Author Topic: A Warning to Everyone: CIA Magicians/Psionics  (Read 498 times)

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September 28, 2017, 01:01:14 PM
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I, Ameerah Jabr-Hamdan, am alerting EVERYONE to this.  Take this warning very seriously.  If you are HIGHLY skilled I would recommend joining forces and being Heroes [IT IS NECESSARY], I recommend this only to those who can hear the word of the Angels as this is very dangerous.  If you have yet to converse with them, ask to hear their word. If you can not defeat this evil, protect the innocents being assaulted in ways they can not comprehend.  Spread the word, fight with the Angels, this is our battle.

As a college student, I was 'tapped on the shoulder' and told I was the CIA's chosen, 2012.  Soon afterwards, I was mind tortured to the extreme. Trained to be a psychic spy against my will, with no consent whatsoever.  I refused, for no work not allowed by God Almighty would ever leave my hand willfully.  Their condition:  Join or be tortured.  God Almighty's mercy alone kept me alive, I turned to him and my suffering was 'not that bad'.  Mind warping/eradicating the mind. making the head an empty chamber, destroying of the brain, the making of me, a living creature, into the undead.  Puppeting, replacing thoughts with there instructions, the covering of natural emotions with a blank white feelingless emotion. They are doing the unthinkable, attempting to puppet God's Children and create a mindless army of undead puppets.  I was rescued by God Almighty, the stealing of my parts not honored, my pain taken, they can never make us puppets.  They have been warned, their deeds are ungodly and will be punished. If they are not stopped, the Apocalypse is inevitable and imminent.

They are powerful Black magicians / Psionics, unswayed by the messages from the Angels and God Almighty.

God Almighty, Christ and the Angels will protect you. Be His warriors, turn to Him and show no fear! They have forgotten, it is His kingdom.