Author Topic: A change in attitude I found useful.  (Read 696 times)

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December 15, 2016, 06:08:01 AM
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Lord Bludwin

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I would like to share on here some rather hard won knowledge, something to avoid that might spare some of you many pains.
I recently came to the realisation that while practicing the IIH, I have held an attitude or intention of 'rising above' others in my quest.
I held intentions or would have recurring thoughts such as "I hope I am able to understand this much easier than others." "I hope I complete this exercise faster than average." or even worse "the occult science should be difficult to understand, to make the power less susceptible to misuse."
I discovered that such attitudes and thoughts were naturally having karmic repercussions. Whenever I wished or imagined myself elevated above anyone else in my progress, the effect would inevitably return to me karmically, and I myself would find it very difficult. Some of these thoughts I was long unaware I even had them, I had to carefully examine myself to pick up on them.
When I started using positive affirmations that any who wished to learn would easily be able to, or that the work itself was easily understood and completed; I found difficulties in my practice greatly, greatly diminished.
I hope this helps. And in light of my new attitude; I sincerely wish you all a great and easy success, and the fulfilment of all your heart's desires.