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October 15, 2017, 04:47:22 PM
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Hello all, I am Andrea and in Italy is name for males, so that's why I usually register as Andrew in international forums :)

My story is long, basically I was a friend of some people that were doing magick, then I was reading about chemtrails and orgonites and I went on for exploring the orgone and orgonite world. Then some group of satanists went behind me trying to do everything to stop me. in vane. I was able to gift my city with orgonites, after all now if I dowse the map of my city I get clockwise and maybe only little places such as wells are CCW but it is difficult to find each one in a map :)

So my experience is basically related to crystals, orgonites and some dowsing tools such as the lecher antenna, the INES diapason, L-roads, pendulum...

I have experiences of telepathy, clairsentient, clairvoyance, but it is years that I receive psychic attacks and it is a bit difficult to meditate and develop more. of course I tried to shield myself but almost in vane.
I can hear radiowaves very well but I start to think that most of them are ultra/infra sounds as a side effect of radiowaves.
If I came near a radar station I get mad from the extreme EMF. I have experience of visually see radiowaves, at least 3 times I had.

So I am here to learn as much as I can. And to meet more friends I hope!

I will post more, it is just a lot of stuff that I have to choice which is really important....

as I already posted, my main problem is how to remove spells from items that I receive in mail,24116.msg226674.html#msg226674

Many thanks for reading and congratulations for the creators of the forum, seems to be a nice active community here! I'm very happy to have found it!