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January 30, 2005, 02:03:40 PM
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The wooden broadsword:

The perfect cut has been spoken of as the singing sword.
The perfect sword for is the sword that is always singing.
This means that the sword has cut on the perfect angle,
The sword itself has aligned itself perfectly and sliced on the perfect line without inverting the blade,
Without ever turning the cutting edge away from the intended target direction.
Those that can apply the sword cut downward firstly and hear the singing
of the sword instead of a dragging thud through the air,
But a swooshing sound that is heard in the air,
Have formed one perfect cut.
To apply that sound to the other directions of the sword,
Cutting to the left,
Cutting to the right,
Cutting behind going upward,
It is all about finding the angle of the sword that cuts with the swooshing sound perfectly each and every time.
If you can apply this with the wooden sword firstly then you can apply this with the standard sword next.
You just have to guide the sword perfectly stably along the perfect line of attack.
Cut precisely this means to hear that sound each time.
You do have more control using 2 hands a Japanese Katana would be a good practice tool also you just have to not invert the blade and keep the cutting angle perfectly straight all the way through,
This is the perfect cut.