Author Topic: Whenever I expel bad energy from within to cleanse something bad happens.  (Read 608 times)

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April 17, 2018, 10:39:16 AM
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For the third time, I laid down on my bed to meditate. Then I felt a surge of negative energy coming from within, so I exhale it through my nostrils and mouth, imagining a black cloud of negativity coming out of me and going away.

I feel much better when I do this. The problem is that I instantly thought that this "black miasma" could get impregnated onto other things in my room.

Instantly after that, I had 3 problems with my computer.
Exactly after the 3 times I meditated and expelled the negative energy out of me.

The same thing happens when out of nowhere I feel a "dark omen", or a dark odic force, like "there is something wrong". Later, something bad always happens (it's random. It can be a car problem, something in my house breaks, I have a fight with someone, etc).

Is this my mind trying to conciliate things, trying to be logical and also superstitious? Like: "Oh, this bad thing happened because of what you felt", or is this something real? What are your experiences regarding this?

I think we have a hard time dealing with the chaotic nature of the universe. But, is the universe really chaotic, or is everything causality?

I realize good and bad things happen all the time, and maybe this is just my mind being more aware of negative things after I feel these energies/omens, so maybe it's just my head? (I tend to be a bit skeptic, I'm sorry).

Thanks in advance :)

April 17, 2018, 04:29:29 PM
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My first question is, why are you feeling surges of negative energies in the first place?
I may be wrong, but that doesn't seem normal. I don't see why that should be happening to you, unless you are being attacked, or perhaps your residence is particularly afflicted with negative energies. I understand that to some degree that people accumulate remnant negative energies from daily life, but it's negligible from what I understand, usually not enough to cause -serious- problems.
But you mention it comes from within, which adds an interesting twist to this question. Are you sure you aren't just becoming aware of your own negative energies during meditation? Are you sure it's not just the normal activity of your own spirit?
There are spirits of all kinds, but they all can be examined in terms of polarity: those that are negative are often called demons, those that are positive are often called angels, but humans, by majority, are mixed, or in-between beings. Many esoteric practitioners like to assert that humans are naturally beings of light and goodness - which is simply not true.
So I would advise that you first make sure you are not just becoming aware of your own spiritual activity, rather than you experiencing surges of unwarranted or harmful negative energy.

Now if that's something that you don't like or want, then of course you may change that. However, if there is some natural darkness to your spirit, then simply trying to expel it through meditation will not be enough, because it will always return. In order to get rid of it, you need to change the structure of your spirit, and that means examining your character and changing it.
You mentioned having fights/arguing with others, and that is a good place to start :P
Being combative/argumentative is a negative trait, so unless you desire some negativity in your spirit(which is ok for some people), than you will need to adjust your character. And if you seek to completely purge yourself of negativity, than you will need to examine your character in it's entirety, and make changes accordingly.
But again, you only need to do this if you do not wish to have any dark/negative activity in your spiritual composition. However even if you don't mind some negative composition, I would suggest practicing self control and exercising mastery over any negative traits you have, to put yourself in control over your emotions and character, rather than -you- being controlled by -them-. Make sense? :P

BUT - if you think these surges of negative energy do not belong to your natural composition and are problematic, than I will give you some other advice.

Here, I will describe a simple method of drawing out negative energies that is quite common amongst western magicians, and solves your concern of the negative energy lingering around and causing other problems.
The "Water" element is a naturally magnetic force that is very useful in drawing things out. And this is why water is often used in cleansing and purifying rituals(like baptism for example).
But for you, you only need a sink with which to wash your hands.
Now, all you do is simply wash your hands, but while doing so, concentrate intensely and imagine that the water is not only cleansing your hands, but drawing the negative energies from your body as well. Imagine that all this negative energy is being drawn with the water and runs off with it.
Now, this -MUST-  be done with cold water. Water loses its attractive power when it is warm.

With this method, the negative energy goes away with the water, so you need not fear it lingering around causing trouble.
*if you do not feel like a hand wash is enough, you may also perform this method with a shower or bath

The same thing happens when out of nowhere I feel a "dark omen", or a dark odic force, like "there is something wrong". Later, something bad always happens (it's random. It can be a car problem, something in my house breaks, I have a fight with someone, etc).

Now if this is true, you may simply be experiencing some intuition/enhanced perception. If you are new to spiritual practices, than you may be experiencing some natural abilities beginning to show themselves - Intuition and expanded perception being a very common ability that shows up.
Of course, also make sure that it isn't just your mind connecting unrelated events.
Ask yourself, how often are you correct about these feelings? Are you ever wrong? If so how often?
If you are often more wrong then you are right, than perhaps its just in your head. However, if you are right far more than wrong, perhaps you are experiencing some intuition.

I think we have a hard time dealing with the chaotic nature of the universe. But, is the universe really chaotic, or is everything causality?

I, and many other magicians, tend to hold a view that the universe, with all its components(light/dark, chaos/order, etc), is perfect. Everything that exists, does so for a reason, nothing is truly wrong or right, nothing exists mistakenly.
Is the universe truly chaotic? That depends what you mean.
The universe, with all its attributes and mechanisms, is a rather perfect system. Chaos, negativity and Darkness, are just as important as Light and positivity. Neither is better than the other, neither is more "correct".

I would say that the universe is balanced for the most part, or perhaps "harmoniously chaotic". Yes, the universe is chaotic in many ways, but that is the way it is supposed to be. But is it not also harmonious and peaceful in many other ways?

But this really depends on what you consider chaos. Chaos, as a principle, belongs to the negative "Earth" Element. It is simply the breakdown of order, the disruption of harmony.  But most people don't mean this when they talk about the "chaos of the universe". So what are you imagining when you say the universe is chaotic? What do you mean when you refer to it?

(I tend to be a bit skeptic, I'm sorry).

That's nothing to be sorry about.
I would even encourage some healthy skepticism. Just make sure it is healthy and reasonable, and not naive and dogmatic :P

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Another option would be to use these feelings as a simple method of Insight meditation. When you sit and settle into your meditation session (I don't know what exact method you are practicing) simply observe the sensations as they arise within the bodyspace. Look straight at them with your relaxed awareness. Don't react, run away or push them away or try to alter them in any way shape or form. Simply look at them. Let them be as they are and look at them. See what happens.
Mindís nature is and always has been buddha. It has neither birth nor cessation, like space.

~ Garab Dorje