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June 22, 2004, 11:08:21 AM
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Somewhat of an add-on to Fight Psychology and Water Philosophy

By: Zakk Brown, AKA Enlightenment

   "Great Spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds"-Albert Einstein.

   Calming the mind, freeing the minds of distractions.  Keeping the Xin (emotional mind), and Yi (wisdom mind) clear is key.  A Xin, devoid of things such as hate, greed, anger, frustration, thirst for revenge, depression, fear, and doubt namely is essential to being able to defend yourself in a way that is unlike the way of the stubborn brawler.  Remember, the stubborn brawler acts in ways that focus on these actions.  Acting in pure anger, hatred, frustration; all aspects of the stubborn brawler's fighting style.  Now, remember, the stubborn brawler is usually the one who acts in ways that would be basically characterized as bully-ish.  The stubborn brawler generally has a dominant personality, and doesnt take shit from anybody.  That being said, when they get into a fight, they generally are very pissed off and do not care about your well being, or their own in some cases.  Rather they just want to beat the ever-living shit out of you, instill a sense of fear within you and remind you exactly who's the boss.

   A stubborn brawler, as I like to put it, generally will not have any form to their technique, rather they will simply try to bring you down as quick as possible, with the most damage done to you prefferably.  It may seem appealing to act in this way, but in all honesty, what will it accomplish?  not much, is the answer.  If you act as the stubborn brawler, then you will only continue to feed this constant stream of aggression that seems to be in constant these days.  You will never truely break the cycle and the aggression, dominance, the "I'm-better-than-you" ideaology, as well as the depression that follows.

   Stubborn brawlers tend to not be the most intelligent of people, they generally are rather weak minded, deep down.  They cannot cope well with stress and in most cases use aggression to vent it.  Stubborn brawlers are hardly ever martial artists.  And if they are, in a martial art, they still have not embraced the mentality one needs to be successful at the martial arts.  So in reality, they still are not martial artists.  Their 'style', if you can call it that, generally is just regular street fighting.  They embrace the few concepts needed to be successful in a fight, generally taught exclusively to the martial artist; but that's about it.  These concepts arent too complicated, they really are public knowledge if you think about it carefully; they're just...only hitting with the front two knuckles, never kicking with the toes..things of that sort.

   Most people, in general who arent stubborn brawlers have at least once in their lives feared one, they have known the way they act and they often are scared of falling to them in conflict of self defense.  Stubborn brawlers, even if they cannot back up these claims, will say things to enstill that sense of fear into their opponent.  Saying things like "I'll kick your ass if you don't stop; I can bench this much weight...I've been in this many fights...I kicked this kid's ass...yadda yadda yadda.", all things that generally would scare off any would-be opposition.  In all honesty though, it isnt that intimidating when you look at it from an intellectual standpoint.  Stubborn brawlers generally themselves have a fear of getting their asses kicked, but see this way of acting as the easiest way to stop those feelings from consuming them.

   People just dont generally act that way unless they're given a reason to do so.  And usually, it is the product of a bad emotion; namely fear.  This is not to say that hatred, anger, frustration, thirst for revenge, greed, and other bad emotions are not playing a part of this, because they most certainly are.  Just, in most cases I myself have seen, the beginning, or rather the spark that drives them to be this way is fear.  Now I have touched base thuroughly with fear, so I will not go into it; for further refference, check my article on fight pyschology, which has a follow up post by Talyn on the other emotions that cloud your minds within the fight.

   However, how they became that way bears not relevance.  In a sittuation of self defense, generally you are not going to think "Hmm...he/she may have had a bad childhood...." no, you're trying to defend yourself.  Which gets me back to the whole reason I started writing this article.

The meditation..

   Every day, when you feel anger, doubt, fear, frustration, hatred, depression, greed, and insecurity enter your being, simply clear your mind and dispell them.  Breathe in with the nose, out with the mouth; this is how you should always breathe anyway.  Clear the minds (Xin and Yi) and begin to try to create a sense of calmness and serenity within yourself.  Make it your goal to eliminate all disturbances in the minds.  By now you either have a clear mind, or just got moreso frustrate; if so, just continue, it may take a few tries.

   Harboring these emotions is very bad for you, no matter what others say to you.  Some may say that it is good to have these things, espeecially anger.  But how?  I mean, anger may be able to drive you, but then that anger will just stick with you, eventually leading to much frustration and MORE anger.  This will just make you run into more bad than good.  How to deal with this? simply enact that meditation technique, as well as try the very useful "escape from chaos" meditation technique that is on the POTA website.

   I consider this meditation to be most useful in the beginning of ridding yourself of bad emotions, not just in a fight but in all aspects of life.  You see, a true master of an art is one who can apply all aspects of his/her art in everyday life.

There is no Anger, there is no Pain, there is no Bad Emotions...

   Heh, I sounds like something one of those old men from the kung fu movies would say.  But in all honesty once you reach a certain level of calmness within yourself, you will be able to realize that.  Notice also how I added pain in there; mainly because I have noticed in fights, when someone incurs serious pain upon you; you tend to get rather pissed off about it.  This also leads to your minds being clogged with bad things, such as anger (one of many many bad things), and common sense, and calmness go right out the window; and you soon become the stubborn brawler.  And in a fight, you WILL get hit at least once or twice, so allowing a bit of pain to ruin you like that is pretty sad.

   When you experience the pain though, just keep in mind, that there is no pain.  Yes, a crazy concept, I know..but, just think to yourself..there is a strike made at you, and that you have to persevere through it.  The pain you feel is just your body telling you how bad you are hurt.  Anything more than thinking this will just make the pain worse.  Because pain, is neurotransmission, pain is your body telling you that you are in harm's way.

   You must keep in mind that the pain is just your body telling you something, and that, is all it is.  Once you can overcome this obstacle..or even during just concieving the concept, you must be thinking..."Hey! what if you got kicked in the 'nads..or if you got cut; what if something SERIOUS like that happens", well then the same principle applies to this.  Your body is just at this point, more or less SCREAMING at you "SOMETHING'S WRONG!!! YOU'RE IN DANGER, YOU NEED TO GET SOME HELP!!!!" , it's just sending a moreso urgent message to you.  But that is all it is, is a lot of urgent messages being sent to you.  You musn't become overrun by these messages.

   Now then, the next aspect, the anger.  There is no anger?  yes, there is none.  You must keep your mind calm, and realize that there is no reason to be angered.  If someone has done something to insult you, unless it is a rather heavy insult, you can ignore it.  And if it is, in fact a heavy insult, you can always do something to show them that you are not a complete push-over, such as what the Iaido master in the story in my other article did, he caught 4 flies within his chopsticks, with ease, and then let them go; still a smile upon his face.  In the story, the men bothering the Iaido master never bothered him again.  So, instead you can always press onward beyond that all.  There is no need to get violent until they strike you first.  You musn't ever strike them, EVER until they strike you first.  By the time they had striken you, they had taken the possibility of you fighting back into consideration; and they do not care.  So, you simply fight back.

   Once you can get these states of mental ability, you will be able to overcome your opponent rather easily, and if you are skilled enough, with the least amount of harm to them (only if you are skilled enough.).  Projecting the intent is also a key concept, something I had mentioned in my original article on Water Philosophy; this is just an add-on to all of that.  

   For now, this is all.

Be Well.

-Zakk Brown AKA Enlightenment, 06/22/04
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