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July 20, 2015, 05:08:57 PM
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She spent many years in contemplation and meditation giving up first her possessions, nothing but a room to live in and the clothes on her back, living a simple life. Acquiring food through exchange of working the lands, gathering water, and taking care of children when the parents were away. The village was fond of this young maiden, true and noble in spirit and graceful in work and never batting an eye at the young men nor paying heed to the lusts of older folk. She just kept her mind at ease with work. She not only studied the scriptures of great sages but now lived a harmonious life among her people, but she felt she was missing something. As the years passed the hole in her being was still not filled by community service in a village still stuck in the old ways of woman at home or long days on the fields and men off to war and ruffians and lustful youth running rampant. She wanted to see loving change, the only desire that she had left, but she was disheartened by the inequality and tyranny of law and bandits. So she sought refuge. The elderly and young ones she helped and reared were sad but knew her heart was guiding her somewhere else. She said her goodbyes with nothing but a satchel on her back with basic food and a walking stick.
As years passed as a wandering seeker she finally happened upon a temple of enlightened masters raised in the tradition of the ancient sages. The temple was magnificent in feeling but simple in design and far from what she was used to and heard about in the stories, the monks graciously accepted her into the fold. By no means was it easy – from sun rise until sunset she worked the fields and gathered water as any new monk seeking refuge had to do before the ancient teachings were transmitted. Through the sweat and heartache of missing her village she kept on. Never complaining, she dealt with her emotions through private meditations and seeking comfort in the scriptures the elder monks passed on to her. As the years passed she was initiated into the higher arts and ways of the monks, learning much, gaining new insights while shedding old skin. She was becoming wise beyond her years. Already living a wandering life before her stay at the temple she got permission from the abbot of the temple and endured a three year solitary meditation with nothing but her prayer beads, a handful of herbs a day, minimal water, reciting chant after chant and meditating day in and day out. She got sickly thin and it came time to end her three year solitary retreat, but as she stood up she had a vision – a great light emerged from all around, a burning sensation overtook her entire being and everything was pure gold and white and colors indescribable in common understanding. She reached a state of bliss, of pure awareness.
She returned down the mountain and made vows to forever serve the people of the world, never gaining entrance into the absolution until all beings in all realms were set free of their suffering. She returned to her village after more than two decades of monastic living and, as if she never left, continued to earn her food working the lands and rearing children, only now she was complete within her being. Many years passed and she finally decided to leave the physical realm, saying her goodbyes and wiping the tears of the now adults she raised since the womb. She left her body, watching kindly and giving blessings to her village through the years, watching generation after generation of villagers be born, live, and die, and the cycle continued. But as all good stories have an antagonist, the modern world emerged and slowly but surely started destroying the lands and the practices of the old ways were destroyed. As each new successive generation was brought into the world more and more modernized, they slowly began losing faith in the great spirit of the village. Being wise in her eternal mystery she realized that she could do better to help the people of the world as an incarnate human, so she was reborn into a beautiful new baby in the modern world in a foreign country...
She was born into a loving family, not religious but well educated and learned in the ancient cultures and their beliefs and practices of the old ways. She was taught from an early age the history of religion, the practices of culture, and the science of success. She was always a loving little girl and grew to be a great academician earning degrees in science and anthropology, but along the way she forgot who she was, what she came here to do, and lost her connection to her enlightened spirit. She became lost in technology, minor lusts, and seeking to always achieve, becoming a dominating voice in the business world. She was the top of the food chain. Although kind and loving by her very nature she understood the balance between kindness and cut throat business. She knew that to thrive in the modern world, to take care of her self, her family, and the charities that made her business look good, she had to tune down her compassionate nature to land the deals to profit her company and desires.
Her heart could not take it when she realized who she had become. From a gentle little girl full of compassion and kindness for all who she came across to a CEO only after the next big deal, she broke down. Classic tragedy, she began heavily drinking, going to late night parties and partaking in mind altering substances, but because of her last lifetime of kindness, mercy was bestowed upon her and she had a vision while staring deeply into the night sky after a heavy night of drinking and hallucinogenics. She saw a light fall from the sky bursting into billions smaller lights, each exploding into millions of more lights, until she was in a complete daze of brilliant lights and warmth. She felt a calm ecstasy course through her body and being, and found herself, somehow, waking up feeling refreshed and revitalized in her bed the next morning. She just laid in bed staring at the ceiling with a gentle smile and glowing in her heart. It is all an illusion she realized, the old ways were never destroyed, just lost, her compassion was never relinquished just hidden, so she returned to her office and made a public announcement – all money that the she had accumulated over the years through her business was to be given in equal parts to the most devastated countries in the world, although not much in the bigger picture, she knew deep down she had done the right thing. She stepped down from CEO and closed the doors of her company, helping her employees find solace in the loss of the company by giving them referrals to the best jobs from the best companies alliances she had forged over the years. She had left no stone unturned, after all she was very intelligent and resourceful.
After her resignation she took a trip across the world and found herself in a beaten down village. She felt safe, something familiar came over her. As she was walking she saw a weathered old statue of a female sage with a baby in one hand playing with a rosary and a flower in the other. As she got closer to the statue she noticed an elderly man with no hair and a monks robe praying to the statue. As she approached, as if the elderly man felt her coming, gently stopped reciting his prayers and turned half around and smiled. She stood next to the elderly man and asked what the statue represented, he told her she was an old sage from the distant past, that she gave up all possessions at a young age and helped raise the children and till the land for food, water and shelter, that she traveled to the nearest monastery, hundreds of miles away on foot, and sought a sages life, returning years later not as a nun nor a savior, but to return to her village and give back what she felt they had given her – love. Looking away from the man, the stature came alive in brilliant colors, the baby began to move the beads of the rosary, each bead sparking and giving off emanations of wisdom, the flower smelled of the sweetest aroma, and the statue smiled back and from her heart emerged and emerald-gold light as she spoke, “You have returned,” leaving the resigned business woman speechless with a smile and tears of joy. Home was all she thought, and her spirit surged once again with all the light and wisdom of ages past and her compassionate drive to heal humanity returned.


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