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June 22, 2004, 04:23:42 AM
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Ok, i have two questions, but there isn't much of a point in wasting space with two threads.

1) Is it possible that people can see arua's (unnconciously), but it is proccessed by the sub- and unconcious (sp?) mind? I thought of this because whenever i meet someone, anyone, i get similar reactions from them, and people generally take to me the same way. Also, because of how i look, you would think most people would take me as a tough person (broad shoulders, tall, large in general), someone who would push people around (and i have been treated like that by a very few, but only for a short time). Strangly people dont react to me like that. People seem to get attacted to me very quickly (not as in atraction, but just as a good friend). Half the time i meet a person, about 20 minutes (seriously) later they are tell me these secrets that they havent told anyone before. When i first started talking to this girl when i moved here, it only took two weeks for her to admit that she and her best friend studied (and probably practiced) witchcraft. I had suspected her best friend did, but not her, and there is no way she could have know i knew, or that i did too (well not magic, but you get the idea). Could this be because they can unconciously see my arua and therefore see what kind of person i am?

2) The second deals with emotion. I frequently have my dad angry at me because he has a very short temper, and he just doesnt like me too much. On occasions, after he has been yelling at me enough and my anger builds up, i get a sudden surge of power. Not like self-confidence power, or rage type power, psionic energy type power. The minute i release my anger i feel psi (or maybe chi?) fill every part of my body, and it radiates off. I didnt pay much attention too it, but i could tell lbecause of how he was taken back. From the after effect of it, it felt like when you (saying you aren't empathic in the slightest way) walk into a room, and without seeing anyone or anything, you can tell someone it extremely anger, sad, depressed, ect. Saying that, could strong emotions influence 'strength' of psi?


June 22, 2004, 05:41:38 AM
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1. Seeing auras is a physical phenomina, unless you are reffering to the "impressions" people get.
2. Dude... that's just anger.  It would probably get in your way, if anything ;)
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