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October 30, 2016, 02:17:15 AM
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Hello all!  :D

These are a few personal discoveries I have come to understand about the theory and working of magic.

Magic People:
We are equals only that we are individuals with unique and interesting perspective.
Our perspectives help us understand the complexities of magical currents which speak on many levels of sense and perception.

For the Non-Believers and Skeptics:
Magic is a concept.
Magic is not disproved by science if it lacks evidence for conclusion.
Pervasive theory and experimentation, or philosophy and practicum, will lead to a personal conclusion.
Outside resources are only important to educate and challenge the mind.
Reconstructions of ancient ritual are only practiced for experience and understanding to learn the roots of magical practice.

For the Magical:
The psychic mind is the intuitive body; when the five senses are in harmony with the internal feelings the magic forms into our intention.
The intention is clear in our spiritual heart but the fluid nature of mind must be formed into an abstract concept for the magic to be known and understood on the material plane.
This abstract concept is traditionally called a 'sigil', but for modern times 'meme' works just as well.
This meme, from the depths of our emotions and raw humanness, is directed out into the great unknown where it can mingle and transmute itself into tangible manifestation.
The first manifestation effects us with change in behavior which others are repulsed or attracted; these 'others' are everything from whispers in the wind to animals and people.
The second manifestation is the effect our meme has on others.
The third manifestation are the unlikely coincidences that seem to appear out of nowhere but they are exactly what we asked for.
The fourth manifestation is disbelieving, fearing, or accepting the outcome.
Magic is everywhere because you can manipulate the fabric of anything.

Gods and Their Teaching:
The realm of the gods is magic; giving reverence or love to a deity is not intended for zealotry but respecting the powers that came before and will be here long after.

The Sigil and the Servitor (A Love Story):
A sigil is a symbol like a cross or pentagram.
The sigil is traditionally combined with a sacred sound, or Name, to call upon the significance of the sigil.
This sigil and Name are given properties that relate to the natural world or personal desire.
The associations can then further be given an anthropomorphic, or human like, essence.
A god or tutelary spirit, also known as a servitor, is born. (Although the servitor does not have to be human at all).
"Spirit is in a state of grace forever.
Your reality is only spirit.
Therefore you are in a state of grace forever."

"As relfections of the Source, we are little gods."

"...part of me doesn't want to believe that auto-eroticism while crushing on a doodle (sigil) could manifest a check in the mail box, but hey, it did."

"Everybody laughs the same language."