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May 29, 2016, 11:02:02 PM
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St Nicholas

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I'm pretty over knowing about it and just wanna photograph it. How to do it? What do you guys think? I think we could start with, have you seen the video of chi emitting photons? Where practitioners are able to increase the amount of visible light they emit? That's cool. Something I like to think about is how does it help plants grow? You can feed plants energy and they will grow much faster. Is that you literally producing light for it in your own body like these practitioners did under tests? Surely your small boost of light is not good enough to boost a plants growth like you actually can.

There is that kirlian photographing using high voltage to map out areas of conductivity in space around the fingers. Or hand. But they don't seem to get super big pictures of more of the body? I dunno. Maybe you guys have more information on the latest things photographed by kirlian.

Plus kirlian is kind of idk. It's not like you can conclude too much on it.

The only thing I seem to want the tests to show is that your influence is there. Specifically influence between two people. And the ability of telepathy. Or reading and seeing in sensations insanely far distances like around the world in an instant. The concept of telepathy changes 99% of the way you think about yourself and others. If its proved and very proved then overnight the world shifts. And I'm talking about the usa shifting most xD So many ideas come to mind for what it then means that everyone is telepathic. So much responsibility we are pushed to take.

So telepathy right. Energies right. For example earlier today my friend projected to me and he was clearly a ghost attached to my back. and coming in from the top. I tried to photograph him knowing it wouldn't work. But he was clearly there. The correct equipment could have picked his presence up in the environment easily. That's the whole thread. What is your idea of equipment that would work? I have many more ideas.