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October 10, 2017, 06:06:07 PM
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  I have been absent from reading or posting in this forum for a long time.
After psypog the site that first got me in psychokinesis and the paranormal closed, this site was the next one i joined to check other peoples knowledge.

  I want to make a contribution and i think i may have something useful to give even though it may be incomplete or partially wrong i think there is some value in it.

  So here i go and it will be a bit long.
I have posted once this topic,23263.0.html.
I since searched about those beings and the clues i found where very weirdly connected and leading to new clues about them.
I have used a changed form of the lbrp some times and never really found the explanation of why i do what i do satisfactory.
I decided to devise my own ritual based on the things i have connected and the entities.

  There were 8 entities so i decided to use the octagram (like the pentagram but eight points).
I searched the net for some octagram ritual to get ideas or find if there is anything similar and did not find much.
Even so i found this in chaos magick Holy shit!
If you check the black magick section of this file you will find that he reffers to "Chod" rites which is the thing i did in a crude attempt to experience absolute death (maybe got some emotional problems cause i did not know what i was doing) and later found it was a ritual and was used by some monks in a more ritualistic way. These attempts made me find one of those beings "Death".
Also i found the enneagram in gurdjieff  cosmology. It is not an octagram but it is similar in the use i tried of the octagram.

  I took the octagram and put one being in each point based on the octarine magick chaostar. I mirrored some axis (maybe wrong).
  The ritual goes like this:
  • Used the cross of light.
  • Then i faced on a direction and cast a closed complete octagram like the lbrp from one point and returning to it. After each octagram i shouted the general principle behind the being like ego, wealth, sex. After i have completed the octagram instead of calling the archangels i called each demon in turn and visuallized.
  • Used the cross of light.
  • End.

  If we accept that these are parts of my personality why start from a point and end to the same point? Each point has 2 lines going away from it what difference does it make choosing one over the other? Why cast the octagram anyway and not the square or the circle?  What the *** is this ritual supposed to do?

  I am not certain for my answers i have only belief in my speculations.
Starting and ending to the same point while casting the octagram with white light is supposed to open and reinforce the flow of energy in the channels that you pass it through. Now why choose the octagram path? Well maybe the octagram has the minimum inertia after the cross. That means that the expression of changes on your personality(or chaos magick types) have the maximum momentum, differentiation and so potency. If you cast a circle then each type of "magick" or personality fragment is similar to the next and the energy is expressed like a loose ash-hole would release a fart. Then you can jump by 2 points but it is still not so strong, jumping three points each step gives us the octagram.
Also the line used in the octagram passes the closest it can to the center of the octagram and if this point is where the white light of the middle pillar is then its closer to a pure energy source.

Why not the cross you may ask since it is the most extreme expression of change from death to sex or from love to war.
First the cross does not give you a circular path and the energy can not flow perpetually. It will strike an dead end. Secondly you
change energy to each extreme opposite while passing through the middle pure energy source. I don't know what will happen if you use the cross in this but if any path is dangerous then this one will surely be too. Have not tested it and have not thought how to.

  You can guide the path of your mood swings or easier anticipate them and swiftly jump from those you don't like by enforcing them in a mini expression.
Also using the octagram the changes will produce minimum inertia in the sense of extreme and interesting expression.
You can use energy imbalances in one point to share energy to other points. Or fuel the train from the center drawing energy just as when using the middle pillar ritual.

  You can check your internal and external states and see if you can anticipate the next point and if they follow the octagram.

I am not certain the correspondences of the points with the types of magick is the same for everyone, that is important.
Maybe you can enforce the path you want by circulating energy on those paths the way you want.

One last thing this ritual does is that each point connects and communicates with the others creating an equlibrium using communication and understanding between the beings as energy passes from point to point.
Maybe some of the things here also apply to lbrp and the pentagram.

That's it, let us call this ritual.
8 demons ritual
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