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October 27, 2015, 01:45:15 PM
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Few years ago I have written about the occult experience being more worth than becoming a walking encyclopedia of Magick, I think the time is now right to actually say why.

In the first article of the series I have mentioned some basic outline why you should practice more and read less. In the second part I have given you an outline what your typical day can look like with Magick. The reason for that was to get you excited, to make you want to practice and experience all I have written about, but there was also one another reason I will mention at the end of this article.

Book-worming should be banned
I thin this opinion of mine was very apparent from the very beginning. I do not say that knowledge is bad, all I say that not all knowledge is good, or even correct. You could have read thousands of books about Magick and you would still probably agree with this: Most occult books do not contain any practical information in sense of every day life. Sure, you will get tons of different hierarchies, correspondences, folklore habits AND philosophical theses about Magick, hermeticism, etc. But you will be very lucky if you find anything practical. There are still people who never heard of F. Bardon's IIH, P.J.Caroll's Liber Null or at least my Magickal Curriculum. During your study and especially your beginnings you will rather hear about archetypes and quantum theory than about works mentioned above. Every author, whether good or bad, tries to explain Magick somehow, modern authors unfortunately focus on psychology and quantum physics models, messing with your heads in the process. Oddly enough, those are often people knowing neither psychology, nor physics, using their limited knowledge to pollute Magick with pseudo-scientific labels and turning it into laughable matter. And the result? You will buy some crystals but you actually still have no idea how to alter the reality, how to manifest your desires and make this life a little more bearable. Occult literature is seriously polluted and picking those few gems is very hard.

Don't be mistaken, my books aren't the jewels, either, they are more like the upper version of all that garbage you can find lying around in esoteric bookshops. But at least I don't claim that crystals can cure cancer and being positive is all you have to do when you lose your job and your family, because it is your "test". Sorry for taking a bit darker turn, I promise the rest will be better.

Second part of this series has shown an "ideal" day, something you should strive for. Whether it was the coffee temperature altering, making rain to stop or using telepathy to hit on that girl you met in public transport, it was there for a reason. I wanted to tell you that this is possible and this is something you can do. If only I could show it to all of you, personally present what I have written about it. Unfortunately most of us will never meet personally and frankly even if we did, my experience usually is that people have doubts even when shown the "impossible". Personal experience is really better in this case than thousand demonstrations.

Another important aspect is the training. By manipulating smaller and less serious events in your life, you train for the bigger and more serious events. You gain experience, confidence and also evidence that this stuff works. Even first step in IIH has a lot of practical applications if you think about it. You can get your first proof in the time frame of 6 weeks tops, if you are ultra greedy and you want results asap, you can pick up Frater U.D.'s Practical Sigil Magick or my Liber Azag: Book of Sigils and start right away, building your way up from more probable and less exciting stuff up to the less probable, way more exciting changes that will turn your life upside down and once and for all prove to you that this is real and awesome.

Becoming The Magician
Now comes the part where I eplain the hidden reason for this series. It certainly is nice to have an evidence from your practice, but there is one even bigger reason why you should use Magick and micromanage your life on daily basis and even the most authentic and ancient book in the world won't give you that. It is the thought process that is completely different from anything you have ever experienced.

People living their mundane lives and hoping to do some ritual during the weekend aren't really Magicians, they are more like occult tourists. I am not trying to insult anyone so please stay with me on this one. A real Magician lives and breathes Magick, every of his thoughts is solely in the occult realm and even the most mundane thing he/she entertains, is taken a look on from a very special perspective and even the most mundane act is the act of Magick.

True enough, my experience with this frame of thinking is still pretty limited and I still have my mundane days, a lot of them. But it is that one ideal state I want to reach one day, and I will reach it as my hard head doesn't allow any other outcome.

It wasn't my intention to insult but anyone has a right to get insulted. I just hope that at least one of you do understand what I was trying to say. That at least one person agrees with what I have just said and keeps the same view as I do.

For the rest of you, you certainly have a freedom for your opinion and you also have a freedom to express it, so I am going to say it right here. I will be very picky in what type of conversations I will appear, as I have been tired of debating the same philosophical arguments over and over again with no end. Yet don't let that to put you down, feel free to express your ideas freely, just don't be mad at me for not responding. I promise I will try to fight myself and be reasonable about responding.