Author Topic: People who used "BIOKINESIS" to change their appearance (eye color, height,etc)  (Read 790 times)

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January 21, 2018, 08:25:42 PM
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I am wondering if anyone had a similar experinece with biokinesis such as this one

You are right to believe that Psionics can alter your body through the use of "Biokinesis".  The average person will say that it is impossible, but I speak from personal experience.  If you can learn to focus and how to believe in your own abilities then such a thing is possible.  Personally I have changed my eye color from brown to blue and I have also grown 1 foot 6.7 inches in six months alone.  I stopped because that was all I wanted to do.  But the man who taught me (who is now dead), he had done some things to his body that you wouldn't even believe if I told you.  Not just outward appearance, but inward functioning too.  One example is that he could heal at alarmingly fast rates.  It is very dangerous and should only be attempted by people who MUST do this for one reason or another.  It is not for every psion, only very few with the dedication to stick with psionics for years are capable of doing this.

March 17, 2018, 08:46:11 AM
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Though I'm not quite big on the term "biokinesis", the act of manipulating the body in such subtle ways as you described are actually quite low on the totem pole of what's possible, honestly.
Recently I've been using a particular hermetic method to keep my face pretty and scar free.
But I haven't undertaken any serious or ambitious tasks regarding body modification. Still, I know that virtually anything is possible if you have the means and methods(though "possible" is not the same as probable).
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