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May 02, 2018, 08:59:15 AM
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I want to talk about something i first read in a passage from Castaneda about beings that use human minds to feed of negative energy outbursts. I also found these beings also named Archons in other sources. Then i met a professor with the theory that all painfull experiences from birth are saved inside the baby subconscious and are the root of all negative emotions. I think this theory is close to another called pain-body.
I think those parasites exist and here is how they work:
  • They target high energy personalities, advanced spiritual/mental humans, light workers or bright persons.
  • If they can break you face on they do it on your weak points.
  • If they can't they use war by attrition by
  • Destroying persons you love, using their weak point and slowly break you by ruination
  • Synchronicity is just them playing their cards right at the moment they have to
  • They will use a strong soul to drag down an even stronger unbreakable soul
  • If you try to resist (by meditation, energy work, happy thoughs) they will use the environment to break you

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August 20, 2018, 04:35:44 AM
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I've heard some of those things as well. I just didn't know it was actually an existing theory. Fascinating stuff, Deosth. Can you recommend any good read about this?