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August 12, 2016, 06:04:03 PM
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Hyper realistic dream - dream was from August 12th (the same day as writing this). I woke up at about 2pm (5 hours ago, as verified by the time stamp on text messages I received and replied to shortly after waking up). I wrote this down at about 6:30 to 7pm, as evidenced by me looking at the clock when I started and right now.

I woke up at the home I grew up in, in a bed I grew up sleeping in, but the top bunk of the bed was gone and was replaced with a clear, thick plastic covering (like you'd see at a loading dock, meant to control temperature while still letting people pass). I immediately recognized that this was a dream and that I was lucid dreaming, which I haven't done in a long time. The dream itself seemed very "off" in some manner, as though it was formed at the responsibility of someone else, though I did not get a sense of purpose or meaningfulness. All of the visual details mentioned below were as real as being awake; from seeing the walls and floors and furniture, to seeing the faces of people. The dream did still move like a dream, though, in that I did not take each and every step like I do in the real world, but instead merely "go" in a direction and at times just kind of smoothly "teleport" from one location to another (as the location itself melds itself from the current into the next).

While I laid in the bed, someone was trying to get into the bed beside me, rolling up a blanket or something and then putting it beside me as I sat up and made room. I didn't know who it was so I stood up and grabbed them, asking who they were; turns out it was one of my brothers. I left the room and went upstairs (from the basement) to the main floor.

I stopped in at the kitchen briefly, then went up the stairs to the second level of the house. Four doors along a thin hallway on this level, all doors closed; three doors lead to bedrooms and one leads to the bathroom. I skipped the first bed room, and I went in the room that my parents had lived in while I grew up, though I do not remember the layout. I then went across the hall to a bedroom that I had spent some time sleeping in after I graduated post-secondary; the room was messy and laid out like it was when I used it, and I distinctly thought to myself some sarcastic comment about how my room (or maybe "I") never changed/changes. I exited this room and went back down the stairs towards the main floor.

While still on the stairs, at the bend, several people were now on the stairs, and other people that I recognized as family members were going in and out of the front door that is located right at the bottom of these stairs; one of my sisters was sitting at the top of the group on the stairs and I sat down beside her. The next two people below us were people I did not recognize, one male and one female, both middle to older aged. There were also two very young children playing on the steps under the supervision of the adults. I focused on the female as though she was the one responsible for the dream, and asked her who she was. She replied with an answer that I do not remember, but I do remember it satisfying me in the dream. I asked the man the same question, and he answered but I did not care about his answer. For some reason, I also put my hand on the head of the woman after talking with her.

I then finished going down the stairs and walked towards the back of the house where our living room was. The room was several feet larger in one dimension than it was in real life, which is notable as I noted that in the dream, and because all other dimensions of the house were actually fairly spot on. While still dreaming, I considered the possibilities that the house had undergone some renovations to extend the living room, or perhaps it was just an anomoly of the dream.

Everyone was wearing new clothing, and the entirety of the house was decorated in new materials, from wallpaper to carpets to chairs and beds. It seemed very much like I had won the lottery and split the money with my family, bought the house I grew up in and renovated the whole thing. I also got the impression that this was a few years into the future.

At this point in the dream, I felt the dream start to fall apart. The visual details started fading towards vagueness. I started trying to go through the house again at this point, to try and relive a sense of nostalgia, but the dream ended quickly and I woke up. It has now been about 4 hours since that happened, and I recognize that I have forgotten some of the more minor details that happened in the dream (as mentioned above, during the dream). For instance, upon immediately waking up, I still remembered what the woman had said, and it was only after being awake for a while that I forgot it (for anyone who isn't aware of how to remember details about things that were "forgotten", I started using "metadata" extensively on my thoughts when I was still a teenager. The information that I artificially "tag on to thoughts" stays far more solid over the years than the thoughts themselves tend to).

I am writing this dream down because it was so hyper realistic *and* because it seemed like it *might* be a psychic dream. This way, if it does happen in a few years and I get the deja vu feeling, I can search for this post and see how accurate it was. (This is purely me being selfish. This isn't for anyone else but me :P) In the interests of doing new things, I may start doing this with other dreams that seem psychic as well, as I have never really kept a dream journal before despite the number of times that I have gotten the sense that a dream or daydream may have been a psychic view into the future (I always just blew it off as a "yeah, but it would take soooo long to find out, that it's not really worth writing down to try and figure it out").

EDIT: For clarification to myself: I "woke up into" the dream with the explicit "realization"/thought that it seemed to be an "artificial" dream (ie, as though someone else was creating the environment and I just happened to enter into it). There was a bit of confusion as my mind tried to process that thought, alongside the familiar view of my old room in such realistic detail, also alongside the recent memory of another dream that I had within the past few days where I woke up into the same bed (but that one seemed a perfectly normal dream). It only took a few seconds for the confusion to die off, and I was immediately lucid dreaming, right from the get go, and it strongly seemed/felt like the lucid dreaming was not from my own efforts/capacity.

For anyone else who might be wondering: Yes, I am entirely aware of the possible psychological evaluations of all of this, in being able to say "it was all just a dream" with very real-world explanations for the variety of thoughts, feelings, and sensations. Lecture for the sake of telling other people, or for the practice of getting your own thoughts in order, if you will, but please do not lecture for me :) I have written this not because I have decided that this is a psychic dream, but to determine if it was, which will be decided in the future based on whether this event occurs or not.

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