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May 04, 2014, 12:28:03 PM
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'Our Broken Us Part II: Crying Forever'

I bleed with this cursed heart.
My own hatred tore us apart.
I was damned by a sickened part,
a blackened vein,
and was in pain.

I cry with this light-touched soul.
Beyond a core,
it leaves me sore,
when I cry because I look at how it used to be before.

These unblackenable wings allow me to soar as I see the darkness within me roar.
I guess I'm going to be crying a lot in the future, crying forever as the transience of this living world comes to pass in each phase that brings new questions,
and a new way of life,
thought to raise.

*I cry with a smile on my face. If only you could. If only-! You could have my love to taste.***...
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