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Metaphysical Defense

   No doubt, some of you readers have already judged this title, asking to yourself “why has he named this thing metaphysical defense, and not magical defense?”  The answer is quite simple:  I have written this article that it may be used by all followers of the three respective paths which together create the concepts around which the Online Energy Community revolves: Magic, Psionics, and Chi.  Therefore, to call this article magical defense would do an injustice to the psychics who could benefit from it, just as calling this article “Chi defense exercises” would not only do an injustice to the methodologies of the magician and psychic together, but also be incredibly misleading as to the content.   Herein exists not simply psychic methods, not simply magic methods, nor simply eastern methods, of defense against energies and entities, but a sum collection and rationalization of the three collectively.  So which one title encompasses all three of those without doing an injustice or misleading?  Metaphysics, as it is the field within which all three naturally find themselves.  So it is that I here provide you the essay “Metaphysical Defense.”  Furthermore, let is be known that this article applies only to those other things which respectively are called metaphysical in nature.  As such, there is no method I provide herein that can save you from a being shot, getting into a fight, etc, as they are all physical in nature.

   Let us then examine the subjects at hand, which I shall in this article seek to identify, discuss, explain, and/or provide methods of operation for(all of which I have myself used in numerous occasions:

What we are defending, and who we are defending it from
Why there is a need to defend ourselves
The dynamics of invasive energies as a whole
The differences and dynamics of attacks by entities and humans
Natural Causes of Problems
How attacks may manifest, and different ways you may in turn be attacked
How to properly identify an attacker
Measures which can be taken to prevent ethereal attacks
Methods of Defense
The Shield of Religion and Faith

I.) What we are defending, and who we are defending it from.
   The question should have been considered within the reader upon the presentation of simply the title of this article, “What am I suppose to be defending, and from who?”   First we shall examine the former.

   What we are defending consists of our wellbeing, our property, and the wellbeing and/or property of those for whom we are concerned, or feel inclined to help upon invasion of the aforementioned when done to them.  Now, our well being exists on more than one level, as anyone should know, for health is now defined as the sum wellbeing of the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual self.  If any of these four aspects which psychologists and physiologists believe comprise our total health are lacking in completeness, then one can not be considered healthy(or so they tell us).  Now, as is natural to any species, when its wellbeing is threatened, the creature will go to the required lengths to remove the threat, so as to ensure its own survival, even if it means the destruction of another variable(i.e, another creature).  Therefore, we should(by nature) seek to defend our social, physical, intellectual and emotional selves from any infringements therein.  Conversely, if we are attacked, it will commonly be an attack against our health, consisting of any or all of the aforementioned, in any grouping chosen by the aggressor.  

   Now we examine this all in light of metaphysics: What we are defending is that which is attacked by metaphysical forces or means, which, when viewed inside the physiological definition of health, may be our sanity, our actual physical condition, the stability and functioning of our emotions, and/or our social life and status therein.  So, for example, it is common for a the victim of a metaphysical attack to suffer from disease, emotional insecurity, paranoia, and possibly even problems of varying degrees at home, work, or any other social function.  

   So it is that we see what things we may find ourselves wishing to defend, and conversely, what the most common targets are in the event of an attack.  Now let us examine the last half of the question posed earlier, which concerns who we are defending ourselves from.

   There are three common sources of what we consider a metaphysical attack, those three being entities, humans, and unwanted energies.  Entities are often wrongly accused of many things which are in fact the results of actions by natural energies or human interaction.  Of that, we shall discuss later in this article when we examine the differences and dynamics of attacks by entities and humans, in light of other information(to be provided) concerning the nature of invasive energies.  Much more common of all the “attackers” are unwanted energies, which I am careful to call “unwanted,” as opposed to “hostile,” the reasons for which shall also be discussed shortly.  Suffice it to recognize for now those three attackers, which we shall identify and discuss further later in this essay.

2.) Why there is a need to defend ourselves
   Why does anything defend itself?  A defense can only occur upon an assault, and by nature a creature will attempt to repel any force which is trying to cause its demise, as Darwin explains more fully in his “Origin of Species.”  Conversely, we see that an existence will naturally attempt to remove anything within its designated orbit of progression as necessary for not just the betterment, but existence, of its own life.  Now I am here careful not to say “within its natural orbit of progression,” as more than naught, a particular existence will decide for itself its path of progression.  As an illustration, we may consider Hitler, who had decided his path was firstly the domination of Europe.  However, in order for Europe to be conquered, all opposing forces, or objects in the way of his path, had to be removed.  The process he then undertook was one naturally taken by any creature which believes it must arrive at a particular end-point, no matter what.

   With the aforementioned still in mind, we go on to consider, in lay-man’s terms, why we should defend ourselves, that reason being simply that we have the right to protect our own health as it was defined previously.  So now that we see why we defend ourselves, we must consider why we NEED to defender ourselves, in so far as metaphysics exists.

   Obviously, the reason we need to defend ourselves is that we often find ourselves under attack, and defense is the natural response to such an action.  However, it is not with such things that we are concerned.  Of more importance to us is the reason we are attacked at all.  Why do spirits attack us?  Why do magicians and psychics use their powers to harm?  Why do some energies prove detrimental to the proper balances of our own wellbeing?  

   To answer the first question, “why do spirits attack,”: There may be several reasons a spirit one may attack, and the only real ways to discover why are to examine the situation in light of your own present circumstances(and how you arrived thereat), how it may be detrimental to the wellbeing, progression, or natural actions of the spirit(s) is question, and finally compare the aforementioned with an idea of the suspected psychology of spirits in general.

   Spirits attack primarily for one of two reasons: First, that the individual in question has somehow presented himself in a way that prevents the spirit from carrying out its natural actions.  In fear of the consequences if its actions are not carried out properly, the spirit will try to remove the opposing variable.  To this, it is important to remember that by “remove the opposing variable,” I am not implying that the spirit will try to destroy you if it deems you as a variable which must be removed, but instead that it shall try to remove you from the current position you are in(be it physically, in life, in studies, in relationships, in your path of magic, etc).  Anything set into motion shall come into conflict with anything which may halt its progression thereof, if only briefly.

   Secondly, a spirit may attack you because you have taken up an allegiance against it.  In this case, it is first required that the entity in question be complex enough to process its own thoughts, and therein exists not only as a matrix of actions and reactions, but instead as an actual intelligence woven together by a complexity of energies and thoughts.  For example, most demons are relatively unintelligent, able to offer only certain responses to gestures its natural processes can identify.  Why?  Because they were created solely by the natural conjunctions of similar energies over time, which may or may not have included the weaving of thought patterns and progressions.  However, in the case of what is called hermetically a devil, that is, a fallen angel, is often an extremely intelligent being, able to(to some varying degree) make its own decisions about certain courses of actions.  Therein, a conversation with a lower elemental or demon is like speaking to a robot with only a small set of programmed reactions, whereas speaking to devils and angels can prove as productive as speaking to your philosophy teacher about the works of St. Augustine.  Granted there are certain existent complexities as to the range of intelligence within such “high” entities, but that is not within the scope of this article.  

   I have here used the examples of angels and devils because that is commonly the case when attacked by an entity.  If you have taken up your banner in opposition to the ruling of the Kingdoms of Heaven, then the individual kings therein shall try to eliminate you, as any kingdom tries to eliminate an opposing nation and all members thereof.  Conversely, if you have sided with the angels and the Kingdoms of Heaven, the devils(with their demons under their command) shall go to every length to make your life a living Hell.  When extended to its logical end, one may even conclude that as a king may have a particularly powerful member of an opposing force assassinated, so an angel may attempt to destroy an occultist who has become particularly powerful amongst the ranks of the Kingdoms of Hell, and vice versa.  The dynamics of astral politics are often less pleasant than the politics of this world, and the same schemes which exist here in respect to political difficulties often reflect existence in other worlds, in so far as politics are concerned.  For such reasons, one may here of the difficulties of Satanic life, whereas one will also hear of priests meeting untimely ends.  This has nothing to do with good or evil, as they are human.  Only existence and opposition to that existence are universal.  We that opposition is called is subjective to preference, and therein of little real concern.

   It seems that I should also briefly cover another subject, which is that of attacks by entities which require energy to sustain themselves.  Magic theory suggests that entities of a determined order can sustain themselves of the natural flows therein, so as not to be required to seek sustenance from humans.  After all, we are not to assume that the energy of living things is within its entirety the sustaining force of all entities, and so we see that there must be pre-existent and individual methods of sustenance(for example, angels sustain themselves with the light that emanates from God, whereas fallen angels sustain themselves by the sins of men).  However, not all entities belong to such a class, and therein are not naturally attached to specific energy currents the likes of which sustain them.  When this happens, you have what is called a vampiric entity, which must feed on another being which can sustain its own energy, being unable to naturally acquire its own.  Because humans are one such entity, and because such spirits as fit the aforementioned description often originated from the thoughts of humanity anyways, we become an ideal target for such vampiric spirits.  However, this entities are actually not as common as they are believed to be, with lost human souls being the real “vampires” in most cases, or peculiar alignments in a given area being the cause of energy loss.

   So we move on to the second question, which was “Why do magicians and psychics use their powers to harm?”  The answer is, one again, relatively simple.  It is the same reason that people feel compelled to fight, harm, and occasionally even kill their fellow humans.  Some people are just that way, and feel it necessary to harm others in order to satisfy their own sick fetishes.  When the wheat from the fields are harvested, they shall be found as but weeds, and tossed rightfully into the fire, where there will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth.  I shall not explore the “psychology of the killer,” as it is itself far too broad, and not the concern of this article(being not metaphysical in nature, but instead covered by the common field of criminal psychology).  Typically, however, one will find that even a human will behave in accordance to the general rules of action and reaction already conveyed earlier in this essay.  

   Now we move onto another aspect of human attack, which is the aspect of attacks from a human soul which has of itself no body.  Essentially, I would be speaking of ghosts, specters, etc, which are identified as the “lost” souls of departed humans.  Ironically, they are usually not lost at all, being quite aware of both their dispositions and current locations, and therein acting accordingly to a plan devised after the realization of such.  In this light, we examine why a wandering human soul may attack a living individual.

   Commonly, a “ghost,” as we shall call these souls for the sake of simplicity and having a common terminology, will attack you for one(or more) of several reasons: First, that the individual in question was simply abusive and violent in life, and therein shall act accordingly in death.  Second, that the individual in question may have a grudge against you which was strong enough to prevent it from ascending to a level of existence on which he could do you no harm, preferring to stay closer to the physical world until he deems his task complete.  This is an example of realistic “unfinished business.”  Third, that some strong spiritual and/or sub/conscious reliance on you caused the individual’s soul to be drawn to you upon his physical demise, if only for a sense of comfort and completion.  In this case, the ghost itself will usually not willingly bring harm to you, though its very presence(a haunting) may slowly destroy your mind from assumed paranoia and hallucination.  Fourthly, if the individual in question was an occultist with a particular fear of death(usually caused by a realization that takes place the instant the soul permanently leaves its body, where many truths are revealed and misconceptions realized, and where the soul fears the consequences it shall now suffer for its actions on earth).  In such a case, the individual will try to escape what is known as The Second Death, in which it shall completely leave all levels of existence on this realm, and go to its proper level of existence elsewhere.  Christians see this as The Judgement as opposed to The Second Death.  Herein exists a problem for that individual, however: Because the ethereal self has now left the human vessel, it has no source of energy supplication, being also not a part of any supplying order due to its defiance of The Second Death.  As a result, the soul will naturally have to seek for itself varying new energy sources in order to avoid depletion all together, and therein the end of its existence as a whole.  Once more, because of this departed soul’s close proximity to our level of existence, the human vessel of living people becomes an ideal food source, if you will.

   Now to address the third question, “Why do some energies prove detrimental to the proper balances of our own wellbeing?”  The answer to this question exists within the nature of the energy itself, and whether it has invaded you, or you have invaded it.

The Dynamics of Invasive Energies
Perhaps the most commonly overlooked cause of many “metaphysical attacks” is the imbalance of those energies which are natural to us and/or our environment.  That not all things are tolerant of all other things is common knowledge, as we can see where chemicals will oppose each other in such ways as to bring about acidic reactions, or as our body will naturally repel foreign substances injected into it.  In this way, our ethereal body shall naturally repel present foreign energies the likes of which are not compatible with its own make-up, unless the mind has ordered otherwise(i.e, Death Essence is a commonly repelled energy).

   Now to make an example of the effects energies can have on individuals, I will use a dear friend of mine, Vanessa Ward.  Vanessa is an exorcist, and as is natural to her, will spend at least five minutes banishing the energies of, and sealing the entrances to, any room that she will be sleeping in.  Well, I stayed five nights with Vanessa, her husband, and a team of Christian missionaries earlier this summer up in the mountains.  Due to the crowded nature of the sleeping quarters, she wasn’t in a position to perform her usual banishes or seals in the room she shared with the other women(as they would have no doubt thought her a nutcase).  As a result, she woke up feeling groggy, tired, and with a head ache the first three mornings we stayed there, with the follow two mornings being quite fine.  The reasoning for this was because her ethereal self, and even her physical self, was not used to the concentration of raw, elemental, or even  negative energies in the room she slept in.  As a result, her own energies naturally reacted to them in a negative, defensive fashion, seeing them as invasive in character.  

   Vanessa naturally assumed that the reasoning behind it was some demonic attack, as was her nature(being an exorcist).  However, upon explaining to her the dynamics of the aforementioned, it made more sense, as she recalled that the last two mornings she woke up quite fine.  The reason?  She had adapted to the presence of those energies, and her own energies no longer naturally repelled them so violently.  

   Her mistake was an all too common presumption on the part of inexperienced magicians, that perhaps she was under spiritual attack by an entity.  Now, by definition, she was indeed under attack, as is displayed in the conflict between her own energies and the natural accumulated energies of that room(she was sleeping in an old classroom, as we were all staying at a school).  However, the cause of the attack was a natural confliction, not a decided assault.  Both energies, hers and the room’s, naturally fell into opposition, resulting in a process similar to swelling when poison enters your skin.  Swelling is the body’s natural defense to concentrate and combat the poisons, though the process itself is still painful.  

   The fact that this common variable in metaphysical lethargy is so commonly overlooked often results in the victim jumping to the conclusion of spiritual assault.  What has just occurred?  Paranoia.  All too often a young magician will be the victim of natural opposing energies, and upon examining the effects(as opposed to the possible causes) decides that they bare resemblance to the effects of an full blown attack.  The individual then goes on to conceptualize an entire scenario of fantastic occurrences, in which a particular “demonic” entity was excited by some action the magician did at some previous point in time, unwillingly causing a change of actions to occur that has lead to this demon hunting him down, and now finding him(to provide an example).  Because this idea is enforced within his mind, the energies of even his house begin to form in accordance to the externalization of his fantasies.  If the individual in question has any skill in seeing energies, what does he wind up seeing?  An entity that is nothing but the ethereal manifestation of his thoughts as presented by the reflecting ether.  Simply paranoia, as opposed to rationalization.  One which I hope I have reduced the occurrence of within my readers at this point.

   Sometimes the problem is extended even further, as in a recent situation that was presented to me for evaluation, in which the victim of continuous exposure to degrading and entropic energies caused a decline in the natural health of the person in question(in turn causing stress, in turn causing a further health drop).  Because this particular person was an occultist, he decided that the source of the problem was occult in  nature(as technically it was, though within itself a natural operation), and because he could identify no entity in or connected to his current situation(as was correct, for there was not one), began to reflect on WHO may have done this injustice to him.  In his mind, he sorted through the characteristics of various individuals he did not like, and thought did not like him, that were occultists, finally landing on a particular individual who seemed not only cold enough to do this to him, but that he believed lacked the ethics to know that randomly attacking someone was wrong.  Now was the “victim” wrong in his presumption that this particular occultist was his attacker?  Quite so, but he did not consider the possibility of collected energies in his household to be the cause, and therein had to lay the blame on something/someone.  What resulted was a large, blasting argument between the to, with the former prosecuting his presumed attacker, and the latter arguing that he did no such thing.  Thankfully, the conflict resolved itself over time.  That, my friends, was an example of the fantasies the mind can produce when in a state of paranoia caused by very natural things(as in this case, not only collected energies, but a lot of stress in recent life, was the cause).

   So how do we get rid of these energies?  Its quite simple, being as these free energies in question are subjective to the will of a superior being of thought by nature.  Therein, all one really has to do is focus on the idea of his room, house, etc, being “purged” of these negative energies, perhaps supported by some complimenting visualizations(such as visualizing the energy as a haze being blown out of the room by a fan).  Whichever visualization you choose is up to you, as long as it signifies the act of pushing those unwanted energies manually out of the room.  Once done, seals can be set up at the entrances to the place in question via placing a psionic construct of sorts.  Both aspects shall be discussed more at length, providing an explanation of how to create a construct for this purpose, towards the end of this essay.

The Differences of Attacks by Entities and by Humans
   We shall first consider how we may identify that the source of an attack is an entity.  Typically, a true to-scale attack of a decent entity will manifest in one or more of the following characteristics:

1.) Upon consulting some type of oracle, such as a pendulum, the reading shall come out positive that an entity is in your household.  Specifically, a hostile entity(as there is almost always some type of entity in any given household).  The reason I say upon consulting an oracle, as opposed to looking with your mind’s eye, is because the reflections of the mind’s eye are too easily influenced by your predisposed bias of the situation(for example, jumping firmly to the conclusion that an entity is the source of attack).

2.) Nightmares will accompany a series of bad luck, odd events, and/or a decline in health, often with a shadowy figure appearing in the dreams.

3.) Certain physical effects shall manifest due to the presence of an actual entity in its entirety(as in the case of a human attacker, only the energies are projected).  Examples are the clashing of dishes, breaking of glass, appearance of weird marks on the skin, or the physical residue of the ectoplasm of the entity(a thin film of slime in a particular room from which you derived bad vibes).  Of those, the latter is thought to be a sure-fire sign that a haunt is in effect.

4.)  Potency of the life force within the victim shall decrease due to blows against his/her ethereal self.  

5.)  Accompanying the aforementioned effects will be a feeling of displacement in the sense that when you reach out to touch something, it won’t feel like your actual arm is where it is.  To further elaborate, you could be walking down a sidewalk, but constantly feel off balance because it doesn’t seem like your feet are actually where they are.   

If all four of the aforementioned are present then, according to parapsychological studies in this field, one can be sure that an entity is the source of the attack.  Let us now examine some characteristics of a human metaphysical attack:

1.) Upon introspection, one shall find a link that has been established by a third party to his mind or ethereal body.

2.)  Random thoughts shall manifest within the mind of the victim the likes of which are not natural to him due to a resonance from the mind of his attacker(s).

3.)  People who are not particularly close friends of immediate family will comment that the individual in question “looks” different, or seems different in some way.  The cause of this is a disassociation of the etheric double, thus scrambling the characteristic individuality of the victim.  Assault on the etheric double is among the first of offensive maneuvers made by the assaulting magician.

4.)  There will be, over time, a feeling of surmounting lethargy, spiritual, emotional and physical, on the part of the victim.  Hours awake will become increasingly few, as hours asleep become longer and less rejuvenating.  This is particularly true of psychic vampirism.  

5.) Accompanying the aforementioned effects will be a feeling of displacement in the sense that when you reach out to touch something, it won’t feel like your actual arm is where it is.  To further elaborate, you could be walking down a sidewalk, but constantly feel off balance because it doesn’t seem like your feet are actually where they are.  It should be apparent that this feeling accompanies most actual metaphysical assaults.  

6.)  You will be able to identify a motive, and a suspected attacker, upon evaluation of certain things in your life.  The reasoning for this is that in order for a particularly successful attack to be launched, the attacker must know his victim to some rough extent, and consequently, the victim has usually met the attacker, if only over the internet.  While some spirits attack out of nature, it is not the nature of a human to be aggressive to other humans(refer to Maslow’s Humanistic Psychology).

7.)  A pressure in the chest cavity.  The reasons for this presence are ultimately unexplained, though some theorize it to be caused by a concentration of ectoplasm between the ethereal double and the physical body.

   Once again, if two or more of those characteristics can be found, then there is a chance that the attack is of a human nature.  Another characteristic which I should perhaps mention is that often genuine human assaults are much more savage than any attack by an entity, due to the attacker’s inability to control his own anger and hate for his victim.  

Natural Causes of Problems
   For an individual to find him/herself in poor health, a bad financial position, or in the midst of relationship troubles(three things often targets for attack) is quite a common thing, and more than not the causes for such are quite natural.  The occasional proclamation that the source of an individual’s problems are metaphysical in nature is often nothing more than a fantasy induced by the mind’s need for something to blame other than itself.

   There are certain things to consider before deciding that you are under a metaphysical assault.  Before you reach any conclusion in your mind, you should first evaluate several things:

-“Am I the cause?”  Consider your current health, for example.  How have you been eating?  Have you been getting your daily supply of nutrients and exercise?  If the answer to the latter is “no,” then you should perhaps fix your diet before deciding you are under attack, and see if it resolves the problem.  In another aspect, lets say a relationship is falling apart.  Many times people have trouble coping with the idea that perhaps THEY did something horribly wrong in the relationship, either presently or in the past, that has inevitably led to its demise.  Consider your actions in light of the current problems your relationship is having, and perhaps even seek outside opinion from an observer of the relationship(such as a mutual friend), so that you’re concluding ideas are not bias.  The same applies to business problems.

-“Am I too stressed out?”  A high-ranking factor in the slow degradation of a person’s entire life is a surmounting level of personal stress collected over time.  Stress can be a very harmful variable, leading to a decrease in health, poor temperament, pessimistic views on life, and a feeling of wishing to give up.  However, once more, instead of the mind realizing that perhaps it is the cause of its own problems, it shall often try to rationalize in a manner that will place the blame on someone/something else.  Sometimes that thing is a partner, work, school, etc.  If an occultist, that focus of blame often becomes occult in nature(within the mind of the individual).  If you believe yourself to be under attack, perhaps you should take a day or two off work.  If possible, ask someone to cover for you, and spend a little while just relaxing and doing things you like to do.  Examine your current problems, and upon the relief of the stress, see if they too crumble.

-“Do I have a reason to think I’m under attack?”  Be honest with yourself.  If you’re a magician new to the scene, with an energy hardly worth notice on the astral levels of existence, it is very unlikely an entity will identify you as an immediate threat.  Often times I have had aspirants that are barely novices come to me and proclaim they are being attacked, and upon my diagnosis of the situation, have found that many times such people are only children with a slight megalomania, trying to make themselves “noticed” within their own minds.  Likewise, if you mostly stick to your own business, it is unlikely that you have dabbled in the affairs of a sorcerer, and therein merited yourself an attack on that level.

   All of the aforementioned considerations should be considered before any of the characteristics mentioned in the preceding chapter are evaluated.  I implore that you be completely honest with yourself, even if it requires being brutally honest, and perhaps try and seek out a friend who’s opinion you know will be straight forward and honest, with no sugar-coating.  Such friends as those are hard to come by, but great to have in situations where you really need to evaluate certain things in your immediate life.  

Different Ways One May Find Himself Being Attacked
   Though ultimately there are no restrictions, as far as potential targets, in the field of magical warfare, which is characterized by the very sublime nature of the powers of magic, there are certain targets which I have found particular magicians enjoy harping upon when choosing how to attack a victim.  We have already discussed, to some extent, that health, relationships, business life, and mental sanity are some things which are often attacked, especially the first two, as they can affect the social, physical, mental, and emotional aspects of an individual all at the same time.  What we shall consider here, however, are the more extreme, yet precisely chosen, courses of attack that I have found to be considered by the more powerful of magicians, and are consequently quite lethal in their retribution.

-Weather:  A common angle of attack is the manipulation of weather patterns to create hostile tempests over the area of the target in question.  Though commonly this does not extend further than thick rain, a fairly constant shower of lightning, and the resulting power outages, I have seen this type of attack extended to the point of hail on several occasions, and on two occasions, even pushed to the development of powerful tornadoes within a one mile radius(generally) of the target’s immediate residence.

- Vehicular Complications:  The range of this exists within everything from car difficulties that force a person to be late by hours, to airplane crashes.  Though I have personally never heard of the latter being efficiently executed(though I have known magicians that have tried), I have found that automobile accidents are quite a common means of attack, particularly if the aim of the magician is to either seriously injure or kill the victim.  To further the efficiency of this means, the magician has on his side a particularly large number of hostile variables to work to his ends, being as automobile travel itself has many inherent dangers which can easily be exploited.

- Assault:  This specifically refers to being attacked by one or more individuals for no apparent reason.  If this is the means of attack, then it is likely that the aim of the magician was not lethal or deadly, but instead simply to degrade and inflict some degree of injury, often in retribution for some harm the victim has caused the magician previously.  

- Haunts:  A common angle of attack for the sorcerer which does not wish any physical harm upon his victim, yet still believes a degree of suffering is due.  In this instance, with the operation itself being most often worked by the summoner, a varying number of spirits are commanded to inhabit a certain house, often inflicting a level of sleep loss and paranoia within the victim.

-  Nightmares:  A common way to attack the mental stability of a person is via the infliction of nightmares, which is of itself a very common version of psychic attack as well, and often characteristic of attack from an entity.  Naturally, if you have one nightmare, you should not think much of it.  However, if you find yourself having nightmares only for four or five nights at a time, then perhaps(upon evaluation of possible natural causes first) you should consider whether or not you are under metaphysical assault.

- House fires: No, this is not referring to an elemental magician concentrating the fire energy of an area so immensely that it sparks a fire.  Instead, the magician exploits certain variables of everyday life within the life of his target which, when stacked up correctly to create the proper equation, can consequently lead to an accident that will cause a fire.  I have only witnessed this done once, in which a particularly obnoxious individual did, by his very nature, agitate a comparatively less tolerant sorcerer.  To cease his annoying presence, she resolved to set into motion(via magic) a series of small events which would lead to the person accidentally knocking over a candle upon a simultaneously spilt puddle of wine on the carpet.  The entire house(not being large) was burnt to the ground, and the victim was forced to move some distance away(he was the sorcerer’s next door neighbor).  

   Now it may seem easy enough to deal with nightmares and haunts, as they by nature exist on an easily influenced level that can be worked to your benefit via magic.  Blocks can be set up to prevent wandering spirits, and command over lucid dreaming can halt uncontrolled nightmares.  But what of these other difficulties the effects of which manifest in our physical world via a direct medium(Such as a car accident)?  Luckily, they can be prevented in similar manners as the aforementioned due to the fact that their originating actions are rooted in changes of energy set into role on the astral plane.  Consequently, placing ethereal defenses in various places can prevent those hostile thoughts and energies emitting from the attacking magician to manifest in our physical world.  I did not provide the aforementioned list of attacks to scare my reader, but instead to enlighten you as to your potential vulnerability in this world.  If the magician be strong enough, and the victim be sufficiently unprotected(and consequently unprepared), anyone can be played as a puppet in this theatrical production which we call life.  The trick is to not let the aspiring puppeteer tie you up in his strings.  

Measures which can be taken to prevent metaphysical attacks
   There are certain precautions which one may take so as to lessen the chance of being the victim in a metaphysical attack.  These precautions, I have found, seem to be as such:

- Stay out of the occult.  That’s correct, I said it.  If you are honestly scared to death of being on the receiving end of a metaphysical attack, my advice to you is not to “dabble in the affairs of magicians,” if I may use an old phrase.  By entering into this path, you have put your foot into the realm of spirits and sorcerers….and they will likely notice it.  However, if you’re one who would endure the hardships of this path, be they natural(as there are some inherent difficulties) or inflicted upon you, then I say stay your course, and the fruits you take from the tree of wisdom shall satisfy your hunger for an eternity.

- Do not call forth anything which you can not send back.  That rule is simple and universal enough to understand.  Do not gather energies which can destroy you unless you can protect yourself from them; Do not summon spirits that can place themselves in a position to harm you easier than you can place yourself in a position to bind them.  To sum this rule up in a modern axiom: Do not bite off more than you can chew.  The grimiores of mages are not for children to play with, nor are the complexities of the ethers.

- Do not dabble in black magic.  The first time you read a sentence about the power of black magic, and it appeals to you, you have just caught the ear and turned the head of a demon.  Conversely, the first time you read an Enochian writing and its principles appeal to you, you earn the gaze of an angel.  However, angels, you shall find, are much friendlier than demons, and their gaze is not as scorching.  To turn more to earthly matters, there are many magicians who have made it their goal in life to uproot all followers of the left hand path(the inverse is also true).  You shall be seen as a threat to the common good of man.  Furthermore, you will likely become intertwined with energies which are detrimental to your health.

-“Do not dabble in the affairs of wizards,” as the old saying goes.  If you still wish to study the occult, then at least have enough sense about you to know that invoking the wrath of a learned magician is not the smartest idea anyone has ever had.  Stay to your studies, and let other magicians stay to theirs.  Attacking magicians is asking for them and their colleagues to offer an immediate counter attack.

- Stay out of astral politics.  In the occult sense, astral politics is defined as the actions of governments existent within the higher realms, and the status of the hierarchies therein.  The day you step foot into astral politics, conversing with emperors and kings of other worlds, etc, will probably also be the day you are, for the first time, forced to defend yourself against metaphysical assailants.  Spirits may choose to bring you in to their affairs(which, upon your passing from this world may become your affairs), but one should not seek to dabble where not wanted.

- Keep your strength about you.  If you are not strong, become so.  One of the best ways to avoid being attacked is to avoid looking like an easy victim.  Now, bare in mind that the spiritual attacker does not evaluate his potential victims by examining their size, muscle mass, etc.  The spiritual attacker penetrates the physical characteristics and evaluates the potential wrath that our human skin conceals from the untrained eye.  Strength does not mean, however, the power to destroy that which comes into your path, as there are many conceptions of “powerful” people.  A warlord, traditionally, was not an excellent fighter, but it was his keen intellect which made him a mighty adversary on the battlefield, and ultimately more feared than the general of the opposing army.  To focus more on the first part of this suggestion, once you have begun to study and practice the occult arts, you should keep in mind that you have stepped onto unstable ground.  Keep your wits about you, not allowing yourself to succumb to paranoia or spiritual lethargy, and you will be less likely to invite attack.  The hunting animals of the Safari do not attack the strongest ox in the front, but the weakest in the back.

- Banish and/or seal rooms you are to sleep in.  While asleep, you are quite vulnerable.  It is my advice that in any room you shall find yourself sleeping in, even if its not in your house, you should make an effort to banish the energies of the room, followed by sealing the entrances to prevent energetic interference during the night.  This should not only allow for a plentiful rest, but also prevent the type of energetic opposition mentioned earlier by conflicting energies in the room, as well as place restricting constructs that prevent spirits from entering your place of sleep(in proportion to the strength of the entity).

-Practice keeping a shield around you daily.  This is a practice which will not only make your construct creation more efficient, but that shall also make you less likely to fall victim to ethereal attacks which are not potent enough to overthrow your shielding.  Though keeping a shield about you shall not prevent other parts of your life from being tampered with, it will prevent the effects of contagious magic from attacking you directly, and then spreading outwards into your life.  Subsequently, this will also help defend you from attacks against immediate characteristics of your being, such as physical or mental health.  

-Pray to your god-head(s), and stay strong in your faith.  The power of spiritual faith and foundation has been proven time and time again.  In many cases of violent attack on the part of an entity, it has been documented that if the victim would repeat over and over to himself either the name of his godhead, or traditional scripture/proverbs/songs from his religion, the attack would slowly begin to dissipate after the fourth or fifth repetition.  It has also been found that spirits who are forced away in this manner never return to continue their attack.  The protective powers of faith and religion shall be discussed more fully later.

Methods of Defense   
   Now that we have adequately covered the aspects of metaphysical assault relevant to the magician, psionic, or any other occultist, we can move on to the actual means by which defense can be employed.  I have tried, here, to keep the totality of the techniques religiously balanced, in the sense that they are not all Christian, nor all Buddhist, etc.  I have, however, compiled charms and rituals to do away with unwanted forces from various religious beliefs(mostly those which share my own to some extent, as they are the ones I have actually employed successfully, and in which I am most versed), the likes of which I have separated according to paradigm.  For those of you who prefer the direct approach, not all of the techniques mentioned herein are ritualistic or religious, as I have also done my best to provide foundational energy-model approaches to defense against the aforementioned.  Essentially, there should be a little something for everyone.

Banishing the energies of a room
   It seems fitting to start off with a foundational energy-based technique for banishing energies, as it can in turn be employed to compliment more ritualistic techniques, and is of itself a simple means to an effective ends.  Stand in the center(ideally) of the room which you wish to banish the energies of, and face towards the main exit out of that room.  Circulate the energies of your being throughout yourself, exciting them so that you emit more energy than previously, and allowing latent energies not required for your normal physical sustenance to awaken and begin circulating as well.  Visualizing accordingly, begin to let your personal energies spread outwards from your aura, pushing against all energies which are not innately yours.  See this energy as a haze(traditionally a golden one) filling the room as it forces out the unwanted energies in the direction of the main exit.  After a few minutes, the room should be sufficiently filled, with no real trace of any unwanted energy that your developed senses can pick up.  If you are skilled to any noteworthy degree in elementalism, you may also choose to use the elemental force which you most identify with to fill the room, thus not consuming your own.  I shall leave out energy-based shielding, as techniques for it are easy enough to find without the call for restating them hear.

Sealing a room
   Typically it is not enough to have simply banished the energies of a room, the reason being that upon being pushed out, there is nothing to prevent them from reentering unless you constantly keep your energies filling the room(which will eventually take its toll of strain on your mind).  To continue upon the previous exercise, walk up to the exit which you have just forced the energies out of, and extend your dominant hand to it, palm facing outwards in a manner parallel to the door.  Having up to this point maintained visualization of your personal energies filling the room, extend your internal energy once more outwards from the energy center of your paradigm, down the arm and out the palm of the hand, so that is streams outwards to the point of the door.  When it gets to that point, have the energy halt and gather at that point, slowly spreading from the center of the door outwards until it has connected to and filled all four corners of the exit.  At this point, you should have essentially created a “door” of energy at the exit(psionicists would recognize this as a “ward”).  Once done, program it accordingly, perhaps commanding that it let in only those energies which you call to you.  While still maintaining the visualization of your personal energies filling the room, proceed to the next entrance or exit of the room, doing the same procedure.  Once you have covered the actual entrances and exits, proceed to any windows in the room, once more doing the same procedure.  The effectiveness of this exercise is limited only to your individual skill for construct creation, programming, and sustenance.  I advise doing this at least once a week if you believe yourself to be a potential victim of attack.  If you are immediately under assault, then do so immediately, and every day until the problems cease.  If they do not, the fault exists within your energy’s inability to either force out or keep out the assailant’s energy.

   Why do we create constructs at only the doors and windows?  The reason exists in symbolism, which is the world of thought, and which any force must travel through to first reach us.  The act of sealing a door sends the symbolic emanation of “no entrance.”  It is this thought that counts more in the realm of energy and thought more so than any symbols you may decide to use, and is equally as important as the energy itself which you have put into place.  Likewise, sealing the windows in the same manner shows that not only do you wish no unwanted forces to enter unto your domain, but that you also do not want to be observable by anything outside of the said domain.  The symbolic emanation of sealing the door is “you can not enter,” while the follow up of sealing the windows is “and neither shall you see me.”  Repeating the appropriate phrase while sealing the respectful item may also help enforce that symbolism within your subconscious.

Blessing Water
   Blessed water is a staple of metaphysical defense found within almost any tradition, culture or religion in which the subject of spiritual defense is covered.  Why is this?  Many traditions see water as symbolic of innate power, and therein having some innate power of its own.  In fact, there have been parapsychology studies done which would suggest water does indeed possess certain inherent powers more significant than those of its elemental brothers, if not at least an extremely efficient conductor of psychic energies put within it.  Its use in so many cultures for blessing, anointing, banishing, and cleansing would suggest that many early religious fathers knew water’s value, if they could not pin it down themselves in words as to why it was there.  Therefore, while I provide the Christian approach of blessing water a little later, I thought it would first be fit to address the subject under the less intimidating energy model.

   Having taken a glass(preferable, but not necessary) container/jar/flask the likes of which can be sealed by means of a lid, and banished the energies within it accordingly, fill the container with clean water.  If you live in a place where natural clean water is unobtainable via conventional methods(such as a sink), then ascertain some from a friend who does have access to clean water, or take water from a stream or rain, and purify it accordingly with a water filter.  Pour the water into the container, and extend your dominant hand over it.  Let your personal energies seath into the water, filling it, and therein pushing out all unwanted correspondences and impurities on an intellectual and celestial level.  When that has been completed, send your personal energy from the water into the walls of the container, weaving itself into the very material of it, and then crystalizing, so that the water is now not only encased physically, but celestially as well.  Focusing intently, visualize a white cloud above your head some inches, glowing vibrantly with pure energy.  Inhale, and draw this cloud from above your crown into your shoulder and chest.  Exhale, and let the light of this cloud now within you emanate a brilliant beam of light down your arm, out the palm of your hand and down into the water, collecting at the bottom of the container first.  Repeat this process over and over, filling the water within the container with this brilliant light from the bottom up.  The size of the jar, and therein the amount of water, will determine how long this process is continued.  When done, still holding your dominant hand over the container, take in your other hand the lid to the oontainer and fill it with your personal energies in the manner that you crystalized the walls of the container earlier.  That being done, put on the lid and have the energies from the walls of the container and the lid meet and connect, leaving no space for unwanted energies.  That having been done, command those personal energies that they not let any energies in or out unless permitted to do so.

   So now that you’ve created this water, what can you do with it?  Ideally, since we are dealing with metaphysical defense in this essay, you would use it to that end, commanding the properties of the water to act as a block against all hostile energies.  You may choose to sprinkle this water about your house, at the entrances and exits of a building, around your bed, smear it across your windows, mark your doors with it, etc, to create a “just add water” ward out of anything in your house.

Christian Paradigm

   It should here be noted that the following rituals are most effective when used by a firm Christian individual, comparatively strong in his faith.  If you do not believe in Jesus as Christ, they shall do you no benefit.  

Blessing of the Holy Water

Preliminary banishing of the water’s energies:
“I exorcise thee, O creature of water, by He who hath created thee and gathered thee together into one place so that the dry land appeared, that thou uncover all the deceits of the enemy, and that thou cast out from thee all the impurities and uncleannesses of the Spirits of the World of Phantasm, so they may harm me not, through the virtue of God Almighty who liveth and reigneth unto the Ages of the Ages.  Amen.” – From Transcendental Magic.  For Christian application, one may wish to add change the ending to “…so they may harm me not, in the name of Jesus Christ, and through the virtue of God Almighty…..”

The celebrant begins with these words: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Make the Sign of the Cross and say: Amen. The celebrant greets those present, using the following or other suitable words, taken mainly from Sacred Scripture:

“May God, who through water and the Holy Spirit has given us a new birth in Christ, be with me(if with others, say "be with you all”).”

If with others, they shall make the following or some other suitable reply: “And also with you.”

As circumstances suggest, the celebrant may prepare those present for the blessing in the following or similar words:

“The blessing of this water reminds us of Christ, the living water, and of the sacrament of Baptism, in which we were born of water and the Holy Spirit. Whenever, therefore, we are sprinkled with this holy water or use it in blessing ourselves upon entering the church or at home, we thank God for his priceless gift to us and we ask for his help to keep us faithful to the sacrament we have received in faith.”

Reading of the Word of God, Scripture for the blessing of water:

Isaiah 12:3 - With joy you will draw water from the springs of salvation.
Isaiah 55:1 - Come, all you who are thirsy, come to the waters.
Sirach 15:16 - She will give him the water of wisdom to drink.
1 John 5:6: Jesus Christ came by water and blood.
Revelation 7:17 - For The Lamb at the center of the throne shall be their shepherd; he will lead them to springs of living water.
(Primary blessing) John 7:37-39 - Let anyone who is thirsty come to me. On the last and greatest day of the feast, Jesus stood up and exclaimed, "Let anyone who thirsts come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as Scripture says: 'Rivers of living water will flow from within him.'"  He said this in reference to the Spirit that those who came to believe in him were to receive. There was, of course, no Spirit yet, because Jesus had not yet been glorified.
The reader concludes: “The gospel of The Lord.  Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ.”
After the reading, the celebrant prays:

"Blessed are you, Lord, all powerful God, who in Christ, the living water of salvation, blessed and transformed me. Grant that when I am sprinkled with this water or make use of it, I will be refreshed inwardly by the power of the Holy Spirit and continue to walk in the new life I received at Baptism. I ask this though Christ my Lord.  Amen. "

"Lord, holy Father, look with kindness on your children redeemed by your Son and born to a new life by water and the Holy Spirit. Grant that those who are sprinkled with this water may be renewed in body and spirit and may make a pure offering of their service to you. I ask this through Christ The Lord.  Amen.”
After the prayer of blessing, the celebrant sprinkles those present with holy water, as a suitable song is sung; as circumstances suggest, he may first say the following words:
“Let this water call to mind our Baptism into Christ, who has redeemed us by his death and resurrection.  Amen.”

   This water may be used for the same purposes as mentioned before with the energy-model technique for blessing water.  If you are Christian, however, you shall find this blessing infinitely more effective, as your faith shall be with you.  The best way to apply this is to sprinkle your fingertips with the water, then use trace the cross on all doors and windows in the room, saying “By the power invested in me by Jesus Christ, who was The Water of Life, may no evil enter here.”

To exorcise a place
“I cast out you noxious vermin, by God + the Father almighty, by Jesus + Christ, His only-begotten Son, and by the Holy + Spirit. May you speedily be banished from our land and fields, lingering here no longer, but passing on to places where you can do no harm. In the name of the almighty God and the entire heavenly court, as well as in the name of the holy Church of God, we pronounce a curse on you, that wherever you go you may be cursed, decreasing from day to day until you are obliterated. Let no remnant of you remain anywhere, except what might be necessary for the welfare and use of mankind. Be pleased to grant my request, you who are coming to judge both the living and the dead and the world by fire.  Amen.”  Sprinkle the places where the negative energy is felt most strongly with holy water.  Traditional catholic exorcism.

Prayers for Protection

“Beloved I AM Presence,
intensify your protective Pillar of pure substance of light in, through, and around me;
charged with Your invincible protection,
all powerful and impenetrable,
which keeps me absolutely insulated to everything not of the light,
and keep it sustained.
Make me ever sensitive to You and Your direction,
and immune to all imperfect vibratory rates.”

“The light of God surrounds us;
The love of God enfolds us;
The power of God protects us;
The presence of God watches over us.
Wherever we are, GOD IS!
And, all is well.

-The Teachings of Saint Germain

Annointing a house for protection from Satan and Demons

Take a drop of oil on your finger (olive, vegetable) and anoint your home in the following way:  walk around your home and touch with your finger the doors, windows, cats, dogs, children, yourself, and your spouse (assuming you have any of those) while praying the following:

"Jesus, by faith I anoint me, my spouse, the children, the cats, the dogs and this home, windows and doorways and declare them all holy unto you and ask that you would cleanse us and this home of every unclean spirit and human spirit that does not belong here. In the name of Jesus, Satan, I bind you, I bind you hindering spirits, I bind you spirits of the prince of the air, I bind you evil forces, I command you to take your hands off of our spirit soul and body, heart, mind and emotion and material things; off of the children, the cats, the dogs and this home. I bind your mouth and your power and command you to be gone forever. Jesus, I pray for the anointing of your blood, the surrounding and protection of Your mighty warrior angels and the overshadowing power and protection of Your Holy Spirit over me, my spouse, the children, the animals and the home, the windows and the doorways and ask that You would protect us from any attack of the enemy whether in spiritual or physical form, in Your name, Jesus, amen."

In the aforementioned prayer, it is fitting that the anointer exclude the names of anything he doesn’t have(for example, if you do not have a cat, then saying that you anoint your cat is quite redundant).

Prayer for the protection of His warrior angels

“Jesus, I pray that You would send legions of Your mightiest warrior angels to create a complete shield around us and protect us from satanic spirits, human spirits and evil of any kind.”
*Appropriate Scriptures:
Psalms 34:7 "The angel of Yahweh encamps around those who fear Him, and rescues them."
Hebrews 1:14 "Are they not all ministering spirits, sent out to render service for the sake of those who will inherit salvation?"

Prayer for restraint over authorities present
“Jesus, You said You came to make seeing eyes blind and blind eyes see. I pray for your anointing, power and Holy Spirit upon the present authorities that you would blind their eyes and cause them to be so occupied that they do not even see me, that they pass on. If they do see me, that they do not take notice but pass on.  I Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen.”
*Appropriate Scripture:
John 9:39 "For judgment I came into this world, that those who do not see may see; and that those who see may become blind."
Proverbs 21:1 "The king's heart is like channels of water in the hand of the Lord, He turns it wherever He wishes."

The Armor of God
"Jesus, I pray for the full armor of God, the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the shield of faith by which I will be able to extinguish all the flaming missiles of the evil one, the belt of truth and that you would shod my feet with the preparation of the Gospel of peace, and for the sword of the Spirit which is Your word; in your name, Jesus, amen."
Ideally the individual in question puts this conceptual armor on every morning upon waking to represent the faith he shields himself with against those hostile forces of which he is a potential victim.

Christian Saints Called Upon for Protection:

Anima Sola (Lonely Soul)
Mano Poderosa (Powerful Hand)
Maximon (Saint Simon)
Nino de Atocha
 Saint Anthony
Saint Christopher
Saint Expedite
Saint Joseph
Saint Jude
Saint Martin of Tours (San Martin Caballero)


   The following charges against invasive spirits, which can in turn be viewed as invasive energies, are taken from the Hermetic paradigm, and are therein often Jewish in approach, calling up the name of God, but not acknowledging the authority of Jesus in the equation as the Christians do.

The License To Depart(a charge to leave against summoned entities)
““In the Name of ADONAI, the Eternal and Everlasting One, let each of you return
unto his place; be there peace between us and you, and be ye ready to come when ye
are called.”

After this he should recite the first chapter of Genesis, “Berashith Bara Elohim, In
the beginning, &c.”

This being done, let them all in order quit the Circle, one after the other, the Master
first. Furthermore let them bathe their faces with the exorcised water, as will be
hereafter told, and then let them take their ordinary raiment and go about their

If the entities conjured are even yet self-opinionated and disobedient, and unwilling to obey; in this case their names should be written on virgin paper, which he should soil and fill with mud, dust, or clay. Then the magician shall kindle a fire with dry rue, upon which he shall put powdered asafoetida, and other things of evilodour; after which let him put the aforesaid names, written on parchment or Virgin Parchment Paper, upon the fire, saying:

“I conjure thee, O Creature of Fire, by Him who removeth the Earth, and maketh it
tremble, that thou burn and torment these Spirits, so that they may feel it intensely,
and that they may be burned eternally by thee.”

This being said, thou shalt cast the aforesaid paper into the fire, saying:

“Be ye accursed, damned, and eternally reproved; and be ye tormented with per-petual pain, so that we may find no repose by night nor by day, nor for a single moment of time, if ye obey not immediately the command of Him Who maketh the Universe to tremble; by these Names, and in virtue of these Names, the which being named and invoked all creatures obey and tremble with fear and terror, these Names which can turn aside lightning and thunder; and which will utterly make you to per-ish,
destroy, and banish you. These Names then are Aleph, Beth, Gimel, Daleth, He, Vau, Zayin, Cheth, Teth, Yod, Kaph, Lamed, Mem, Nun, Samekh, Ayin, Pe, Tzaddi, Qoph, Resh, Shin, Tau.

“By these secret Names, therefore, and by these signs which are full of Mysteries, we curse ye, and in virtue of the power of the Three Principles. Aleph, Mem, Shin, we deprive ye of all office and dignity which ye may have enjoyed up till now; and by their virtue and power we relegate you unto a lake of sulphur and of flame, and unto the deepest depths of the Abyss, that ye may burn therein eternally for ever.”

Then will they assuredly come without any delay, and in great haste, crying: “O Our Lord and Prince, deliver us out of this suffering.”

All this time thou shouldest have near thee ready an exorcised pen, paper, and ink, as will be described hereinafter. Write their Names afresh, and kindle fresh fire, whereon thou shalt put gum benjamin, olybdanum, and storax to make therewith a fumigation; with these odours thou shalt afresh, perfume the aforesaid paper with the Names; but thou shouldest have these names ready prepared beforehand. Then show them the Holy Pentacles, and ask of them what thou wilt, and thou shalt obtain it;
and having gained thy purpose, send away the Spirits, repeating the original license to depart.” –From the First Book of the Greater Keys of Solomon the King

   It should be no

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Great article.
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Absolutely wonderful work.
If you don't mind Prophecy, I have a few questions I would like to ask in private. I simply wish to avoid a lengthy forum post if possible. (You may well find my questions, limited knowledge and opinions as ignorant, being as I suppose I would be classified as a "neophyte".)
Only asking permission to do so (likely via PM) out of respect, and being used to the ettiquette of less friendly communities.
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A little on the religeous side. But then again I am going through a whole phase in trying to find my spiritual nitch. Other then that it was really good.

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Nereus, I invite you, and anyone else, to ask me what they will privately.

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Great article. I also suggest reading "Practcal Psychic Self-Defense". It says psychic, but it works for anything.
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Prophecy, as much as we love the detail you put into your articles and the extensive knowledge contained therein, it seems once again you have gone beyond the limits of posting a message, being that the article is cut short. If I may recommend you attach the full article, also. =)

Or, due to your absence, another of the admins do so for you. =)
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It seems that happened to several articles during the article transfer from the old server to this one. Such errors are being worked out.

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Is the rest of this article available?
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I had forgotten that the present article was a segment.  There is only a little bit left out, and I shall remedy the problem shortly.

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This is actually still just a segment I believe...
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Details at

February 21, 2012, 04:40:09 AM
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Great article - very balanced and informative. Thanks!

May 11, 2013, 11:06:06 PM
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Any word on the rest of this article being posted?
Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent's fate. -Sun Tzu

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May 12, 2013, 09:05:08 AM
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Perhaps you have to write the rest yourself?

Love and peace to all but I like what Mr Bagacaccy said: No fight but when have!
We can look but do we see and we can listen but do we hear? So what gets in the way?
👂u have to say because I don't do hints👂