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April 04, 2017, 03:24:22 PM
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I'm starting this here because I feel it can go more in depth than past discussions and I also don't want to necro-post.

1. In everyone's first post, I would like you to post your personal definition of teleportation:

My definition is pretty simple, teleportation is the process of instantaneously moving a person or object from one point in space to another at varying distances.

2. I'd also like to know if you believe it's possible to teleport with just your mind and body. We already know that scientifically it is possible at least on the smallest scales to teleport something a distance with machines designed specifically for the task:

I believe it is possible. It is practically the only thing that keeps me going at times.

3. Next you can post either a video of teleportation either of an object or person, or a discussion of teleportation, or an article. (These can be anything from satire to scientific studies and practices. You can post multiple of each if you like):

I'd like to discuss what skills you believe need to be a entry-level limit to be able to successfully pull off teleportation.

To me, I believe you need to at least be able to move the object or person in all directions permanently. Which includes up and down. So telekinesis and levitation would be a minimum requirement. As well as accurate remote viewing, if you don't want to end up with a "Jumper" situation where you can only go places you've seen before by either being there or through existing pictures.

4. Your personal beliefs on the subject:

I believe if teleportation is a form of projection, phasing would be a necessary skill. I believe it is the first step to being able to time travel. I believe it may be necessary to be able to clone and destroy yourself. I believe it uses an immense amount of energy and focus at once or it would be a common practice. I believe that if you had to move the speed of light to teleport, it would cause the equivalent of a sonic boom in the way of breaking the speed of light. I believe it is possible to teleport with your clothes, though it may be slightly more dangerous than doing so without because you have more material to reconstruct at the other end that has to be kept separate. I believe it would take many consecutive years of practice and preparation every day just to teleport the first time. (If you would like me to elaborate on any of these beliefs and why I think them, just ask).

5. A technique you've either heard of or made up. It can be a joke or completely serious:

Sigils: Make one sigil at your start point, that is designed to deconstruct your body, your memories, all of your energy and send it to the second sigil, wherever you place it, that is made to reconstruct all these things correctly wherever it is you're going.

Projection: Same as astral projecting, but using the real world. Requires more energy and will-power.

Will: Move yourself from one place to another sheerly by force of will.

Compression: The technique I like most that I've read from the old teleportation topic is about seeing yourself on a larger scale walking the earth so your steps carry you further distances. But would require an accurate map.

Flash-Step: This isn't actually teleporting, just appearing to do so by moving faster than the eye can perceive.

Portals: This requires you to be able to sense wormholes, the instant they manifest, being able to manipulate them enough to keep them open long enough to step through and being able to widen the entrance and exit ends big enough for you to pass your body or the object through. As well as being able to control where it starts and where it ends.

Moving All Senses: Re-allocate all your senses from your current location to the new one in an instant destroying the old senses in the old location. (Would be helpful if your memories went with your sixth sense).

Cloning: Similar to moving all your senses, but a slower process where you let the clone manifest in the new location, and destroy the original. (Probably safer because it allows you more time to make sure the clone is stable and complete).

6. Optional: A story of someone teleporting, whether you've made it up or read about it. (The more detail the better):

Three friends were walking together down sixty-third street at night. One drops an empty soda can on the ground because they couldn't find a trashcan and they got tired of holding it. About 15 minutes later, they find a trashcan and stop. One of the friends drops the can from before in the trashcan as the other friends look at him confused because he was never holding a drink while they were walking.

Every post after your first can be used to discuss or react to the posted material. I'd like this to turn into a more serious discussion, but to start it will be pretty light-hearted. I'd prefer if this not get heated though, no name calling or putting people down.

May 16, 2017, 09:30:46 PM
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Can't believe nobody is kind enough to post a response around here, but hey I will! <3

Teleportation is not an easy thing to do, and you need to involve yourself with radionics to even begin with. Start mastering your basic skills, then astral project and ask Psi mage masters or spirits who are wise in teleportation within the 3rd density field/dimension. It's real, but it's not easy.

May you be blessed by the supreme love and truth of the cosmos.