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May 17, 2014, 04:07:08 AM
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1) What are your views on the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender) community/lifestyle and how, if it all, does it affect spiritual progress and magical ability?

The lifestyle's great. The community has issues. The community within the larger community has larger issues.

And I don't think that it affects spiritual progress and magical ability any more or less than heterosexuality. In some traditions, such as that of the bissu in Sumatra, Indonesia, transcending genders are part of their cosmology. I think Alchemy incorporates a lot of gendering in the symbolism, too. It depends on the system or tradition.

2) Do all people inherently carry the ability to do magic or are only certain people able to be a witch or mage?

Everyone has the potential, but not everyone has the inclination, interest, time, opportunity... whereas a precious few don't have a choice about it developing. It depends on the individual, circumstances surrounding the individual... it just depends.

3) Can every human being become enlightened or is it based on karma and only a few people in a life time able to become fully realized beings?

I'm inclined to say that it's karma. That doesn't mean that everyone should just give up on aligning their will with enlightenment, because that's karma too. Karma isn't competing on the same level of choice or free will. It's trascended it, and choice/will is an integral part.

I also don't believe that this can be measured as in statistics, "So-and-so percent of people have so-and-so measure of karma and are at so-and-so stage of enlightenment". Enlightenment is at once too individual, personal, contextual, and too broad and expansive an idea to apply.

4) Do psychoactive drugs and/or alcohol get in the way of spiritual/magical practice or enhance it?

That depends on the drug, depends on the alcohol, depends on the body, depends on the individual, depends on the tradition...

Depends on the alignment, dynamic, relations between physical and spiritual.

5) Are Modern Mystery Traditions important to be recognized as a true Adept, are they just money making schemes with magical knowledge, or are the true Traditions only found in obscure areas because they hold very powerful secrets of the universe and its cosmogony and how to interact with it?

Depends on the seeker.

6) Are psions/psychokinetics the same as mages only without the tools and ritual trappings, or different altogether?

Depends on the practitioner. I can mesh them, or used to be able to; other psions couldn't or refused to. That's fine, I had my practice and they had theirs, I just agreed to closet the mage part to a psion who would be hostile to the idea. I was less careful about closeting the psionic part to mages.

And eventually, I outgrew both.

7) Where does morality and ethics come into play with metaphysical practice?

When it affects other people or a community of otherpeople who object, and/or disturbs the practitioner's own conscience.