Author Topic: IIH - Why draw elements/fluids directly from Universe when intended for others?  (Read 440 times)

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March 17, 2018, 08:34:25 AM
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From the IIH:

"Loading a talisman for another person with a
volt is done in the same manner, but the fluids are not drawn through the body but directly
from the universe."

What is the reason for this? Why not project the fluids through your own body? And why not draw directly from the universe when creating a talisman for oneself?

More importantly, what about creating a fluid directly by way of the imagination? Can that be used for others?

March 17, 2018, 09:41:17 AM
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There are a few reasons I can think of off the top of my head.
1. Projecting from the body may "taint" the fluids you are projecting into the talisman, like a personal signature on the fluids(which is fine for yourself, but not others)

2. You may not wish to load your own body with fluids and deal with the possible consequences. When you load directly from the universe, you don't have to deal with purging any leftover energy in your body, or upsetting the balance or equipoise of your own spirit/astral body.

*I've read through that section in the IIH since I initially answered and revised it accordingly, however I still cannot pinpoint the exact reason. I think my first point is close, though I'm just not sure in the details. Whether it is related to karma or personal energies involved, I'm *pretty* confident that I'm in the ball park :P

I'm not quite sure what you mean by creating fluids directly with the imagination, because either way, you are technically always drawing from the universe. You cannot "create" new fluid, only intensify the fluid in whatever your target is.

From my understanding, when magicians usually work with these fluids, like say the elemental accumulations that you may have read about in the IIH, you are not quite "literally" creating energy or taking it from the universe, but rather "intensifying" the force/principle.
I remember someone asking Prophecy(I think) "why don't these energies run out due to their usage by magicians?", and his answer was along the same lines of what I have just told you.

Say I was accumulating Apas, the water element.
I would of course imagine myself breathing it in, feeling myself getting colder with each breath, then the element would - due to the sympathetic connection between my imagination and the fluid in question- intensify its presence within my body with each breath.
Did I just create energy? Did I just steal energy from the universe?
No, I only intensified the principle/force of the fluid.
The only way for a magician to actually deal with the fluids in a literal or "physical" way, is to work within the celestial sphere, which I hear is very difficult and impractical.

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