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Psionic Attack and Defense Seminar

   To begin, I'll address the basic concepts of both offense and defense and the various choices of techniques therein. In order to defend it is best to know the potential of what you may encounter to best be prepared. Now with psionics there are almost limitless possibilities as to what can be thrown your direction, but there are many general defense techniques that can protect from a wide array of 'attacks'

The most common forms of defense fall under I suppose 4 different areas:

-Construct shielding, where in a construct is created in order to serve the purpose.
-'Field Shielding', which consists of anything ranging from shear will, to natural defenses of your own field that exists in and around your body
-Offensive, where your ability to overcome the opponent or stop the opponents ability to react towards you
-Dodge and reversion, in which attacks are transmitted elsewhere.

   Now concerning the language used here. Defense and Offense come in both an extreme and light sense. An 'attack' can simply be along the lines of an unwanted scan, or receiving projections of the mind such as empathy, telepathic transmission, or just an abundance of energy. And offense can be as little as simply filtering out the extra noise or focusing unwanted connections elsewhere.
      Defense on a small level is best accomplished with a construct or field defense for the simple reasons of not harming the producer of your 'attack' and a need for little focus.
   In the case of a construct ( I wont go into to much detail as it can be a simple matter of intent) one would form a bubble about themselves to encompass their entire person ( shape is of no concern really). Depending on what the desired affect is of course effects the programing. For example purposes I'll use a shield intended to block telepathic interference. This interference most commonly is produced by those with a large ability to project themselves telepathically, or simply from those deep thinkers who think too loudly. ;)

   In understanding this, intent is not all to complicated. Starting with your original ball of energy and focusing your intent upon it creates your construct (as in a basic way to create constructs). Your intent could be along the lines of 'No outside interference' where as the interference is imagined to be telepathic messages. I personally like to repeat it a few times until I feel more certain that the intent has gone through properly.
   That is your basic lay out. Afterwards, it's important to include permeability, where your energy may pass in and out of the shield. Also, the intent for it to remain up and powered is also rather significant. These things can be done in parts as in, one intent after the other may be placed in, unless you simply keep the general assumptions that your shield will have these properties when being created.
   (that of course will subconsciously place those properties in your construct as they don't require much focus)
   Intents are, as mentioned, dependent upon your goal. In basic form though, your intent is best expressed through what makes sense to you. I.e. A visual of the reaction by the shield against an attack or verbal commands replayed mentally while focusing on the energy to retain this effect.

   To much programming can potentially mess up a construct . To remedy this, different shields can be created and simply form layers, so as not to overcomplicated things.

Note: <Shadowarrior13> To interject- Try and keep layers apart. If one layer corrupts, at least more can be saved. If the layers are merged a bit, the corruption can spread.

   On the subject of field defense it's more a matter of internal change in order to suit your needs. As telepathic, empathic, or energetic interference can be, more or less, 'ignored', the will of the defender is a most significant piece. In terms of little defense one can recognize that their sensitivity is dependent upon their ability and can be toggled. For telepathic reception you can meditate, or just focus, on closing off your 'receptors' and not allowing any information in.

   I prefer to do a simple 'switch flip' on my sensitivity levels, where I just focus on turning it off for the times I need it. Empathicly, I just remeber my own emotions and aknowldege that I wont allow myself to be effected from an outward source. The level of focus depends on your will to creat that effect.

   When it comes down to energy being tossed about, like in the form of malicious constructs, the field may act simply as any shield would. Your ability to focus on not allowing those attacks to reach your more vital areas will reflect in your field. As said, meditation always serves as the best preporation in these changes. These things can remain perminent as desired or be 'toggled'. This is the ideal way to deal with any attack as it destroys the potential to be overcome by the limitations that a normal ‘shield’ possess in most cases. Lest you are able to make the shield become more a part of your energy field.

   I believe it is to the benefit of the shielder to keep the shield around their body as though it were an armor, or perhaps extend the intents as though they were your own energy field so as to bypass the limits of physical distance. As energy is not limited as though things would be physically, an intent can simply act on the energy that exists on the other side of the shield, thus completely defeating the purpose of the shield. This is due to the fact that psi is not constrained by normal physics and thus does not have to operate linearly. Simply put it does not have to pass through a wall (be it energy or not) for it to get to the other side. When the intents are taken close to the body, or into ones field, they both eliminate the space between you and your defense as well as (depending on intent) the attackers ability to directly effect you. Over time, in making a shield, you will inadvertently change your field accordingly with this practice. Either method of shielding can be helpful in different circumstances but the more superior method that would help stray from potential error would be the 'field shielding'.
   Cutting to dodging and reversion. This can be accomplished with a shield, or by the will of the defender. In these cases, a shield can be made with an intent to reflect back to the caster or to relocate an attack to a different area. Intents again.      

   In the case of reaching out and changing the attack, it's important to keep in mind that in the root, all energy is neutral. Energy starts as just ambient nothingness, will gives focus to the power. An attack sent your way can be affected by your will just as much as the sender. Though it can be difficult to accomplish quickly, as you can potentially be fighting against the will of your opponent, but it's important to try and take the path of least resistance. If the will is to say, pop a hole through you, it may be hard to effect it's ability to harm you, but less difficult to effect it's path toward you.

   This is almost only in the case of attacks of sheer will, though. If you are attacked using a 'Tech' it's a much different story. A tech is a construct built of multiple parts serving different functions that will apply to the constructs programing. This will be more specifically covered in the offense section.

   There are little tid-bits to remember in cases of direct combat as well. Things like connections can be a big hindrance against you. For those that use connections in order to focus their attacks, it's an apparent weakness to be exploited. Connections can be cut off by the sheer will of them being removed, but in some cases (as in that of a shielded connection or an extreme will) it's a bit more difficult.

   And here we begin to stray more towards the offensive bit. Other good ways of ridding yourself of those nasty little connections is destroying them at the source. Given that one has the ability to mentally project or simply scan, following the connection to where it begins is the easy part. Blowing the heck out of it is the fun part (simple construct). And poof, no more connection. The energy will need to be disbursed afterwards, or at least cut off of yourself, but there will be no direct will in the way at this point. And lastly, an attack directed down the connection toward the connectee, if you will, ends that pipe dream.


   To begin, this will be covering area's of psionic offence but excluding certain areas such as more of the minor 'attacks' covered in the first section.

For the sake of order, be it handy or not in this case, the main sects of offence are as follows:

-Construct based
-Direct interference

This leaves quite a broad area for discussion in any case...
   Construct based offence has limitless bounds as does direct interference. I'll be focusing on some more common uses for a good beginning basis.
   Attacks are best kept simple, the more you muddle with aesthetics or silly things like the necessities if the object were physical. The more time you'll have wasted and less likely your programming will be affective
   In this more rudimentary aspect, things of simple solid, projectile form are the easiest way to go about it. A long construct with a 'solid' intent directed at a shield will do it's respective damage. A step up from this, the intent of the desired damage may be specified. Such as in a case of a shield spar, when the desire is only to cause a fault in the shield of your opponent, one would include the intent to only effect the shield so as not to cause harm to the person. Bombs, missiles and other such styled constructs fall under this very category.

   These are the most common to be encountered. But as mentioned before, these attacks are of pure intent. Easily defended against for the most part, unless you were to run into a case of extreme will or force behind the 'stone'.

   The next step up from an attack like this would be an attack including a Tech. As mentioned before a 'Tech' is a construct created and sustained using a system of parts. Each piece forms a different part of the construct. A bit is used to power the construct, something to give it it's shape, something to give it a certain property (I.e. explosion, effecting a surrounding area with quickly expanding negative energy) Once your base is lain out, all of these parts are integrated into a whole, creating your final product once energy is introduced.
   My knowledge on 'Techs' only extends this far. There is a more extensive way to go about this that involves less direct intent and would be stronger. It's easily done by taking a two different shield types you prefer to use and combining them to create one. Complicating the programming and making it harder to oppose.

Overcoming Defense

   This is a more direct route to things. In this case, you are going to bypass the intent of your opponent. Given you are able to understand the components of your oppositions shield (via scanning or what have you), you may simply move past the energy's raw will.
   This is best accomplished by focusing your mental projection on bypassing the criteria of the shield. Making yourself unaffected by it's intent. At this point, you can reach your opponent and detach all connections from the shield to him, change it from the inside out, or just go straight for the goal and hammer the creator.
   In some cases it's best to avoid complicating the idea of all of it, and focusing on your shear will to 'completely move past the shield' or what ever you may be attempting to bypass. There is nothing stopping you from being on the opposite side of that shield as energy has no need to travel linearly. There is no physical limit to your energy, it can simply exist on the opposite side of the shield, or in the person himself. Here in lies the issue with normal shielding.
   In the same case of being direct, you can affect the flow of your opponents energy directly. Reaching in and making changes usually is a more difficult matter as automatic opposition can be encountered. On the other hand, blocking off your opponents ability to gather or send energy can cause them a bit of a problem.
   This will bind your opponent from activity as well as muddle up their flow of energy reciprocation flowing in and out of the body. Though binding an opponent in this way will depend on overcoming their own power to go through it, it's handy to at least for a slowing affect or to contain for a time what may be headed your way.

   Another handy little tidbit is meant for when you are being attacked. In the case that energy is drawn by your opponent, you can cause them an awful mess. Energy in it's handy neutrality gathered by either person can be affected by...either person. For example: your opponent begins drawing energy to create a construct, during this process you project in and counter program the gathering energy (my particular favorite is a little bomb). With your little explosion you will scatter the ever so malleable energy into places that aren't all to useful for the creator.
       Telepathic suggestion and empathic manipulation also then stem into handy direct attacks to your opponent. Driving thoughts or feelings into their head of incapability to continue, self doubt, apathy, lack of focus, will all effect the will of the opponent. And without will there is no programing or intent, and thus, no attacks to worry about.
   I say this loosely though, worry in this case is subjective. You needn’t guard against what is not coming, but there is always a potential. In this case, reducing that potentialr.
   All of this can be twisted and contorted to fit your own needs, it can be combined, or separated to better aid you. Things like constructs used to attack at proximity,  or shields that fight back are just a few examples of such. Most of all, practice makes perfect. Don't expect to comprehend all mentioned at one time, it's best to give things a try one at a time and gather that experience to better understand.
   Start at the beginning. At the VERY beginning if in fact you are just starting in your psionic skills, which implies learning your construct creation, scanning, what your energy body is capable of, etc. (learning about yourself) before attempting to dive into this more involved bit of information. As mentioned, simplicity is your friend!

Questions and such are welcome.

As a suggestion, one should also review some of our articles on basic construct creation and other base psionic stills before attempting the material covered here. Also reviewing scanning would be beneficial:

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