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June 17, 2014, 12:58:13 AM
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So I've been practicing Xingyi for quite some time, a family style called "Wuji Style". Anyway, I have some questions about how Jing is changed to Qi, Qi is changed to Shen, then Shen to Wuji. From my understanding the Jing will naturally change to Qi from practice, though how does Qi change to Shen? And Shen to Wuji? My Sifu told me that Wuji is the ultimate goal of this style of Xingyi, it's what we achieve during meditation and is the goal of doing so during normal day life. I was told that Wuji is understanding of the Dao, though when I asked the other questions about how to transmute the energy, I was told that it happens through practice. I'm still practicing everyday, though I know that Xingi originates from Daoism. How was this done traditionally?

June 17, 2014, 01:12:14 PM
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With practice.

I learned authentic Muay Thai when I was little and even though I moved away from my instructor I still practice and recently I'm applying the principles of Yi-Quan to my practice to alter it from a Wai-Jia (external style) to a Nei-Jia (internal style).  

Jing as in vitality is analogous to the concept of Form, you learn the forms then you deliberately practice them until you can perform them properly.

Qi is analogous to Breath, you co-ordinate your breathing with the forms and try to experience them and understanding their meaning and uses.

Shen (I haven't gotten to this point in MY practice so take my words with a grain of salt) is where you've internalized the forms. You formulate your intent to carry out a form and you just Do.

Wuji is the point where not only have you internalized the forms in both meaning and application, but you've integrated them completely into yourself so there is no Martial Artist or Martial Art. There's nothing. Your strikes will come from nothing and return to nothing. No thought, no intent, no action. True spontaneity, which is a major attainment in Philosophical Daoism.

Granted the martial path isn't the only way, the alchemical transmutations of the energies is equally viable and not mutually exclusive. My Neigong practice is far from adequate so I'll leave Kouji or Mystic to speak on that since I highly respect their experience in those matters.
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Weigh it mentally in meditation over long periods of time and devote a lot of aid to progression in the state at which you can trancend the equation of your own final thought.

It can be changed over as fast as you believe it can.
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