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September 04, 2004, 04:54:14 AM
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Since I'm leaving, I figured I'd want to leave at least a few more tips on PK and your Psi Wheel.  Although I have my article already, this won't be a part of it.  However, here are some things you may want to try out or want to keep in mind.

* It's Easy- One method that can sometimes help is to "know" that PK is really easy to do.  Sometimes, it will move on it's own if you take things into a larger perspective and see how minute moving and spinning a psi wheel really is.  It's like contemplating (or even trying) to move a car with PK, and then looking back to moving your wheel.

* Double Focus- This is the same as in my article where you try to put your primary focus on something, instead of your main focus being on making the wheel spin or move.  Double Focus also ties into this next tip.

* See the Whole Room- One Double Focus method is to focus on your environment around you and feeling it.  This "can" help you to become more sensitive to your wheel and your energy.

* Grounding- Try to Ground yourself at the same time as projecting to or connecting with your wheel.  This is another Double Focus method, but runs on the idea of Aikido where you put yourself lower than the person/object you're trying to move.  If you have trouble with it, try pressing one finger on your leg and focus on both points (one below- your center-  and one along side the wheel- your moving factor).  I tried this, and a few times when I'd barely tap the wheel, it would spin really really fast- which ties into the next tip as well.

* Tap the Wheel- It's not going to kill you to tap your wheel to get it to spin just barely.  Remember that starting movement isn't as hard as maintaining it (physics- beginning movement, or acceleration, takes more energy than a constant speed).  This is a good method that can also get you to start to "feel out" your wheel or try to associate the type of movement you want in your mind.  This can also work well with the It's Easy concept, where you see how small of a tap from your finger can make it spin so much.

* Focus Rings or Strings- Something to try is various concentrated rings or strings.  I have found rings to work better than strings so far (for me).  When doing this, don't make your ring/string too large, but see/feel it as a very thin, but bright and strong light.  Add movement or direction to your ring/string for various results.

* EXPERIMENT!!- This is probably the most vital point that people forget.  The Best way to do PK is what works Best for you.  So don't just try this method or that, Mix-and-Match to see if the results are better, worse, or the same!  Try rings with strings, absorption with extension, palm on one side and your finger on the other, etc.  Keep going at it.

* Try Different Directions- I've found that sometimes it is easier to go one direction than another.  Sometimes it's good to spin your energy in one direction to result in the wheel spinning in the other.  Try different things and keep your focus!!

* Try Connecting with the Paper- This helps me sometimes.  I've tried feeling what the paper would feel like on my skin if it were touching (without touching, actually).  This can create a connection to your wheel.  This ties into the next portion-...

* Move the Wheel with Your Whole Being- Once you can connect with your wheel, try to feel out the wheel's movement with your whole body, not just with your hand.  You may also want to extend from your center and try moving from there too.

EDIT: * Think "Light" Waves- One thing I've found is that when connecting, sometimes the waves and movements feel try to let them go as if you're releasing tension from those waves of movement.

Well, that's it for now.  I Hope this helps some people while I'm gone (if you don't know, I'm going to travel with the circus and don't know when I'll be back).  So, keep training hard and don't get discouraged at all!!

Good Luck Training Everybody!!  Until we meet again...
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