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Originally written by Syko Dragon.

[indent]NOTE: I wrote this in 2002, so some of the concepts and/or ideas are outdated in concept and explanation in some places.  I have not refined this nor have I finished the Follow-up (still no laptop from my cousin).  Enjoy Anyways!![/indent]

Training Three Introduction

[indent]Purpose:  This article is meant to give some insights into understanding how certain things work.  I believe that in order to perform certain exercises, especially those concerning Energy, one should understand a little bit about Energy first.  This is not a guide on how to do some of the exercises mentioned (that will be added later) but a kind of introduction to Energy.  I do not preach this as Absolute Truth because I do not have the Absolute Truth.  This article is only reflecting what I have found to see true given certain occurrences.  Enjoy![/indent]


Why is it that there are 3 “levels” of practically everything in simplest forms?  This includes clothing sizes (small, medium, large), atoms (electron, neutron, proton; negative, neutral, positive), height references (low, middle, high; below, level, above), agreements (yes, maybe/both, no), speed (slow, steady/same speed, fast), gender (female, hermaphrodite, male), temperature (cold, warm, hot), difficulty (easy, moderate, hard), rank (beginner, intermediate, advanced), eating meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), etc.  Is it because we are in the “3rd Dimension?”  Our world has complicated things with various “levels” within “levels” and/or variations/classifications of levels.  So how is this relevant to anything?

There have been so many explanations of life and how things are that it can be extremely difficult to decipher which one is actually true.  Many of these philosophies and beliefs have had extensive research done on them while others have only had authoritative figures that have discovered the “truths” of the philosophy, with levels that some, if any and supposedly, practitioners have attained and/or maybe surpassed in their later years.  So how is it possible to have multiple “truths” that can seem to contradict each other, yet have seemingly valid truths with people who can/have supposedly proved their existence?

Perhaps there is something that is missing that connects them all.  Science has supposedly shown that our Universe is composed of 2 things: Matter and Energy.  That makes 2 levels, but we live in a 3 dimensional world.  So is there a 3rd piece to this puzzle?  Perhaps something that science cannot detect yet?  I believe there is and believe that our answers lie in a certain belief: the existence of a Soul.  What exactly is a soul?  I believe a soul cannot be explained quite yet, as is what God “truly” is.  However, people, with our limited language, have made attempts to explain them.  Perhaps the soul cannot be “measured” by science because it can only be accessed “through” energy (only a suggested explanation).  I believe the best way to describe this is in examples that lie in the explanation of what the “mind” is to help elaborate the 3 levels of our existence.

You will hear arguments trying to explain the “mind” as one thing and not another or a combinations of things.  Yet, they will most likely be explained in 3 main ways: (1) A piece of matter inside of the skull called the brain; (2) the electrical impulses that are sent through the body to control our bodily functions/movements; and (3) the unknown presence that is aware of itself as an individual and “really” perceives (exclude the eyes for a moment…explained next).

The first level would be the Level of the Physical, which is the actual matter that is commonly referred to as the “brain.”  The second level would be the Level of the Energy, or what I sometimes like to call the Level of the Spiritual (explained later), which is the level where electrical impulses that surge through the matter to establish bodily functions/movements.  The third would be the Level of the Soul, which cannot be explained but is commonly referred to as the “Individual that perceives” (this is generally misinterpreted as perception by the eyes since we have become conditioned to perceive our environment mainly through our eyes).

Each one of these levels is connected to another.  For example, the physical is controlled through the energy that is controlled through the soul.  Also, the existence of a soul being a 3rd level stays consistent with many known philosophies and beliefs, such as God, Karma, Chi, ESP, Chakras, Enlightenment, Reincarnation, and even Vampires, which I’ll explain later (beliefs that often contradict each other because of their methods, explanations, etc).  These philosophies and beliefs can seem very contradicting to each other, mainly, in my belief, because the explanations have been limited, misinterpreted, and/or taken in a literal sense when the intention was/is meant to be metaphorical or in parables.  They will be touched upon a little throughout and at the end of this article.

The following section will deal with how I believe these levels are relevant to the applications of Energy, since Energy seems to be the main focus of some practitioners for physical applications and a way of Life and seems to be the medium between the 2 other levels.  I will also add in some things I see that pertain to each level that I believe is related.

Training Three Part 1

[indent]Purpose:[/i] This article is meant to give some insights into understanding how certain things work.  I believe that in order to perform certain exercises, especially those concerning Energy, one should understand a little bit about Energy first.  This is not a guide on how to do some of the exercises mentioned (that will be added later) but a kind of introduction to Energy.  I do not preach this as Absolute Truth because I do not have the Absolute Truth.  This article is only reflecting what I have found to see true given certain occurrences.  Enjoy![/indent]

Level of the Physical

The Level of the Physical has been studied extensively for as long as history has been written and longer.  Therefore, I will not dwell too long on this section in a physiological sense, if at all, because information about physiology can be easily accessed practically everywhere and anywhere (primarily because it is the physical body that we have most associated with through the age of humanity).  However, since many people are mainly concerned with their own physical body applications of energy, I will constantly return to the human body for examples, concentrating on its relation to energy.

The Level of the Physical does not just encompass the human body but also all things made of matter (the “physical” world).  The physical constructs that are solid, liquid, or gas (there’s those 3 levels again) make up this level.  The physical, in terms of energy, is only one vehicle for which energy is conveyed, manipulated, stored, directed, etc.  The other would be space (as far as I know), in which energy can move about freely, although space can be argued that it is partly, if not totally,  physical (with physical characteristics such as bending or curving, folding, containing “holes,” etc).

There are 3 basic ways that matter can flow with energy: (1) on the outside of matter or around it, (2) contained inside of matter, and (3) moving through matter itself.  These can commonly be termed as Guided Energy, Contained or Pressurized Energy, and Charged Energy respectively.  There are combinations, but I’ll try to be brief about them.

Guided Energy
Guided energy is like a river.  The water of the river represents energy while the rocky bottom represents the matter in which it flows around.  The river will sometimes mold the physical, but mainly contours to the objects in its way, especially the compacted objects.  Guided Energy is usually the “negative” or “yielding” of the three, while the matter is the “positive” or “guiding.”

The concept of Iron Body (that of both Energy and of Impact training…it is just a concentrated, conscious effort with that of Energy), however, uses some guided energy to protect one’s body from blows.  Tension is only one key point to guided energy, but is not necessary, because energy can contour matter.

The more matter there is, or that which is compacted as in tension, the more restriction of movement and “molding power” of energy.  This is also a reason of why those who are tense come down with sicknesses, stress, etc.  Their energy is not flowing properly to all parts of the body because they are tense, which in turn creates an imbalance or disruption of bodily functions causing sickness.  The only problem I see with guided energy is that matter contours only the energy that happens to be flowing around it.  To make an effect, it has to be a large amount of energy or contour to a contained/pressurized area.

From a hard style Martial Artist’s point of view, tension is the key to guided energy (as is with some bodybuilders).  Although most don’t understand this factor doesn’t mean that they do not apply this principle.  By itself, guided energy can actually cause a burnout quicker, when it is not necessary.  This is due from pushing out the energy inside of the body to contour the muscles to the outside through the “exits” of the body (usually toward a target being hit in the case of a strike).

Direct examples of guiding energy can be found in Spiraling, or circling the (Outer) Aura, and an Energy Ball outside of the body.  Some variations or combinations are Vertices, Auras, Expulsions, Absorption, and Mana.

Contained/Pressurized Energy
Pressurized energy is like a soda bottle that’s been shaken up.  The pressure acts as energy while the soda bottle acts as matter that contains the energy.  Energy “pressure” can build up in more than one way.  Contained/Pressurized Energy is like the “neutral” of the three, with the matter as the “connector.”

Heat applied to the exterior of the matter containing the energy can build pressure within.  This happens mainly because the matter itself is colder than the heat being applied (since heat always heads toward coldness).  If it is hotter, then the heat is expelled outward like a charge.  I believe that this reason contributes to why we get tired on hot days.  Our internal temperatures need to be maintained at a constant temperature.  However, on hot days, this is harder for our bodies to do (since our bodies will be colder than the heat).  Therefore, our bodies unconsciously expel energy to our external bodies to counteract the pressure inside (which causes us to get tired faster).  This excludes perspiration (since water absorbs heat).

Pressurized Energy, in a sense, is Guided Energy that becomes charged, from pressure, by being contained by matter.  However, it differs from charged energy in that the energy does not flow outwards and through matter, it is compacted instead.  Many times, from guiding energy inward, the matter will become stronger due to the constant exposure of moving energy.  However, this is especially so if there is growth in the matter that will constantly repair the wear of energy.  If not, the matter will become brittle faster and eventually breakdown (wear and tear).

There are energy “centers” in our bodies that “pocket” energy.  It is not hard to believe that some areas stop the flow of energy and compact it there in cavities, small gaps in our bodies or contain energy in compacted areas (of matter).  Some of these energy “centers” have been termed as “Chakras.”

Direct examples of contained/pressurized energy can be found in Chi Compacting, Breathing exercises, Bone Marrow cleansing, and Chakras.  Some variations or combinations are in Vertices, Absorption, and Power ups.

Charged Energy
Charged energy is like an electrical current through a wire.  The electrical current symbolizes energy while the wire symbolizes matter that is charged with energy.  Charged objects are very well known through science and are incorporated in many ways already, so I will not talk about it very much.  Charged Energy is like the “positive” or “guiding” of the three, while the matter is the “negative” or “yielding.”

Basically, something that is charged has enough energy to radiate its own energy.  Fire is an example of this even though it involves fuel or a chemical reaction.  The fire itself represents energy; the fuel is matter.  A Power Up can be seen as a charge of the body (mainly with the help of visual aids from video games, TV, etc).  Power Ups also show the “guiding” force of energy by enhancing the body.  Magnetism can play a role in many charged objects (especially if created by electricity: electromagnetism).

Charges can sometimes be dangerous to do because if too much energy is used, matter can break down, which will be exceptionally dangerous to our bodies.  It can be difficult to determine the tolerance level of an object when it is charged.  Matter can switch from Pressurized Energy to Charged Energy when the matter can no longer contain the energy (it bursts outward).  This can result in many different scenarios from enhancing the strength of the matter to breaking/blowing it apart.

Direct examples of charged energy can be found in Power ups, electrical wiring, Blessings, Nerves, and Pyrokinesis.  Some variations and combinations are in Healings, Energy Balls, Absorption, and blood flow.

Combinations of the Three
The combinations of Guided, Contained/Pressurized, and Charged Energy are endless and make up the techniques or methods that people use to create desired effects.  Though there are many methods for a single desired effect, the variations and combinations are meant to give people options to finding an optimal way for one’s own unique advantages and disadvantages.

The body works in combinations as well, mostly all three.  Blood flow is an example of all three, with energy being guided along blood vessels by pressure within them and is felt as charged energy (an aura of energy rushing through the body…is mostly felt as adrenaline among nonbelievers).  Nerves and nerve impulses act together as all three as well.

There are some eastern metaphors that describe different characteristics, states of mind, styles, etc, of a person, fighter, animal, etc.  They are symbolized by elements (although some have been added by later generations) and, I believe, mainly describe different combinations of the 3 types of energy flows of matter (excluding intentions…explained later).

Earth symbolizes largely on the “guiding” part of Guided Energy and as the “absorbing” part of Pressurized Energy when combined with Fire.  Fire symbolizes largely on the “guiding” part of Charged Energy and as the “yielding” part of Guided Energy when combined with Wind.  Wind symbolizes largely on the “yielding” part of Guided Energy and as the “guiding” part of Guided Energy when combined with Water.  Water symbolizes largely on “yielding” part of Guided Energy and as the “absorbing” part of Charged Energy when combined with Fire.  These are not all the combinations of Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water because they also interact with all others.  Lightening or Electricity of more modern day metaphors symbolizes Charged Energy that can be distributed in many different ways among the other elements.  Even Darkness and Light symbolize Pressurized Energy (absorbing) and Charged Energy (expelling) respectively.

We perceive our Universe mostly through the Level of the Physical.  It is no wonder that many people find it hard to believe that there is anything that exists that we cannot perceive (well, if at all) with our five senses alone.  I believe that we can perceive only the effects of energy through our senses and equipment.  Colors, for example, may be measured by the “frequency” (or vibration level) of a particular type of matter.  However, it is still the matter itself that is vibrating, emitting, reflecting, refracting, absorbing, etc, energy that interacts with other pieces of matter around it that we can pick up.  The next step is to try to understand Energy.

Training Three Part 2

[indent]Purpose: This article is meant to give some insights into understanding how certain things work.  I believe that in order to perform certain exercises, especially those concerning Energy, one should understand a little bit about Energy first.  This is not a guide on how to do some of the exercises mentioned (that will be added later) but a kind of introduction to Energy.  I do not preach this as Absolute Truth because I do not have the Absolute Truth.  This article is only reflecting what I have found to see true given certain occurrences.  Enjoy![/indent]

Level of the Energy

The Level of the Energy seems to be of interest among people these days (and rightly so).  As mentioned before, I also call this level the Level of the Spirit (which I will explain why later on).  However, there are still many that find those who believe in its existence and application as false, blasphemous, or even idiotic (a science fiction fantasy, so to speak).  This level is the connector level to the Level of the Physical and the Level of the Soul.  This means that our Souls can only cause a Physical effect through Energy.  It is like the gas in a car, although much more complicated with more properties than gas (however, chemicals and chemical reactions deal with Energy directly in particular ways, such as explosions, crystallization, breaking up of particles, etc).  In the car example in regards to the three levels, the car acts as the Physical, the driver acts as the Soul, and the gas acts as the Energy to make the car go (excluding all other specifics to how a car works).

Energy cannot be seen through physical means, even with equipment.  All that we’re able to perceive are the “effects” of energy, through our physical senses and equipment.  Heats, colors, electricity, movement, light, etc, are all effects of energy, not energy itself.

I will talk about the effects of Energy more than the Energy itself because it is very difficult to explain by itself with our limited language.  Scientists commonly try to explain Energy by its effects alone (such as the definition of what Life is).  However, this is fine to begin to understand Energy itself.  On the other hand, I find calling this level “Spiritual” as a more suiting term in context of applications through the body.  This is because the word “Spiritual” is actually pertaining to, in my belief, Energy itself manifested, or contained or concentrated, if you will, into a single entity focused within a physical substance, in our case the human body (sub-atomic particles being the smallest structural units of matter: protons, neutrons, and electrons).  This also leads into what others have called the “Spirits” of animals, the Earth, organic and inorganic materials, etc, which are in everything.

There are many characteristics of Energy, some of which I have already mentioned as the “effects” of Energy.  Some of these effects can be singled out to help understand specific applications of Energy.

All effects in the Level of the Energy have a vibration “level” or “frequency.”  Imagine this: photons vibrate a certain amount of times per second to create a particular color of light.  Well, that is the effect of Energy vibrating at that particular level.  Some may say that the light itself is the Energy, but remember that light is created by the resonating photons, a byproduct, yet light is “commonly” called Energy (in a sense, it can almost be called Physical Energy).  So what is causing the photons to vibrate in the first place (even in chemical reactions in some way)?  Energy!  Energy is manifesting itself through different means around us all the time.  In fact, all movement, from the raising of a finger to the swirling of a galaxy, is caused by Energy in some way or another.

The higher the number of vibrations per second, the higher the frequency and the more intense the Energy concentration to move them at such a speed.  This is why gamma rays can have such a large effect (even break up cellular structures).  Frequencies are commonly studied in science, so let’s move on to some specific examples of vibration.

Sound is an interesting vibration effect in that beings, such as humans and animals, use to understand each other.  Each sound has particular combinations to it for specific sounds or for the manipulations of sound (such as pitch, tone, volume, etc).  I won’t go into each of those, but it is easily looked up.  So let’s move on to how it is used.

Many practices (magick, religion, music, etc) teach that a combination of sounds or a monotone of sound in songs, rhythmic combinations, mantras, prayers, etc, will lead to Spiritual Enlightenment, a “reservation” when ascension to a higher plane of existence takes place, or some other desired effect.  These act as “programming” or adding “intention” to a particular sound or frequency to add a desired effect to Energy, whether short-term or long-term.

Heat vs. Cold
Fire and Ice are both effects of Energy in different ways.  Usually, things that are hot are described as having a high (or higher) vibration level, creating friction between cells, and eventually starting fire (if the vibrations are high enough).  Things that are cold can be described as the lack of heat or having a low (or lower) vibration level, but it absorbs heat (heat flows to colder areas).

Understanding Pyrokinesis can be seen as increasing the vibration level of molecules at a high level.  However, Cryokinesis can be harder to Understand (which I am not an expert on…yet).  I believe that Cryokinesis is executed in either 2 ways: (1) by a stream or concentration that pushes out or calms vibration levels, thus creating a colder area; or (2) pulling out the heat of an object or area by focusing on pushing the vibration/heat away from an object or area to its surroundings or to oneself (perhaps by focusing on making oneself colder to take in heat).  (Note: I have used the 2nd method just stated as a means to absorb and store Energy before).

Colors are only a specific portion of the electromagnetic spectrum (frequently studied in science).  Colors are produced in interesting ways.  Objects absorb different frequencies of color and reflect one or a combination of frequencies of colors, which our eyes interpret into the colors that we see.

Different colors can symbolize many things (or pretend to) or symbolize the effects of what’s happening (perhaps because of the combination of frequencies being absorbed and/or reflected).  For example, usually the combinations black, yellow, and red mean “poisonous.”  Perhaps the particular pattern and/or order of colors can determine the effect (symbols are often used in Magick).  One example (sticking to poison) is in 2 different types of snakes that look almost exactly the same (I forget which ones).  One is poisonous and one is not, but they both have 3 stripes of black, yellow, and red.  However, the order of the 3 stripes acts as the identifiers of each snake.

Colors can also be very Helpful when deciphering different effects.  One can program the mind to see different colors to tell them what’s going on (pain, mood, etc).

Electricity/Electrical Impulses
As stated in the Introduction, our bodies can be said to run on electrical impulses, or a specific level of electricity.  The increase in the “speed” of these impulses result in a faster reaction (commonly known as “action”) or response of the physical body (faster movement).  Thus, some exercises deal with increasing these impulses, which is actually an increase in Energy or frequency (Lentation, for example).

Electrokinesis can be a very Interesting ability.  It can be used to turn on TVs, radios, etc, disrupt or enhance the flow of electronic devices, effect magnets, or even cause an electrical shock.  The practice of Electrokinesis can also induce a higher electromagnetic field around a person (which can be felt by people, create some magnetism, etc).

There are disciplines that involve Energy on a conscious level, meaning practitioners know they are dealing with and training Energy.  I will discus 3 (the magic number) disciplines that involve mainly controlling energy for desired effects (the three that are mainly taught on this site), which are: Chi, Psionics, and Magick.  As mentioned in the Purpose, this Article will not delve into the specific exercises each uses but rather explain a little on how they work.

Energy can act alone, or under the influence of other Energies or “Souls” (meaning those that have powers of the Soul; explained more in depth in the next level).  The Level of the Energy is where the concepts of Chi lie.  Chi has been taught as Life Energy being in everything “alive” (having 3 different types of Chi Energy: Pure Chi, Usable or In-Use Chi, and Used Chi).  Chi is mostly referred to in terms of the human body (because we are humans and use it).  Being at such a close range to its origin, Chi, in the bodies of non-believers, will operate at lower frequencies (or with low compacted Energy).  Those experienced with Chi will most likely have a slightly higher frequency than the inexperienced (this excludes Naturals).  Even more so, if the frequencies over-exceed the limits of the Physical body, the body will become overwhelmed and sickness, fatigue, etc (a burnout) will occur.  This is only one reason why Chi Cultivation can take so long (usually the body needs time to adapt to the amount of Energy it is retaining), however, many forget that it is not particularly necessary to cultivate Energy one is going to manipulate.

Since Chi can be of lower frequencies, it can also operate on its own without the help of a Soul.  What is quite interesting is that Energy in our bodies try to retain a state of equilibrium (in which if this equilibrium is disturbed too much, the body will react accordingly, which has to do with “flowing” with Energy).  Since Chi is Energy in the body, it will always flow, never stopping.  Usually, if this Chi flow were to stop or deplete to unnaturally low levels, then our bodies would not be able to sustain Life and “shutdown” (or die).  This is done automatically practically every time (there have been cases of individuals who have somewhat surpassed this stage…perhaps by converting the Physical into Energy, a reverse conversion, instead of Energy converting into the Physical…but that’s only one theory).

Psionics can be a very interesting field of study and practice.  Non-practitioners or Newbies commonly refer to Psionics as ESP (Extra Sensory Perception).  The term ESP is quite untrue because everybody has the potential to use Psi.  I’ve heard it been called a few different things (such as USP, or Unconscious Sensory Perception, SSP, Secondary Sensory Perception, etc…Psi fits just fine).

Psi, to some, may not seem to have anything to do with Energy, but it does basically have everything to do with Energy.  Psi operates on a higher level than Chi does, in terms of Energy, and thus requires more brainpower (although there have been some cases where Psi is induced on frequently or sporadically…this also excludes Naturals).  That is also why there aren’t that many widely known Psions.  It operates at a higher level because the aspects of Psi usually cover distances (sometimes very large) outside of the body.  Advanced Chi practitioners have been known to have Psi Abilities (dealing with things such as Pyrokinesis, Telekinesis, etc).

There are many forms of Magick.  Most forms I’ve encountered deal with symbols, mantras, and prayers.  Each of these have a particular order, wording (either new or old), and sound (sounds) that are directed toward a particular effect or outcome.

One example is the Pentagram.  One form of a Pentagram is to acquire physical objects (money, cars, houses, eggplants, etc).  This form requires daily attention and the Pentagram drawn out in a particular way (such as, the words “with harm to no one” at the top, the object or objects one wants, etc).  When You pass it (posted around the house), one is to remember, and even repeat verbally, certain words in a certain way.  All in all, this is directing Energy to go in a particular direction through a daily process to bring those objects to oneself.  However, there are many other uses of Pentagram.

Although there are many, many different aspects of Magick, most of them refer to the same type of concept.  Using words (sounds) in a combination either using different tones or a monotone to send Energy that direction (programming, so to speak).  This is why many Magick spells are repeated over and over.

Aside from the 3 mentioned disciplines, there are techniques that deal with perception alone on the 3 different levels (in which the Energy is the center, connecting point; each can be explained in reference to the 3 levels as well).

Closed Eyes
Why do most meditations require the eyes closed?  As mentioned in the Introduction, one form of perception has to do with our eyes.  It is the perception of the Physical.  Therefore, in order for Energy Practitioners to become more aware and sensitive to it, it is easier to let go of as many distractions as possible (such as Physical sight, which occupies the mind even the slightest…this also excludes anything that may “catch the eye”).  This is why blind people, have a sensitivity to what’s around them that exceeds most of those with regular sight.

Auric/Spirit Vision
What is seen through Auric Vision?  I’d like to think of Auric Vision as viewing the Energy itself in a type of way that our brain is capable of viewing it.  It is void of color, yet it has substance.  The mind can be taught to see Auras around people as different colors according to how, what, and/or whom the person is that they’re viewing.  This is different than Chi Sensing, which is mainly feeling out objects and people by extending one’s Energy outward or keeping an Energy field/shield around oneself.

Soul Sense
This sense is best understood after reading the Level of the Soul.  To briefly explain it, it is the “vision of intention” that is more of a sense on the “direction” of Energy from a particular Soul.  This will be more detailed in the Level of the Soul (however, it may not be very large as a whole).  It also deals with Soul Recognition and locating a Soul in a particular place.

When it comes to Energy Manipulation, there are a few ways that Energy can move (even more-so when involved with one’s own Spiritual Energy).  Just like many things, Energy can be “moved” in 3 different ways and a combination of the 3.  They are, (1) curved or spiraling/circular, (2) straight, or (3) transferred or deflecting and/or canceling out (“deflecting” meaning that Energy can be redirected into a different direction, an angle, almost instantaneously [for straight-moving Energy to straight-moving Energy], with some loss of Energy, or “canceling” meaning to seem to “stop” abruptly, but it is actually transferred to another form of Energy).

Energy works in a combination of ways, especially when “programmed.”  When it comes to the “effects” of Energy, there is a seemingly infinite amount of effects in the Universe.  There are most likely more than one “type” of Energy (such as Programmed/Programmable Energy, Elemental Energy, Spiritual Energy, Natural Energy, etc), but they are the subcategories of the Level of the Energy.

Although there are many, many properties of Energy, it is not necessarily a key factor to actually “doing” things with Energy (for example, Naturals).  Also, sometimes when we work out, we are unaware of certain biological actions and reactions that are going on, yet we still keep the benefits and downsides.  However, I believe that to increase and optimize training, one should have a Good Understanding of what they’re training and how.  To fully Understand Energy now, we need to look at the purpose and working of the Soul.

Training Three Part 3

[indent]Purpose: This article is meant to give some insights into understanding how certain things work.  I believe that in order to perform certain exercises, especially those concerning Energy, one should understand a little bit about Energy first.  This is not a guide on how to do some of the exercises mentioned (that will be added later) but a kind of introduction to Energy.  I do not preach this as Absolute Truth because I do not have the Absolute Truth.  This article is only reflecting what I have found to see true given certain occurrences.  Enjoy![/indent]

[indent]Important Note: This section of Training Three deals with many new concepts, which involve concepts and entities of God, Spirits, “sins,” and the like.  Many people do not believe in such concepts and entities, yet I see these as valuable key items in dealing with Energy and the Level of the Soul.  So I am attempting to explain them the Best I can in terms of what they represent.  I realize that many people don’t believe in such things, but I Hope that because you are of a higher level and learned about Energy a bit more, You can be open minded enough to try and see what I am trying to show.  I am not telling you to go and choose a religion or worship a God you may not believe in if you don’t.  Good Luck…[/indent]

Level of the Soul

I thought the Level of the Soul would be the shortest section because I did not feel fit to explain it by our limited language.  However, I believe that this section may be the longest section because I’ll try to explain as many things as I can that pertain to this very Important Level.

Before heading into explaining about the properties of the Soul itself, let’s first get into what types of Entities exist to Better Understand where we stand.

There are 3 types of Entities, or combinations of Levels.  So far, I do not believe there are any entities that exist on a single Level.  These Entity combinations consist of either: (1) Physical and Energy Entities, (2) Physical, Energy and Soul Entities, and (3) Energy and Soul Entities.  I will call these Entities Low Level Entities, Mid Level Entities, and High Level Entities respectively for reference sake.  There are also Transcending Entities, which I will explain afterwards.

Low Level Entities
This type of Entity contains no Soul, no drive or sign of sense of self as we do as humans (this excludes evolution, which will Hopefully be clear soon).  These Entities react to Energy, in which this reaction is commonly disregarded as “just what happens.”  Plants (most, to what I believe), inorganic materials, basic elements, etc lie in this category.

Plants respond to Energy through growth.  Usually this response is hardly ever noticeable since plants are primarily docile (except in the case of a budding flower, which blooms when the rising sunrays hit it).  Testimonies of Energy Practitioners that train around plants find an increase in growth rate.  Another key to this is that a plant will generally grow in the direction of where the sun shines down on it (if limited).  This is responding naturally to an increase in Energy flow in the environment around them.

Inorganic materials (rocks, petrified wood, thread, etc) respond in a much more apparent way than plants do especially when we move them ourselves.  Many people neglect that objects reacting naturally are responding through a transfer of Energy.  In science, this is known as Physics (explaining how many things stay consistent to diverse “equations” or examples).

Mid Level Entities
Insects, animals, and humans lie in this category.  This is always debatable mainly because human’s believe that they are the only one’s with a Soul.  However, it isn’t just the “type” of Soul that we have that makes us special, but also the connection of what’s known as the “Holy Spirit” (explained later).

Animals and Insects have Souls in the sense that they create a “direction” for themselves, whether or not it seems programmed or not.  An example of being “Programmed” is how a single ant will always follow the crowd, unless relocated somehow.  An example of not being “Programmed” is how a cub can leave its mother when it chooses.  However, these Souls do not have as much Creative Power as our own and are on a lower level than humans.

Animals and Insects seem to run on what people call “Instincts.”  “Instincts” can be defined as “completely willed by the flow of Energy.”  However, other factors are obviously involved which inhibit Instincts, which is why animals and insects do not respond “perfectly” to every situation.

Animals are seemingly the most obvious example of Instincts.  Animals are able to “sense” danger, fear, evil, etc and respond accordingly.  This is merely reacting to the immediate Energy around them (mainly).  Insects behave in the same way.

Humans (in terms of humans on Earth) are also found in this category.  This category is where I believe many people, including the teachings in the Bible, have misinterpreted a great deal on one related subject.  The story of how we are “modeled” after God, which also ties into a little of what/who God is.

Since older generations had an even more limited language than we do now, as well as a limited understanding of perception (limited mainly to the Physical), people began teaching that being “modeled” after God was meant to be Physical features.  However, this is only meant to mean that we are “modeled as” Transcending Entities (explained below).

High Level Entities
These types of Entities are the hardest to find since they have no physical manifestation.  “Angels” and “Demons” are found on these levels (the nature of Angels and Demons will be explained more in depth later).  I believe that there are many other Entities that lie in this category that range from other “dimensional” beings to God to Ghosts (to an extent) to Spirit Guides, etc.  This is also the type of Entity we become when we die.  Depending on the type of Life we’ve lived will depend on what type of “after life” we will lead.   Many people commonly misinterpret places such as Heaven and Hell (explained more in the Follow Up section) because of limited language and personal opinions/beliefs/upbringings/etc.  It is also difficult to explain the nature of these types of Entities (at least for me), but their separate category is important to know.

Transcending Entities
Some Entities are able to cross between all 3 of these levels through the power of their Soul or Willpower, while others require some form of “vehicle” to cross.  God is thus the main example of this. Since we are modeled after God in this manner, we have the potential to do the same (as those in the past and present have supposedly accomplished to a certain degree).

Humans are Transcending Entities.  There are exercises to “escape” the physical realm in terms of our Spirit and Soul, leaving our body behind as we experience some other place.  One belief of an ancient culture that had mysteriously disappeared was that they had discovered the secret to how Transcend completely into the “after life” without having to go through the traditional “death” stage.  This was apparently exemplified by Christ’s rise from death and disappearance of his body.  Also, how his Mother, Mary, was Transcended to pass the death stage.

So now that we know what types of beings have Souls, now let’s get into what defines a Soul.  A Soul, much like Energy, can be described by its properties.  The Soul is a very complex but fantastic…thing.  It is composed of many things, but we’ll focus on three things for now.  These three are what people commonly refer to as Intention or Emotion, Willpower, and Imagination.  Though very well known concepts, each is very difficult to define.

I like to see Intention and Emotion as one category because they both deal with what we want in terms of how and what we feel.  These 2 items can be described as the bullet in a gun.  It is in itself a separate part with an attached reality to it, but is only part of the entire gun.  Just like a bullet, there are different caliber bullets, different lengths, different tips, and each bullet has specific marks to it (no 2 are alike even though similar).  Intention and Emotion are much the same as a bullet.

Intention is usually referred to as a motive behind an action, the reason behind an action.  This is much like a bullet in that there is an assumption that it will be fired for a particular purpose depending on who’s in control if it.  Intentions are powerful tools that tie into Willpower and Imagination.

Emotions are sometimes referred to as inhibitors to Growth.  However, Emotions harbor the same assumptions as the bullet example depending on who’s in control of it (or who’s out of control).  The difference between the two is that Intention lies on a conscious level and is (usually) predetermined and known, whereas Emotion is mostly unconscious and automatically felt instead of known.  If an example is needed, think of it “almost” like a person firing a bullet (Intention) and a gun going off by itself (Emotion).  They are both given a direction, but one is predetermined while one goes by itself.

Willpower is like the gunpowder of the gun.  It is the power giving Intention/Emotion its force of direction.  Willpower has a direct effect on Energy.  It moves Energy in a particular way to help create some kind of physical reality.  There are limitations according to the extent of the Willpower.  Most bend to the Greater Energies of the Physical World (or Physics and Physical Laws).  I believe that these Greater Energies are either too large to overcome (so far) and/or are the Intentions of what people say is God’s Creation (his programming, so to speak).  So far, it is a mystery, but these Greater Energies do exist and inhibit many things until they can be overpowered by one’s Willpower.

The Strength of Willpower depends on the Strength of the Soul.  It also depends if the person is a Transmitter vs. a Receptor, an Expeller vs. an Absorber, an Action vs. a Reaction, etc.  This concept will be explained later.  Many times Willpower is referred to as Passion (the extent to which one goes to in order to go beyond average limitations).  Although Passion usually indicates and/or emphasizes more Emotion, it isn’t entirely based on Emotion itself.

Imagination is the Creative Power I referred to when determining the difference between animals and insects and humans.  This Creative Power is one thing that makes us much different than animals and insects in that we have a much larger capacity for Imagination.  Imagination can be viewed as the type of gun the gunpowder will be ignited with to send the bullet.

Many people talk about how the more Imagination one has, the more they will be able to do in their Lifetime.  This is pretty accurate in that the bigger the gun, the bigger the effect (in most cases…this is not the only determining factor).  However, many times, it takes a particular type of Imagination to fire the right kind of bullet to get the results desired.

These are the underlying concepts of the Soul.  There are others, such as Memory, Logic, Awareness, etc., but these are the one’s that will be most useful to Understand in terms of Training Energy (but I’ll return to Awareness later on).  They all exist together within the Mind, usually in one concentrated point we call “Me,” “Myself,” and “I” and act together in one brilliantly made Creation.

Let’s go back to the 3 disciplines mentioned in the Level of the Energy and see how the Soul influences each.

In many Chi exercises and meditations, the Imagination is used to Help visualize a particular Intention, while using Willpower to guide Energy along these lines.  However, more advanced practitioners have an automatic/programmed system in which their Souls incorporate via years and years of repetition.

One of the main deciphering factors of Chi Training is that it is primarily induced through controlled breathing (or particular ways of breathing).  This means it is mainly training Soul Growth through Energy from the Physical.

Many Psi exercises deal with Intention Programming to unlock specific abilities.  Also, many exercises instruct the use of Imagination as the key construct to making Psi Abilities a Reality.  One’s Willpower must be strong in order to have enough Energy to cover distances or to partly Transcend into another perceptive state.

Psi Abilities deal primarily with the Soul, as oppose to Chi that deals with primarily the Physical.  In many Psi exercises, the practitioner is instructed to relax and try to let go to feel and comprehend things over distances (usually large, but mainly outside of the body…this excludes Chi Sensing).  Since our design gives such an intimate connection between our Souls and our Physical body, it is difficult for many to let our Souls comprehend outside of our bodies without the use of physical senses.  This is also why Psi training requires much more Brainpower (or more effective use of our Physical Manifestation of our Souls).

Most Magick practices I’ve researched, as mentioned before, deal with symbols, mantras, and prayers.  The main factors behind the spells of Magick are Intention and Willpower.  Verbally repeating the mantras and prayers Help the Soul guide Energy in a particular direction and Help add Willpower.  Also adding to Willpower are different components, such as various candles burning, various symbols, etc.  As far as I know, Magick doesn’t deal so much with Imagination as much as Intention and Willpower (from those I’ve encountered).

As mentioned previously, Magick deals a lot with combinations or monotones of sound (sounds).  However, it is the working of the Soul and a combination of various things that allows the effects of Magick to take place.

Now that the connections of the Soul have been established into the three mentioned Energy Disciplines, let’s talk briefly about sensing according to the three levels: Physical, Energy, and Soul.

Physical Sensing
This type of sensing is pretty straightforward.  It operates on our Physical senses (the five senses of our Physical body).

Chi Sensing
This is commonly called Chi Sensing because Chi is one’s own Energy.  This type of sensing is done in a couple different ways.  The main idea is to extend one’s Chi outward to receive feedback to detect specific surrounding Energies (mainly for sensing living beings in the immediate area).

Soul Sensing
This type of sensing was also mentioned in the Level of the Energy under perception techniques.  As mentioned before, this type of sensing deals with sensing the origin and/or the direction of a particular Intention a Soul is putting out.  This ties directly into what Psions call a Psi-Signature (Psi-Sig).  It is said that once a connection has been made with a person, one can come to recognize their Psi-Sig.  The more exposed to a person’s Psi-Sig, the easier it becomes to recognize it.  This is also why people who have known each other for years can “sense” when their friend is calling or even “know” what they’re going to say.

Aside from these three different types of sensing, there are other aspects that contribute to the way Energy is perceived.  Each can contribute to different abilities and personalities.  I will talk about Awareness, Transmitters, and Receivers.  Transmitters and Receivers are just as they sound, so I’ll talk about them in terms of how they react with Energy (or perceive it, in a sense).

It is good to note that these things are mostly done on an unconscious level and that most people are both Transmitters and Receivers.  It should also be known that these concepts are not limited to just the Level of the Soul, but many Physical aspects contribute to these conditions.  One last thing is that it is harder for Strong Transmitters to train Receiving (most of the time) and vice versa due to the Nature of each.

Awareness can be seen as having knowledge of something’s existence.  Awareness can also be seen in terms of each level.  Physical Awareness (the most predominant to us), Energy Awareness (feeling somebody close by without touching them), and Soul Awareness (knowing when someone is in trouble) are the three types of Awareness and have subcategories as well.

Awareness, however, can also be seen as a shift of one’s attention to something.  By putting attention on something, one can send one’s Energy to that particular object, person, idea, etc.  Weapon manipulation (object), reading a close friend’s mind (person), and society (idea) can all have Energy sent to them to give each more Willpower, stronger in direction.  Usually each will be given an Intention to how the Energy will be used.  This is also why those who strive to accomplish something, put a lot of Willpower into it, will eventually accomplish their goal.

Many people, however, use so many various tactics, either consciously or unconsciously, to get people’s attention to them for their Energy.  This causes many complications in Growth and slows it down significantly (not necessarily stopping it).

A Transmitter emanates Energy.  Some people are very strong Transmitters.  Transmitters are usually the one’s that are able to manipulate Energy very well.  There are also those that “create waves,” so to speak, and change things to their liking (people, environments, etc).  There are also different types of Transmitters.  Some are Energy, some are Emotional, some are Intense.  Mainly, all Transmitters extend outward with their Energy.

Sometimes Transmitters can come off as pushy or closed-minded due to the fact that they radiate their own Energy, not swayed by other Energies in some cases.  Though, they are able to manifest their Creative Power in the Physical world.

A Receiver takes in Energy and, depending on the person, can decipher different things about it.  An Empath is a type of Receiver.  Empaths receive the Energy of emotions of other people and are able to feel/sense the same thing.  Receivers can also feel when danger is coming.  Animals are excellent Receivers.  Mainly, all Receivers take in surrounding Energy.

Receivers can sometimes be said to be good listeners.  However, they can also be the one’s that get caught up in the moment or delve deeper into somebody’s personal life than welcomed.  This is an opposite type of reaction from that mentioned in the Awareness section.

This next section will deal with concepts and Entities of God, Satan, Love, the Trinity, and the like and their Nature.  This section has been through much debate for years and years.  However, I will relate them into what types of things these concepts and Entities represent (or what I believe they were supposed to represent) rather than trying to justify their existence.  The reason why I have decided to include them is because I began to see connections to them that were not apparent before coming to realize the 3 different levels.  Also, this will give a glimpse into the Philosophies that I follow, grown up with, and have advanced my knowledge.  I Wish to share these to Hopefully Help expand Growth altogether since they involve the 3 different levels (mostly the Higher Levels, such as the Energy and the Soul, which this section is mostly about).

God is known as the Creator of our Universe.  Many people have argued about this, yet I am more concerned with what He represents.  In essence, God is everything Good and Positive.  I like to say that He encourages Growth of our Souls, Spirits, and Bodies altogether as a whole.  It is said that we are “modeled” after Him in the sense that we are Transcending Entities, which He has had his examples throughout history (explained more a little later).  The path set out by God is that of Control and Growth in the hopes of reaching “Heaven,” a Spiritual Sanctuary for those who have grown sufficiently and in His example.

As well as being known as a Creator, God is also associated with Light.  This stays consistent with being the “Creator” because Light is created and expelled outward.

For every Good there is an Evil, so it is said.  Satan is known as God’s first Angel who had fallen when he tried to be a god himself.  Satan, therefore, represents everything Evil and Negative.  I like to say that he encourages Destruction of our Souls, Spirits, and Bodies.  His path is the opposite of God’s, obviously, and that of letting go of inhibitions to the point of a destructive state (whether Physical, Psychological, etc).

Satan is also associated with Darkness, an “eater of Light” so to speak.  Darkness does, however, absorb Light.  Since it absorbs Light, this is why I believe people say that Good will always overcome Evil (Light will always overcome Darkness and may be the source of it’s supposed Power).  Also because since Evil is destructive, it can only destroy until everything is gone and can’t do any more, while Good is creative and can continuously Grow even if nothing seems to be there.

The Trinity
The Trinity expressed as “The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit” has a lot of bearing with this article in context to what exactly is being represented.  The Trinity has been used as a reminder of a few things: the crucifixion of Christ (in a predetermined movement), what/who is involved in the Trinity, etc.  I believe that each point to the Trinity represents each “level” of God.

The Father represents the Soul of God or the Soul in general.  It resides at the top of the Trinity, at the highest point in which it addresses both the Energy and the Body.

The Holy Spirit represents the Energy of God or the Energy in general.  It is in between the Father and the Son and acts as the connector between the two.  The Holy Spirit will be discussed a little bit more.

The Son represents the Physical Body of God or the Physical in general, also known as Jesus Christ.  It is the level in which we primarily live in and where God had made his appearance as “God’s Son” to our closed existence of the Physical (in the past, that is).  All three of these create the Trinity in that people were told to use as a reminder.  I also use it to remind myself of each of the levels and the power that we have.

Holy Spirit
As mentioned before, I use the Holy Spirit as a reminder of the Energy.  It is taught, too, that God specifically granted the Holy Spirit upon us, humans, with the sacrifice of Christ.  This is, supposedly, what makes us different from other entities on this Earth with Souls (animals, bugs, etc).

It is said that the Holy Spirit is our link to God, in which we lost or never had until it was brought back to us.  Perhaps it is more that the Holy Spirit has opened a door to a higher power and/or higher Energy that we can now access (that similar of God’s abilities).  Perhaps this is the power and/or higher Energy that we once had access to long before we could remember (therefore, maybe, much, much earlier beings or humans had such higher abilities, as it is believed among many).  Perhaps the Holy Spirit was a change in our Souls toward something a lot Greater (“we will be able to move mountains”).

Angels are often seen as Spirit Guides.  However, Spirit Guides are known to try to lead one down a particular path to reach a particular goal or life.  While Angels are said to do the same thing, they are geared toward the path that God had set an example.  Not all Spirit Guides, from what I can recall, always “give the right advice,” so to speak.  Angles are Higher Entities, though.

It is arguable, however, if Angels are Transcending Entities.  There are many accounts of Angels that have supposedly manifested themselves in the Physical world, only to disappear from existence completely soon after.  It is also believed, among many, that it is only those “special” people that get “visited” by Angels.  Perhaps it is that of “like Energies” or an awareness of the type of Energy that Angels put out (in which Angels can detect the awareness, likeness, or the positive that emanates from that person, thus manifesting within that person’s mind somehow).

Demons are very similar to Angels in respects of being Higher Entities.  However, they are the polar opposite of Angels.  This means that they encourage the path of Satan.  They are of a destructive Nature.  Demons are not Transcending Entities, but can manifest themselves in the Physical world in different ways.  This can be possible through the Help of other, more powerful Souls, dominating weak/vulnerable Souls of humans (possession) or other beings (animals), etc.

Unlike Angels, however, Demons can have an effect on everybody.  This is so because they are of a destructive nature and don’t need a particular type of Energy to bond to in order to cause destruction.  However, there are accounts of people that have had the same type of awareness, or openness to “see” demons.

It is said that Love is the Greatest Power of All.  Although this statement was left to us and supposed to be True, there wasn’t really an explanation of how, why, or even what it means.  First of all, what is Love?  There are two types of Love: (1) Emotion Love, and (2) Attitude Love.

Being In Love is a popular romantic idea that I like to call Emotional Love.  This will exclude the Psychological “Romantic Love vs. Conjugal Love” definitions, although it still applies to these both in different ways.  Emotional Love is the feeling people get when they say “I’m In Love with You.”  It is a feeling that many people try to attain.  It is also the basis of the idea of a Soul Mate.  However, there is an alternative kind of Love that exists as well.
Attitude Love is the Love a person feels for people in various close relationships (as opposed to being “In Love” with their Significant Other).  Many times people say “I Love my friend” or “I Love my parents,” but they don’t mean it in a romantic way.  This is Attitude Love.  It is a feeling of cultivating Love, happiness, good rapport, joy, etc, through our relationships.

Attitude Love is the type of Love that was referred to as being the Greatest Power of All.  This is because Love stimulates Growth, and Growth represents an increase in our Souls, Energies, and Bodies.  This is why Love is said to be the Key, and also why it doesn’t feel bad to feel Good.

I see the Ten Commandments (now) as the warnings given to us by someone to Help us on our Path of Growth.  The term “Sins,” then, is the inhibitors of our Growth.  While Love stimulates Growth, Sins prevent it from occurring by creating complications and negative situations.  Mainly, our Souls can become consumed with negativity, which prevents Growth.

Creation of another human being is one of the greatest abilities we have.  The Physical aspects of creation are obvious in the study of Biology.   It is possible to create a human through biological means (artificial insemination, surrogate mother, etc), however, I believe that it won’t be as effective as normal means of reproduction.

The main reason why I believe this is because in our form of reproduction, two people put a lot of Energy into the act itself.  I believe that this fusion/transfer of Energies forms a type of opening for a type of Soul that we call the Human Soul (although it may be Human Souls opening a Human Soul Window).  However, the biological compositions themselves may be sufficient enough to accommodate the opening for a Soul.  On the other hand, I believe the fusion of Energies may bring a lot more potential to the child’s Soul other than those that are created through artificial means.  A Loving family/parents (which stimulates Growth) could accommodate the missing potential of the biologically produced child, yet this all may be untrue and should be tested.

One last thing, this fusion of Energies also contributes to why children retain a lot of their parent’s characteristics.  This does exclude outside influences/Energies and genes (however, genes may be the type of Energy Signature that people can radiate and be the composition that creates who we are, as scientists believe).

All of the concepts and ideas discussed, and more, tie together to create our Universe and our existence.  Now that there is an Understanding of 3 diverse levels and their components, I Hope this will lead to Growth for People of our World as a whole to finally realize how connected we All are.  I also Hope to show others that we really only exist in a world in which we limit ourselves to.  Anything is possible, but the probability of “anything” happening may be low due to an excess of criticism, skepticism, and even racism.
Good Luck Training…Until we meet again…

By: Jeffrey J. Akau
AKA Syko Dragon

October 04, 2004, 05:24:48 PM
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I came to read this article because I really had nothing better to do, and I was pleasantly surprised.  Nice article.
Can't say I agree with everything, but it was well done.
I also couldn't quite understand some things in the earlier section relating to energy, it seems you jumped around a bit between kinetic, potential, and those types of energy, and the psionics style energy... confused.
Doam Kalla

September 04, 2013, 02:51:12 AM
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