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June 25, 2019, 12:33:50 AM
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Taken from my blog
I haven't posted on this blog for a very long time, 2 years to be exact. Some people recently asked what's up with me, so here is some summary.
 I started the journey in Magick 7 years ago (2012), since then I have written many articles and also books. I also got a lot of feedback for those (some positive, some negative). I am generally happy when people talk about my work and especially my books were well received. The problem arose when my phone with a QWERTY keyboard got destroyed. I bought a new phone without a hardware keyboard and I never really learned to type quickly on the touch screen. I know there are Bluetooth keyboards you can connect to the phone, I have one, as well, it just isn't so easy to type on those (wrong spacing, wrong key sensitivity, marks on F and J are not that prominent, etc).  Plus, frankly, I have written a lot of technical documentation recently and writing has become an annoyance.
 Speaking of annoyance, I spend 5 hours every day traveling to the office where I spend another 9 hours. That's 14 hours a day mostly sitting. I am 32 and keeping my muscles in shape is of greater importance than writing articles, trying hard to avoid the office back pains. It also means I have less time for occult practice now, it has become something additional to my life, not an integral part of it.
 Still, I think I had the best results when I still had my oratory. My personal apartment where I lived, breathed and slept Magick. You know, the whole concept of the oratory is amazing. I spent a lot of time working with spirits there and I never banished or licensed to depart. I simply let the spirits hang out in there which sometimes led to hilarious encounters, people often heard voices in there or saw strange things.
 So, I do not have my oratory anymore, and most of my tools were destroyed, I got 2 kids and trust me, they touch anything, when you have to pick your tarot cards from the floor for the nth time this month, you will simply stop caring. Also, because I have kids, I cannot let spirits hang around anymore, having a haunted house is a no-no now :-D.
 During my journey, I have met many different people and many "covens" (understand echo chambers), some people like to surround themselves with people of the same ideas as they have and they can get angry if you challenge the status-quo. On the other side, that could be said about me as well.
  About my practice
 My personal practice is very limited now. As I have said before, I do not have that much time for it, plus gaining results in Magick is hard. Basically gaining any siddhis is way more taxing than gaining muscles through PT, and they also fade faster than muscles do. Two weeks of charging to have a mirror you can use once or twice, weeks of meditation to just be able to create a simple telepathic suggestion for someone to look at you, and months of training to turn a little piece of paper on a needle (PSI wheel).
 To put this into context, I do not have any doubts about Magick, I know it works, I experienced it first hand and got a lot of great things in return, which is especially interesting when you figure out that I am actually a big asshole, here goes those "holier than thou" rants about virtues and vices. You can be an asshole and still have results :-D. However, all the time I have studied Magick has caused I lost track on the technology trends, which is not a good thing for an engineer, so technology and PT are currently my main focuses now (and, of course, my family).
 OK, I guess this sums it up. Maybe I will do write some articles later, but I definitely do not feel like writing a book about occult subjects anymore. Not enough time for that. Plus, I feel that I have already shared what I should through my books.