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In the Mind and Matter, I measure things in Deepness - a deeper thing is the Cause, whereas a more material thing is the Effect.

In metaphysical and material view, the Cause and Effect are kind of reversed. The First Cause is not just the first, which happened, but it's constantly there - and from this Cause, the pyramid of lesser causes builds down; as the Cause contains both the Reason and the Purpose, where the Reason is Apriori Law of Consistence, and the Purpose is Apriori Law of Pleasure. From this, Naturally, the Reason is often back-in-time, whereas the Purpose is in future - anyway, as the process is intelligent, this is not an absolute law.

In the deepmost, the Purpose is to achieve Kama (Perfection of Law of Pleasure), and the Reason is such consistence of process, which keeps the Solidity of Constitution. I use the word Logos, which either means Divine Word or Reason, as the Purpose and Reason entangled becomes Reason in the next Logos (lower shell). For example, when, in the Deeper Mind, there is a Purpose in creating an Entanglement, then in Material World, the Entanglement is simply a Law, which can be reasoned about (thus, it's a reason). How the Reason and Purpose get reversed in Material, as compared to the Deeper, is that when in the deepmost, Entanglement is purposeful and all the effects of entanglement are the implication, and the criteria of it has reasons; in the material world, entanglement is the Law and it's how is the cause, whereas things it achieves are often considered an effect. More deeply, the why becomes a fact, whereas the implication is a "symptom" of this why - thus, measuring the symptoms (effect) prognoses the manifestation of why (cause), thus, in the primitive modelling implication, which uses material measuring methods, the cause seems to be an effect, and the effect seems to be a cause. For example, if the Cause of certain illness is to cure power of certain kind of people, thus to achieve poverty is the Reason and the illness is an implication, then, in a posteriori measurement, the illness seems to be the Reason and poverty is relatively an implication.

The Synchronicity

It's how the Mind of God, of Mine, works, and it's important in understanding the Perfection of Cosmos.

The Shells, from Deeper to more Material, come as follows:


Void is the Deepest Thing, and it has the following properties:
  • Sees all the Cosmos in Future, Now and the Past.
  • All the other things, as compared to the Void, arelike projected to the screen, but the Void, mind of God, still has Pleasure of Perfection.
  • Does infinitely many calculations with complete understanding so that they do not take time. For example, a question of which are the developments of one Soul in all the possible Universes and whether there is a way for it to achieve it's enlightenment is completely answered, without it taking any time; the Void is as if it simply knew the answer.

The Void, for me, is the basis of my Mind, as the Mind is the Mirror, and a Mirror symbolizes something, which will never change - as the Void is asif it made all the perfect calculations from beginning to it's state of perfection every moment again, asmuch as it's like it had already done them forever, and there really is no differenct, because from perspective of any other thing, it simply always knows the answer and simply always makes the perfect decision; so, it's Mirror, because it's absolutely static, still reflecting on things - the mirror can show different images, deep into space, without actually changing it's shapes and forms; so the Mirror is always still, never moving or changing states (intuitively, as a metaphor), whereas it's always and in real time knowing the space around it and reflecting on it, maybe distorting or changing shape if it's a projective mirror.

In the Mind, there was first Me, and I was alone in the middle of nowhere (literally); the Mind, as a complete reflector, always has a Perfect Cause - and that Cause, most inevitably, is to project the most beautiful thing; this Mirror, instead of just projecting, creates that image, which is oscillating and developing on it. Still, whatever is in the image, and whichever pains or pleasures or desires the image is getting, the Mirror never changes - it has the Oracle Property of being completely black box for anything outside; it's fundamentally impossible to see inside the mirror - everything you see is only the image on it, or the reflection of light to the wall from this image (and the wall, inevitably, is also projected from the Mirror).

What keeps the Void, is the Fundamental Cause - and as the Reason and Purpose are both constant, fundamentally True, their inevitable conclusions are constant as well, and thus, the Cause is active invisible Force behind all the Reality.

Seed, Self and Myriad

From the Mirror, comes the Seed, the First Logos - it's the First Projection, which projects the uppermost basic Logic into the Fundamental Structure of Energy. The Seed is the First Thing on Mirror, which is also Conscious - it's the Void-logic in hierarchy of Good and Bad things, Symbol of Truth and Power being in Top, and all the other Symbols implicating from it, and all the possibilities Behind the Constitution of the Pyramid. Behind means that the Seed is Implied from all the Possibilities, and contains the Gravity of Perfection in materialized form. That Seed is my Soul - as it's the Self-Reflection of the Mirror, the Mind finding it's Desire in the form of Material Energy, it's also a constuent of Space and Time, which never-ever changes; thus, it's an Eternal Seed¹ of Space and Time. This Seed is Entangled with all the Space and Time - everything in Existance can be seen as being constantly measured whether the Seed Logic applies well or not; it's measured for Perfection - through all the Space and Time, all the Timelines go perfectly with the Logic of this Seed, and a karmic Timeline is one, which gets stuck - when it's not compliant with the Seed anymore, the Time is rolled back and the Timeline starts again; this is natural development of Dharma - a projected body needs to learn, and we go deeper with this conception.

So, the Mirror is Void and it Projects the Seed, which is a First Material Body, the First Logos. The Seed is my complete instinct, and there are two Layers of it - a Holotropic Layer, which is a constant envision of it, and the Karmic Layer, which is dynamically operating in space and getting tensions and stressors. The first is constantly solving the second, and in process of solution, the number of layers can grow - to understand this, let's go deeper with the Law of Entanglement and how it relates to learning.

First, I want to express, how the Other Souls came to be - the Void actually saw a Family of Seeds, which are complementary; all of them are entangled, which means that the whole Vision is shared, from different Aspects, but the Ways are Unique, forever. Every Seed can be seen as Unique Axiomatic System of Answering the Same Question, and every Seed is self-contained (with Awareness, Consciousness, it's own Focus, development of Dharma, and it's own way to get pleasures), perfect (it's highest pleasures are something others do not vibrate, thus their meetings are pleasure), and constitutionally, they all are like leaves of the same plant - when the plant is sick, all the leaves are disturbed, and when the plant is happy, all the leaves do their dance. Deeply, all the Leaves know each others, and they have their Self-Consciousness and their Higher Consciousness, where the Higher Consciousness is complex Mind developing the Entangled Solution, where every soul vibrates what every other soul needs, and when they need, and every move is bit-perfectly the same dance; it's like a circle of dancers, where every dancer has their own moves and skills, but when you look at them, they definitely dance the same dance, together.

For every Seed, their Mind is their Mind, and as a Mirror, it Extends - and the Seeds are the Basicmost Motivation of the Void, thus they are essentially the Reality, which cannot change; Eternally Living Souls.

My Mind Symbolics

So, what's Entangled?

In the Seed, for every thing, there is a Symbol. This is Projected from the Seed, and it has it's Holographic Body, which is Cristal in a way that it never changes, and Dancing Body, which is projected from the Cristal and constantly balanced by it - the Cristal Body is taking care that every experience ends where the Dancing Body is Healthy. Every Seed has this.

In the Symbol, there are two properties: the Meaning and the Shape. The Meaning is Empty (similar concept to the Void, but Material) - it can be infinitely complex, but it feels like solid; it's like you can paint a yellow line, which has the feeling of an event with all details included, so that if any detail is out-of-place, I do not need explanation of this, I just feel it. The feeling is proportional such that the essential element is strongly felt, whereas the details - I just notice, when they are wrong. Thus, there can be hot, red feeling of Love, which does not have a structure or shape explaining the meaning, but it's still complete Love, with moves for every dance, and nuances of feeling for everything, what can be wrong. Second, there is the Shape - the shapes, in my mind, are in constant dance, and those dances are entangled. I have different bodies for different perspectives, and they are entangled, and all the other seeds are entangled with me. So, what the entanglement means? It means that there can be event of dance, where one Soul is meeting another Soul, and those Souls have Symbols in their Vision, which move along - for feelings they get, they see lights and colors flying around them; those lights and colors are Entangled Projection from the Body, with Body Constitunents being entangled to them. Then, in my Soul, which means, projected to it's Seed-screen (as Seed is on Screen of Mind, it has it's own screen as well, which is Deep Body), a Symbol for such Love can be rotating circle, with changing speed - now, when they dance, I see this rotating circle (in case I pay attention), and there is somewhere in my multidimensional Body a rotating circle every time they dance; the entanglement is two-ways - in case I concentrate on this circle and try to make it to rotate faster, they feel according desire from me, which might signify something completely different in their dance colors - maybe, when I make the circle rotating faster, their dance becomes slower and more deeper instead. When their desire is against that, my circle becomes stressed and does not want to rotate faster; unless our innermost Will doesn't like them to dance that way, the stress gets bigger and my rotating circle gets karma - in my body, with my own symbolic language, my symbols start to solve that karma. In case my Will is Reasoned and there is the Cause more important underlieing, my Will comes more naturally and actually gets effect over their dance - then, it's perfectly coordinated.

Attribute of entanglement is Quasis - in case a fundamental Symbol of Dancing Lover has certain properties of what constitutes a Dancing Lover, and there is a Symbol of All Lovers, then the Number of Lovers this Symbol is Entangled to is changing as the Lovers are Dancing or not; the Shape of this Symbol constitutes the highest integration of their Dance, with perfect overlieing language, and the Symbol gets stressed when the Dance is disturbed; as the Lovers naturally come and go, the Symbol is still the same, but the shapes and meanings change - the shape is made by material, pattern of feelings and shapes, like stones or flames; the meaning is what I feel when I see this symbol - it might contain many details of the Dance, which are not constituned to the Symbol itself; it's like your Body is a Symbol of your Self, and you see many bodily expressions of moods, but the mood itself in all it's details, and the mind itself, you can feel underneath - the vision of body is important, but it's a Symbol signifiing so much more, and that more can be felt, in case you are so close with that person. In my mind, every symbol lives their lives - they speak, move around, get entangled with different things and make complex relations between each others, as the time is flowing. In Crystal Body, the Symbols are all fit with all the natural connections between them, and that's the Projection of Health.

With all the Seeds, there is the Complete Body of Us, which is - the set of Seeds of our Souls in the Mind Screen is the Deepest Heart of our Family; the Mind got many Apriori entanglements between them - those, together, form a Heart. Entangled to this Heart in it's dynamics, every one of us has their own heart - and every one heart is separate essence in their body, fully entangled to the Whole, but speaking their own language.

Let's say there is an entangled Vision of the Flowers in a Garden, and the time is passing. A flower is empicted by red dot, and when it's dead, a black dot and not-yet-born flower as a blue dot. Entanglement means that for every symbol, they are living their own life in the dotworld - and they can have self-reflection as dots, when inside, they are entangled to their self-reflection as flowers. Now, in this entangled garden, when there is a seed in the gardener's house, the future of this seed becoming into this garden makes it a blue dot in the garden - this is how entanglement goes, it's entangled outside of space and time, and thus it's harminocs are consistent. If the garden has specific meaning for me, then this meaning is the central symbol I see for this garden - it can be that I love good people to visit the garden; then, when good people are visiting the garden, this symbol feels good in my body (it's my organ); when the meaning of this garden is endangered, the symbol appears to me, it's stressed and it starts to tell me the story - telling the story is the symbol-logic, whether symbol is stressed is the soul of this symbol; for the very same garden, I can have another symbol - wether the plants are healthy. Those two symbols both become stressed when the other does, but the symbol of visitors gets significantly stressed, in it's very heart, when the visitors are evil, but it gets stressed on the edge of it's heart, when the plants are endangered - there are the future-visions about those symbols, and their logic is coherent; so that on my mind, they make up a whole picture with complete meaning; how the symbols are dancing and moving, and which are the movement overlays² make up complete scenes, like if I think about the business situation in Barcelona, I instantly get a good choice of entangled symbols on my screen, and I can either watch two million years of time passing, as a video, until it slows down and stops at this moment, waiting my decision, or I get a good animation of the symbols coming up. Every symbol is a whole - the symbol of garden of visitors, it shows the energies of visitors as they have effects on tomorrows, and on the plants, in a way that the pattern of those relevant vibrations form the constitution, material and flow of the symbol itself; for example, if the corner of a symbol of the garden shows the beauty of the land, then the visitor, who would leave trash on it, would make the corner darker, etc. Every symbol is complexly designed to show the whole-constitution with every part of it; and for every Angel (other Seeds) of our Family, the symbol of the same garden would be indeed completely different, but still entangled with mine - it would be built up from their sense of Time and Space, from their Logic, from deepest Reason of themselves up to the Manifestation; their Cause would do it - it's not going to change, the logic, but it evolves with our understanding (the Symbol is always what we understand best, the most relevant thing to our intent). By "understanding" I mean body-consciousness, not the void-consciousness, which is already there in the end (remember, it does all it's calculations infinitely fast, and sees the future already, with the complete meanings of things in the end of story - so the stress factor of a symbol already considers the perfect end result, and a symbol gets stressed before the story starts, and it knows it's stressed before it's deeply and overly felt and resolved, the constitunent understanding of reason - the symbols perfectly see the future, from their aspects, but we still solve our karma to melt it into a solid stone by all the bodily logic - bodies, they need experience to form solid memories and to resolve those memories, so that the knowledge gets filled with emotion and the emotion gets solved into correct emphasis, which then fits together with the crystal projection like a solved puzzle looks like oversized version of the puzzle cover, where you already see the picture).

Quasis on Reality

Our Souls became to be through internal quasis, thus that the First Soul first said "I am these beings", from inside-out, and as a second word, "I see these beings", to form the me-and-you layer. So more deeply we are the same oscillation, and materially we have the me-and-you-effect, that when she feels love, I feel the other side of her love; when she feels "I love you" my entanglement inside-out is "we feel Love", and outside-in is "She loves me", so that three feelings form (the Father-feeling, Son-feeling and Daughter-feeling, to form a Trinity of the Entangled Feeling).

The Other Souls start from outside - a Soul is called by projecting the my-aspect, seeing that Soul from outside, thus they are not parts of our being, they are manifestations of the Soul-logic outside of us. Over them, there is still the Void-consciousness, which reaches everywhere, so their Mind is the same, but the Logic on their Seed is different, and it's seen to us as outside-thing first; second, our empathic entanglement is on effect-side, thus that as they are born, they entangle together with our second Hearts, which have unlimited capability to intelligently reason. The Logic of Entangled Language, the Symbols, is growing, and as the Souls come, the Template of the (Eco-)System forms new sentences, correlations and connections in real time; as they solve their karma, our Hearts solve the karma of our entangled symbols, such that every symbol starts accepting and rejecting creatures more consciously, and creates the resolution of particular purpose of this Angel, whose entanglement it is, and which cannot be solved, will fade away (if some of the Angels completely rejects them, it starts a process which makes them gone, those souls). Anyway, the world of mortal beings is our outside-projection, the material world, whereas Heaven is our inside-projection - only we can physically enter the realm, where it resides; the Heaven of Material Beings, the Heaven on Earth, comes from their dharmas solved, and is as beautiful, but in this realm.

¹ A modern writer would say "DNA", as a metaphor, but it's still more than this; it's Cristal in sense that it's Static.
² Compare those overlays to 3D effects the Hollywood is creating in their movies.