Author Topic: How exactly does "mentalization" affects the universe and the outcome of things?  (Read 865 times)

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April 28, 2017, 08:05:57 PM
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Hi, I am a newbie here (and to magick as well).

I see that a lot of things (if not all) come from the power of mentalization, visualization and that you have to practice it every day.

So, I was studying a bit about protective rituals, especially the Minor Pentagram Ritual, and the teacher was saying it was all about visualizing it clearly, saying the words correctly, and releasing that "energy" into the astral plane. Ok, sounds cool. According to him, if you did every step correctly and visualized a barrier or a shield around yourself (or your house) you are now protected against astral attacks or even evil entities. The same procedure could happen for astral attacks, but I don't want to dabble into that and don't want to bring the Topic's attention to that.

Anyway, theoretically, the Universe is ruled by the power of the Mind (The Principle of Mentalism, one of the 7 hermetic principles, right?), so there are a lot of things going on in the plane of the mind and on the Astral Plane, and they are somehow connected (I don't know how yet. Maybe Jung was beginning to tap the tip of this iceberg with the collective unconscious?).

So, this means that if someone truly believes and releases a lot of energy with the intuit of winning the lottery, his chances are higher than someone who is not doing anything about it?

If I want to date a certain girl, I could attract her through the power of mentalism/magick, rather than in a conventional way? (being charming, elegant, working out, flirting, etc)

If I want better grades at college, I could get them through magick? If I want a job, I could get it from the same power source?

I am not really talking about contacting and making a deal with entities like in the Goetia. I am just talking about simple mentalization.

But why are you asking this?

Well, the point is I have Pure O OCD. Those with OCD know that it comes with something called Intrusive Thoughts. These are morbid, ghastly and horrifying thoughts about things that you hate/fear the most, that constantly plague your mind and you can't get rid of them no matter what you do (try not to think of a pink elephant. There, you just did).

So there are a lot of times when I suddenly see my parents dying, being murdered, a young child being abused, etc. Is this echoing through the universe? What determines WHAT is released upon the astral plane, and what is not? Because honestly, I am terrified of that. Let me say again: Terrified.

Maybe because of this new age era focused on the "Law of Attraction", where people constantly share quotes from Buddha (I don't know if he indeed said that) that says "What we think, we become" or "What you feel now is what you're going to attract". If that is true, then I am definitely screwed!

I started having these thoughts at 11, and I was sure I was getting possessed. I had several panic attacks, but then they lessened a bit once I was taught they were just thoughts, things happening inside my own mind, inside a complex organ called "brain". And the brain was just that, an organ, filled with chemistry reactions of hormones.

But once you start studying occultism, you understand that your thoughts have power and that they shape not only your reality but the whole universe you live in.

Anyway, I won't prolong the post. Sorry for writing too much.

If someone could clarify a bit and share their bits of knowledge, I would be very grateful.

Thank you very much!
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July 12, 2017, 07:37:44 AM
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Thoughts exist,  and all things which exist necessarily have the power to affect other existent things.

However, you are not the creator of your obsessions. Rather,  possibilities exist independently of you, and only then do these possibilities enter your awareness. At this point your brain's method of information processing highlights these negative possibilities strongly so that they can be addressed, and then struggles to let go of them when rationally it should.

These obsessions cause strong negative reactions in you, or you would not be terrified of accidentally helping to manifest them. Fortunately,  this negative reaction created a strong intention that these thoughts do not become real. If anything,  when you are gripped by these fears, you are likely unconsciously working to stop them.

So you are not the creator of these possibilities,  and your perception of these possibilities does not facilitate their manifestation, especially since you actively desire them not to happen.

As a magical practitioner with intrusive thoughts,  however,  it will be especially important for you to cultivate mental control and clarity.  Any thoughts which draw emotional energy from you will do so at the expense of whatever you actually want to be using that energy for. Plus, training visualization to high degrees can make it easier to effect unintentional change magically,  so it is always a wise decision to become mentally controlled beforehand. I suggest daily meditation.

In particular,  you will reach a point in meditation where a thought will intrude, but it will not overcome you,  and instead will just be there,  existing apart from you. It will appear to your mental awareness,  but not partake in your astral energies unless you decide to contribute them. When this becomes normal for you,  I believe that whatever difference OCD makes to your practice will have been brought under your control.
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