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May 04, 2014, 12:17:53 PM
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'Our Broken Us'

I dedicate these words to anyone who's heart can be found to contain love for me. I love you back. I promise. Even if you can't see it.

I dedicate these sorrow-filled words, slightly tinged with regret to those I love. I cherish the bond I feel, even if you can't see it and the burden is on me alone. Such a one-sided existence. I'm so sorry for killing the link between us in fits of hate and disturbia. I'm too cold now to reach out and share the warmth between us. But I love us, and our eternal memory. Let this winged heart represent this, and fly into the abyss; forever, carried on to glide with no end by the currents of time.

I will cry for us and carry our light into eternity and warm the sun. Even if of our memory I hold the only one. Reborn the stars from our ashes to rise again. Eternal phoenix-cycle masters in slaves. And the neon-lights and love fill us like raves.

Forevermore will the lust of you crave inside my brain, and my soul. Yet I'm crying. The tears run down my figure as I carry no hole. Fulfilled by our meeting. I still warmly remember our first honest greeting.

I cherish this, and please, ride on my wings.
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