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--- Quote ---What's "unicursal" hexagram?
--- End quote ---

It's a hexagram developed by Crowley that is used in Thelemic rituals. Some people even use the unicursal hexagram as the only hexagram in the Banishing/Invoking Ritual of the Hexagram, rather than the 4 other ones. Although difficult to describe, you could likely search it on google and find an image of one.

--- Quote ---What's Tipareth center?
--- End quote ---

Tiphareth is one of the ten sephiroth. It is the second sephira on the Middle Pillar in Tree of Life, and the Tiphareth center is at your chest. It corresponds to the Sun, and it's seen as the center of the microcosmic system. The title attributed to it is beauty.

--- Quote ---What's Sign of the Enterer? Is it the same as the Position of the Portal Opener that Prophecy describes in Daily Magick Practices article?
--- End quote ---

Yes. You throw your arms forward while stepping forward with the left foot, to be brief.

--- Quote ---What's the Sign of Silance?
--- End quote ---

The Sign of Silence and the Sign of the Enterer are thought to be the common forms of the god Horus. In the Lesser Ritua l of the Pentagram and Ritual of the Hexagram, you do the Sign of the Enter followed by a vibration to charge the given pentagram/hexagram, then pull yourself back to a standing position with your right index finger on your lip (as if telling someone to be quiet). The Sign of Silence is used to protect yourself from energy coming back at you, or so I think.

--- Quote ---What's Tau cross?
--- End quote ---

I'm not too sure, perhaps just a T shaped cross.

Ok. Thanks for answering ^_^

How old is the LBRP?  Who invented the version that is most commonly used now?

I tried searching google for the history of LBRP and found little.  The one document I found (http://www.veling.nl/anne/templars/faq.htm) says that some of it is derived from Jewish prayer.  It talks about the invocations of the archangels (except they are placed differently for some reason: "At my right hand Michael At my left Gabriel Ahead of me Oriel Behind me Raphel"), but nowhere (that I can see anyway.  Maybe I just reas over it or something) does it talk about the tracing of the pentagrams and the vibration of names that goes w/ that.

Also, here's another confusing thing:

--- Quote ---There are alternative versions extant, and one such is taken from a modern Jewish source. The source is a pamphlet called "A First Step - a Devotional Guide" which was written by Zalman Schachter and reprinted in "The First Jewish Catalogue" by Richard Siegel, Michael Strassfeld and Sharon Strassfeld, published by the Jewish Publication Society of America in 1973, ISBN 0-8276-0042-9.
"A First Step by Zalman Schachter is not a translation. It was first written in English. It is a contemporary attempt to make accessible spiritual and devotional techniques from classic Jewish sources, sources on which the pamphlet was based."
--- End quote ---

Is this saying that LBRP is that new? 1973?  Plus the excersise quoted,

--- Quote ---"On other nights, after a short examination, screen yourself off from sounds and cares by visualising an angel - a spiritual force field - of grace at your right, this force field being impenetrable by care or worry; at your left, an angel of power and strength; before you, an angel of soft light and luminousness, and behind you an angel of healing. Over your head, picture the very presence of the loving God. As you visualise this, say: "In the name of YHVH The God of Israel: At my right hand Michael At my left Gabriel Ahead of me Oriel Behind me Raphel Above my head the Sheckinah of God!"
"Imagine yourself plugging into Michael for love - so that you can love more the next day; Gabriel for strength - to fill you for the next day; Oriel filling you with the light of the mind; Raphael healing all your ills."
--- End quote ---

is not even the full LBRP.  So the LBRP that we know was fully composed even after that (I'm talking about the part after the QCL and before the evocation of archangels)?

Creature gets muchie confused!  :eek:

The LBRP, or the form we know of it, was created by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. I believe the first version of it was released to the public in Regardie's "Ceremonial Magic" book, which was probably published around 1920-1930 like the rest of his books.

The Qabalistic Cross of Light which proceeds the LBRP is said to be derived from Egyptian Priests, which consisted of saying (of course, in Egyptian and obviously altered in some ways) "Thou art the kingdom, the power, and glory, throughout the ages, amen," while making the cross by touching the forehead, breast, right shoulder, then left shoulder. This is why the QCL is not made in the same order as the Christian's cross; the Egyptians did it this way.

The pentagram was said to be written in blood over the doors of Egyptian homes to ward off 'evil', so the pentagram was seen as such a powerful symbol even back then. The pentagram, as you likely know, is a symbol of man's domination over the elements; to each corner is assigned an element, and the top point being spirit which binds the other elements, while the shape of the pentagram indicates that all of these are the forces of man and therein under his control. The power of the pentagram also relates to YHShVH (what the Christian's call Jesus; it is the Tetragrammaton, YHVH, with the added component of Sh or the hebrew letter Shin, which corresponds to the element Spirit) and his domination of all else. For more information on this, you may want to look into getting Regardie's "The Middle Pillar" which also explains psychology from a magician's point of view. It also gives many different styles of the LBRP and MPR, such as Gaelic and even Egyptian forms of them.

The arch-angels were, as far as I'm aware, first given with the correspondences of Raphael - Air, Gabrael - Water, Michael - Fire, and Auriel - Earth in Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy.

The information you dug up is interesting, though I can't really comment as I don't know much about the history of magic.

Many of the rituals we know today were originated by the HOGD, such as the Ritual of the Hexagram, Analysis of the Key Word, the Supreme Ritual of the Pentagram, the Opening of the Watchtowers, and the Middle Pillar Ritual.

Oh, and although offtopic, to answer your question to why Prophecy didn't say to vibrate the arch-angel's names on the LBRP:

The arch-angels aren't seen as avatars of God at all, and are therefore not vibrated; for example, you wouldn't vibrate "Sylph" while bringing one into your presence or whatnot. In fact, Regardie claimed that vibrating the names of entities whilst invoking could be dangerous as it sets you "in tune" with that entity which can allow it entrance to your circle, or something along those lines (I don't completely remember). This, of course, is just Prophecy's opinion (he said that he's never found the need to vibrate the names himself), as many occult authors say that the arch-angels name should be vibrated.

Thank you for the explanation.  It got me un-confused again!  :smilie:


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