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August 25, 2006, 07:51:53 AM
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sup to all that read this..

I been away for  months from my friends and family. I am now in london, havng been reunited wih a few friends from back home. One of them, spoke to me about nightmares he has been suffering from for 6 months. He developed a sinutab addiciton after trying to medicate himself to better dreams, although now hes off them. He still suffers from the dreams, and i would like to try help him.

He tells me that its usually the same one: Something about going into a cave and seeing rotting dead bodies everywhere and the like. He also mentioned that he had a 2 month period where he stopped having the nightmares. when i asked him if he remembered anything that happened that might have been the cure he said nothing comes to his mind. I told him to meditate, clear his mind, and try to tell hs subconscious to stop, but he replied that he was having too much stress and other shit going on in life to take a couple of weeks or even days to chill out on his own and think things over.

Any help would be appreciated because I can see how its been changing him since ive been away...



August 25, 2006, 08:44:16 PM
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The subconcsious is not some scoundrel.  When dreams manifest themselves in disturbing ways, they are reactions to the things we experience while awake.  If he is having nightmares, then they only way to "cure" himself, is to face the problems he is having, instead of trying to drown them out.
Since he is not here to give a complete description, this is all I can tell you based on what you have said:

The cave has a lot of primal symbolism behind it.  In this case, it could represent his desire to "bury" deep whatever it is that troubles him.  If this is a level three type dream, then the cave reprsents safety within the womb-- he feels that he needs to retreat and collect himself, rather than directly interact with his world.
Dead bodies and death in general are very common.  Concidering that the cave may have a womb-association, then this is a place where change has to take place, hence the death image.  Your friend may be experiencing a lot of fear of the unknown; his life may be changing directions, and he feels as if he is losing touch with how it used to be.
The message seems pretty simple.  He is being told not to resist these changes.  He needs to climb out of his hole and face reality.  If not, then he will lose touch with some important aspect of himself, which may already be happening.

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August 29, 2006, 11:29:37 PM
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help please! I have chronic nightmares about falling off a cliff and also fighting with someone. The difference of my nightmares to someone else's is that mine are so vivid that I wake up on the floor. I have this dreams often. What can I do about it. I mean about the waking up on the foor because I get black and blues on my knees too. :confused: