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January 10, 2017, 10:28:04 PM
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Religion is very old, and I think it is probably as old as humanity itself. We tend to fear the unknown, that's why we have to know things, but I we have to name what we fear. There are natural processes in this world, thin like weather, earthquakes, death, processes we couldn't explain at the time, that's why we built mythos around them, some of these exist even today.

Story of Abraham
I think we all know about the Abrahamic religions: Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Pretty old faith, yet still living and breathing. The story of one God, and creating everything including two humans who populated Earth with people of different races and skin colours (and don't make me speak about Noah).

Then prophets came and caused problems the biggest bloodshed in human history. Murdering in the name of one God. Converting leftovers so a new batch of holy warriors can be created, that's how far the fear from the dark can go.

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't think that religion is the culprit here, we, as humans, are violent. There are people fighting because of a football match for God's sake. The thing is there will be wars always, for territory, politics, economy... But the fact is that wars over whom's imaginary friends are better come at the top ten of silliest reasons.

Conception of deities
Very old question in the occult circles, where do deities come from? We already do know about our power to create egregores, but could all the deities be like that? The creation of the mankind? I have spent quite some time summoning various spirits to the point of it becoming boring, the initial sense of dread quickly disappears and communication becomes casual over time, and maybe with just one exception, Death.

Death is truly something dreadful, a natural process we know a very little about, but we don't know what death is and what comes after, and that's why religions are still alive and kicking, and the afterlife. Anyway, let me continue, Death is the only one where the sense of dread remains, so, could its beings be the original ones?

Frankly, I don't think so, they are just more powerful egregores, and and for a quite simple reason, but I really, really. The fear of death and the mourning over dead friends and relatives is not only the human characteristics, it is shared among the species. A dog won't care about Zeus because it doesn't know about Zeus, but it knows Death.

I think most occultists know about this, but I there are 7 planets representing 7 forces in the universe that affect our lives. Did you just notice how silly this looks? OK, it is scientifically proven that people are different when born during different seasons, but that's the thing of our environment, not about which one signs are planets in.

Just to point out, astrology was important as it was the basis of astronomy, but we all know today that the geocentric model of the universe is false and therefore obsolete. This system is also the reason why our week has 7 days, despite the fact that 5 would make more sense considering that 1 year contains 365,25 days (that's why there's a leap year every 4 years).

The tables used for astrology are not accurate anymore, either, considering that Sunday should enter Aries on 21st of March (mark of spring) yet it is still in Pisces at the time.

The end
We are already old enough as a species to let the old faery tales go. After all, isn't it funnier to evoke a predator than some ancient blood cult creation. It's going to work either way. Anyway, whatever you do, and don't let your beliefs to limit your progress and do your best to understand modern science, medicine and technology.
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January 12, 2017, 03:27:15 PM
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The topic of Religion and cosmology is interesting Akenu. Thank you for posting.

I think that spiritual/mythic interpretations of the heavens gave us the mythologies and superstitions we commonly associated with ancient cosmology. This transitioned into the science of astronomy as scientific observations began replacing older interpretations of the heavens.  Those ancient beliefs were still based on observation though. They just pegged their observations onto existing cultural beliefs so we got all these different mythic cosmologies I guess. It seems though that whether the cosmological model is heliocentric or geocentric really comes down to how accurately you can observe external phenomena and we know that even primitive civilizations where capable of very accurate astronomical observations and calculations. However, from the perspective of the average man... well doesn't everything seem to revolve around him lol :) 

Ultimately when discussing religion you are discussing belief. Realistically you can believe anything. This is fine until believe is accepted as truth. That is called delusion. 
I agree with you Akenu in that religion is probably as old as humanity itself. That seems pretty realistic. Yes Abrahamic religions have been around a long time - they are not the only religions on the block. All religions have the same essential fault of being dualistic in some sense. I am here, big boss is out there, he's on my side, I do what the rules say and all is well with the world. I don't personally buy any of the creation myths presented by religions these days. I used to but now my mind screams bullshit every time I hear it.

Some thoughts of mine on religious violence - I feel you are right in that humans are violent. When you watch the news and see trucks plowing into people or people shooting and blowing one another up - this is direct proof that the human mind - irrespective of race, religion or historical context - is capable of committing acts pf shocking brutality. History hasn't changed that. The ignorant human mind is the source of all the evils in the world. Pure and simple. Religion is a product of the mind Akenu. Yes it is culturally and historically specific - but it is still a product of the same human mind as you and me and capable of the same atrocities. There is no separation of the two, and some religions are more peaceful that others Akenu - that's a fact.

Deities - not a practicing occultist so can not really offer anything here. Your explanation of egregores is probably on the mark and really deserves its own thread. Have you read Inside a Magical Lodge by John Michael Greer? He does cover that topic under lodge consecration. Interesting stuff. A human made god would have human imperfections wouldn't it? Sounds more like collective subconscious.
Where there is life there is death. Man fears death because it highlights the universal truth of impermanence and the ephemeral nature of the world, and secondly because it directly undermines the delusion of a permanent self or sense of 'I' which is the root cause of mans suffering - maintaining a delusion like that in the face of something as profoundly universal and indiscriminate as death - taking King and commoner alike - is enough to make anyone neurotic don't you think? :)
I like astrology. I like old astrology. I think that the heavens have subtle effects on the earth and its inhabitants. You only have to watch the moon move the ocean each tide to see that so I think there is something scientific there. I don't really believe astrologers though.

I agree Akenu - drop the superstitions and look directly into the mind - that is were the answer lies :) Nice article.
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