desires/dreams.*

What is more, the path of life should be walked on our own. It would not be wise to seek help from others, as then, they would walk our paths instead of us. Allow me to base this thought on the example of hunting for once more. In the case of the hunter being offered his prey without hunting it at all, it is natural that he shall have that feeling of happiness but only temporarily. It is not long-lasting due to the fact that he will later realize that the process of hunting is what makes him happy, not the possibility of catching the pray.

Life is a unique gift. Every single person should understand how valuable it is. We only live once** and for a very short period of time. That means we should enjoy this gift in the best possible way.

Therein this work, we shall try to comprehend Life thoroughly, its various stages and its elements.


* I have written in my most recent fiction work: "The target of your life is not more important than the path you will have to follow in order to get to it. Of course, you should always bear in mind that your arrival to it is your destiny. Yet, you should not ever hurry the journey. It is better if it lasts for years, so you that you will be old by the time you reach it, old and enriched with what you have gained on the way, not expecting only your target to make you rich."

** Some religions and philosophies suggest that the human being reincarnates. If that fact is a reality, the statement "We only live once" is true even in that case. This is because even if we do reincarnate, we will not live the life as we knew it before. We will not have the same people with whom we shared our love; we will not have the same experiences; we will not have the personality we had. So, it is of great importance to understand that life is literary unique.

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