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April 28, 2017, 11:40:35 AM
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I was reading Mr Franz Bardon's book titled "The Key to the True Kaballah" and came across this wonderful quote by him I would like to share and discuss:

"Everybody must go the way by himself; no one else can do this work for him. My books, written in clear and intelligible language, will be the safest guide for everyone. But he who is only aiming at the attainment of a higher standard of living will never achieve what he desires; for the books have not been written for the purpose of merely procuring riches, wealth, fulfillment of all personal wishes, but for the purpose of making the reader steadfast and successful in his struggle for life.

On earth every human being has two teachers: firstly, himself or herself, and secondly, fate. What man is not able to achieve by his own diligence, practice, renunciation, pain, grief, etc., will be served up to him by disappointments and buffets of fate. Life is a school, not an amusement fair. Over and over again, man on this earth is challenged to learn, to develop, to perfect himself. He may enjoy the good; he should learn from the evil; but he must never say die, for nothing on this globe happens without good reason; everything that befalls him happens with good reasons and always at the right time. It is up to man himself to encounter all events courageously and to gain a wealth of knowledge therefrom for his own advancement."

I am in total agreement with this statement by Bardon and it struck a unifying chord within.

I wanted to ask any Bardon practitioners here what they think about this quote and if they agree or not and why? Have the exercises or experiences enticed you for using magic for personal uses and if so how did you overcome it? Have you had any teachers assisting you with Bardon's methods and how helpful or unhelpful have they been in making you self sufficient to be your own teacher?

As a background, I practise a system similar to Advaita Vedanta and do not practice magical systems such as Bardon's. I feel all paths are one and emanate from the same divine unifying light but each path is just a different colour in the infinite rainbow of truth. I have been reading and studying Bardon's work for several years now to understand one of these colours of the divine light and would appreciate any insight from anyone who is willing to provide one in order for us to learn from your direct experience.

Thanking you in advance. freeDspirit.

January 19, 2018, 03:14:24 PM
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Hermetic's is a tool merely used as a vehicle to accomplish a task, it may be a very good tool but just a tool none the less.

With this in mind read the above?