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January 15, 2015, 02:42:55 PM
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Our deepest connection is to ourselves and our archetypal or divine masks we may believe in. Our energy must extend to something; people are too familiar and the void is too abstract so an archetypal mask helps formulate our base emotions and mental chatter into an internal generator of drive and well-being. When we connect our archetypal masks we create a bond with our internal and external energies to an ancient truth that spans eternity.

Deities are not here to serve us and we are not here to serve them. We do not call upon spirits or deities and they do not call upon us. To communicate properly (intimately and honestly) we place ourselves in their existence; we do not open gateways nor travel unneeded epochs, but become aware of our presence with theirs. Because we feel called to communicate we are not being invasive but are acting as a welcomed guest in our psychonautic travels. This is the same way psychic connections work with people and animals.


Connections are a blessing and a curse. When we are linked to others we either both benefit, one benefits, or neither benefit, creating a manic and unhealthy co-dependency. These links also cause trouble of who and what you desire in your life. For example, you may have an amazing friend that you love having around and want to attract more of them into your life, but with that friends attraction to others you are also bringing forth those connections as well, whether they are animals, people or emotions.

If you do not enjoy the company of these others rifts, tears and walls are manifested in your life, such as sickness due to stress, emotional outbursts, and jealousy issues creating drama and in-fighting. Because some of us have moral standards and magical ethics we do not sever the ties between our loved ones and theirs, because we respect our loved ones and their decisions.

To help the ride of life and its connections along we learn to disengage and cut our links (clear/banish) so, at least we, are clean of outside influence. We are neither loved nor hated, attracted or repulsed, but in a state of being, of constant personal choice.

For those of us that crave or in some way need such a connection but do not want the human fallacy of certain emotions and mental constructs we connect to deities or concepts of a powerful or abstract nature. Only when other humans and beings connect to the beings and concepts we choose to link to are we existing at a similar frequency, at a similar mental and emotional state of presence and action. When these abstract connections are created and attuned with others we then have a bond and not a binding; a bond is a deep spiritual connection beyond our finite control, a bind is a shackling of one persons desire for another (or others creating a co-dependency or other unhealthy connection.
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