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April 23, 2005, 07:13:53 AM
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What is an Aura?
How do you see an Aura?
How do you read an Aura?
Changing your Aura
   Before I explain
Auric infections
Signing off

What is an Aura?

Your aura is believed to be an energy field that surrounds your whole body.  Its strength/brightness can give you an indication of your strength, and it is coloured by your emotions.

How do you see an Aura?

Well when you scan, you should be able to see a persons Aura surrounding them, glowing and displaying a colour.  I have also heard of people being able to see peoples auras without any conscience scan.

How do you read an Aura?

Well, the first thing you should see is their brightness, this should tell you their health etc.  Then you should see the Auraís colour, what the colours mean isnít anything I can tell you, youíll have to interpret them yourselves.  There may also be more than one level to an aura; this can come about for two reasons;

1) Their mood is changing, the colour below is what their mood is changing too, in a few minutes if you scan again, you should see that the colours have mixed.
2) They may have deeper emotions; i.e. they may feel angry on the outside but be hurt deep inside.

Changing your Aura:

Now onto the main part of my article, changing your Aura.

Just before Christmas I was being scanned by an experienced scanner, who told me that he was amazed to find that my aura was black, with only a tiny bit of blue in it.  At this time I didnít know this was important, but he told me that it normally meant death.  Now I obviously wasnít dead, so what was causing this?  Well a little experimentation came up with the answer; it appeared that I could make my Aura change to this hue by making myself devoid of emotion.  It also had side-effects, scanners got headaches, and I felt like I was sucking psi in etc, in-fact it felt like I was empty space.

Before I explain:

So this Aura I decided obviously had benefits, but before I explain how you can gain the benefits I must say a few words.  While this is the technique for ďBlackĒ Auraís if you replace the feelings that you use to gain the hue, you should be able to make other colours.  Also as with any benefit if you get used to it you wonít find it easy to live without it for a wile, this can give you a quick boost, but you shouldnít grow to rely on it.  Finally, I havenít experienced any bad side-effects other than growing used to it, but some may say that you are forcing your aura t change which could be bad, I donít agree as you are changing your emotions which changes your aura.  However, if you have any problems after using this technique please donít hesitate to talk to me or any teachers, I certainly wonít mind and Iím sure, neither will they.


Now to turn your aura black you must create a feeling of emptiness, as the darkness comes from the absence of anything.  To do this I recommend void meditation; here is an edited extract from my article:

Close your eyes and try to empty your mind, you may find it difficult to do this at first as this comes with practice. If you do, try counting your breathing or reciting a mantra on a rosary, when you start to lose count or forget your mantra etc, then youíve emptied your mind, donít worry if you canít do this immediately it takes practice. You should do this for a while until you feel you have mastered this part before trying to move on.

For me as I finish emptying my mind I start to become more sensitive, and then feel warmth flooding my body, spreading out to the tips of my fingers from my chest. I didnít know what this was, but I now believe it to be psi. For me I visualise psi as fire, you may experience a different sensation if you imagine it as something else. You can then move this around your body and use it in ways shown in the psi articles etc.

If I blank my mind again and continue past this Ďlevelí I start to feel myself being pulled and I start to stop feeling psi so much, I then go to what I like to call another level. Here my mind is much clearer and I use this to think. Your mind may be blank but it obviously isnít completely blank, you can bring thoughts into your mind and think on it. This can be useful, for trying to understand things etc.

This is the point at which you should allow the feelings of the aura you wish to take to fill you, for a black aura we are almost there.  Feel yourself as complete emptiness, imagine psi and things around being sucked in, think of yourself as nothing completely empty of everything.  A big endless hole that can never be filled.

You should see that your aura is turning black, this may not be too obvious at first but should get better.

You could also use focal meditation to the same ends, focusing on what your aura is becoming.  Here is a link to kobok's article.

Auric infections:

Now Iím sure you all know how to do virii, if not then hereís a way using you aura.

Make a psi ball, Feel energy flowing into you from some external source like the earth; it can help if you visualise this. Then channel the energy up through your arms, and out through your hands into a place in front of your stomach. Will the psi to swirl into a sphere shape in-between your hands, will more and more psi to flow into that place but the ball staying the same size, the area where the ball is should feel hot and give resistance to your hands.

Then will it to shrink and shrink until it is so small it is invisible to all but you, then take a bit of your aura and will it to travel into the ball, only a tiny bit.  Now will the psi ball to prick their shield or if they donít have a shield then their aura and let the piece of your aura transfer into theirs, now will the aura to spread across them, you should feel a strong link to it.  Their aura should start to change and their shield also, now you can tell it to start drawing energy from their shield, and if you want make a link to your virus and tell it to send energy back to you.  This should weaken their shield, remember to tell it not to be visible so to them it looks like their shield is still fine.  Then attack the shield and it should fall apart.  Your virus in their aura can also be willed to block their psi.


There are different benefits for different Auras, for example with my black aura psi is easier to access, and it acts like a shield.  But other Auras will have other benefits.

Signing off:

I hoped you enjoyed that post and have a chance to try out this idea, but remember make sure it is in moderation, donít over do it.  If you have problems speak to me, or a member of staff.  If you have any queries donít hesitate to speak to me in pm or IRC.

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