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June 09, 2016, 06:17:50 PM
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First sorry for long post.

I mean, is it better to know how psi works how whole system we are using here for psionics works or not to develop those abilities such as psychokinesis? Or is it unneccesary distraction which slows progresss? Some things are obviously needed for psionics to work and you to be able to use them. I always thought it was better to know, whatever it is, but now there seems to be fine line between understanding and understanding too much (I hope thats wrong). Then again it could be I am simply wrong about some things and it messes things up.

For a long time now I have not been practicing psionics (except for trying to get out of body every time I go to sleep just because) and just thought about how it all works, back before I had any idea how anything is supposed to work and just had some instructions on how to do this or that all abilities seemed easy (not easy but reachable thru constant practice etc). Now I have an incomplete theory on all psionic abilities and all other systems of belief and even more which seems completey correct by everything I know, but cant spin a simple psi-wheel (not sure I could do it before either though) or even reach meditative states? I mean one time and this is probably best example of me doing something with psionics when I first read about OBEs I tried to get out of body straight away and as soon as I got in bed and started to close my eyes I felt vibrations all around me, completely lost sense of body and felt like falling, saw light in front of me getting closer and closer and accidently moved hand and it all stopped almost instantly (sensations meant according to what Ive read about OBEs at time that I was getting out of body). And now I cant even get to trance, even trying to do anything only messes up with sleep making me unable of falling asleep for hours if I even try to meditate or anything before sleep (which also makes it not a good idea to try when I have to get up early) and at other times simply doesnt get me anywhere and I just keep doing seemengly nothing...

Feels like if I have kept practicing before and not thought of how why etc this all works or what its limits are and reached any measurable point in psionics (such as undenieably moving something with PK or causing whatever physical effect which was obviously not "normal") before trying to explain them I would have been able to do about anything by now. I guess I should have followed that "Don't question the ability while using it" rule a bit more. Now it seems whenever I try to practice I simply cannot do anything (maybe a lot of explanations I even forgot about became unconcious and Im not even aware of them to know theyre interfering). To me it always seemed if I saw some proof of all this like someone in front of me levitating something using psionics I would have been able to do it myself a lot easier. Maybe even now. It seems more and more to be only way to get such ability working myself. At least I can get out of body sometimes still, the only thing I got to before messing it all up by trying to explain everything.

BUT then again you cant simply accept something someone says is true and not question it either. A lot of biases a lot of lies a lot of things that can go wrong. What is explained on this webpage especcially with soul being core of psionics is the closest thing to what I think it all works like Ive yet seen from someone else however to me it still seems incomplete in some ways. Kind of vague. And mind keeps filling in the blanks with what I think its working like, maybe even without me knowing.

In a way, it seemed almost funny when I first got to this page how similar this system was to what I thought and still think it is like without me ever being here before or seeing any explanation even remotely similar. First place I tried to learn things at was (gone now) and system I am using was kind of based on it especially in beginning but over years became more like this one (while still having all from old one possible and still different from this one). There was a second incomplete Ebook that author of page made which in a way seems very important to me even now (even if I disagree with a lot of things now) It was about systems and how belief and all that stuff together makes psionics work. It made me think about THEIR system and how wrong it seems it some parts which I never even noticed before making me rethink things over and over again until system I belive in became what it is now (and keeps changing becoming more clear over time). But now it seems I tried to explain too much without doing enough before trying to explain it.

So this is also a warning... of kinds. If you start practicing psionics, continue doing so until you can actually do something real, or at least dont try to explain how it works too much before succeding in whatever you dont want to maybe-never-be-able-to-do or you might end up having to work your way through years of preconceptions about psionics that you never even succeded in verifiably (if thats a word) not to mention having to keep in mind how it all works while even trying to do something with it which distracts much neccesary focus and asks much more complicated questions than "Is this even possible?" even more frequently during practice which if you try to answer only makes things more complicated.

Or maybe its just me. And you are safe. Maybe.

June 10, 2016, 12:54:39 PM
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Technically, you don't need to know. All you really need to know is the method of training that produces results.

Did humanity only start exercising our muscles now that we know a bunch of stuff about the mechanics via modern science? No. What we had was eons of efforts, successes, failures, refinement, adaptation, and evolution, all of which combined to produce a variety of working training methodologies (not to be confused with mcdojos) from long before modern science got a crack at pinpointing the exact mechanics. Even after determining very specific mechanics, modern exercise didn't actually change a whole lot, despite a bunch of products being marketed as "this product changes everything!". We do now have a bunch of products that assist us, but push ups are still push ups, and stomach crunches are still stomach crunches, and running/jogging is still running/jogging.

The same thing goes for metaphysical workings, minus the whole science figuring out the specific mechanics so far. The best thing to look forward to when science determines the specific mechanics of psi will be in the refined training regime that excludes a bunch of extraneous things while including things that may currently be undersold, along with a much greater amount of certainty that people can place in their training, and the acknowledgement of multiple forms of training (ie, you don't "have" to do push ups. You can do other arm exercises instead. But you can still do push ups, if that works for you, or if you're too poor to afford multi thousand dollar exercise machines >_> ).

You don't need to know "how" or "why" of the mechanics. You just need to have a working system that you can follow. But where do working systems come from? From people who have achieved these things. Or people who lie and claim they have. How does a lay person tell the difference? Difficultly. If the person producing the system can verify it to the person who wants to learn, that goes a long way towards the learner being able to trust the system while they start doing it. If the person who created the system isn't "present" to prove it, then others who have been through the system might be able to. If they aren't present either, then the learner must try the system out for themself, see if it works for them, and if it doesn't then go onto the next system and painstakingly repeat the process over and over again until they find a system that works or they give up.

Mastery does not occur when you've performed a feat once or twice. Instead, it comes after years of training, when you realize that you no longer notice when you're performing a feat which used to require so much effort. Even walking takes years of training for a human: why not everything else?