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May 01, 2014, 02:59:33 PM
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Has any body here been part of the O.T.O or have been? If so, what are your views and experiences within the group?

I visited a local chapter and found that they are structured very similar to Scientology (more evidence Crowley and Hubbard really did work together... they each have their stories). The Treasurer makes you feel welcome and everybody (most of them) are quite nice and welcoming, but there is still an ominous feeling of selling a product (Thelema, for instance) more so than anything else. Also, more monetary output per initiation and the higher, or more 'adept', you get the more responsibility you have to serve the Order... which means money in their pocket toward their goals... and yours... if you are ordained high enough.

It was a one day thing, but from my prior experience with other similar organizations and people (Scientology, Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong), it feels awfully cult like, and not in a good way (pay money for magical attainment and be offered a place of prestige or enlightment in this lifetime when you have sold your soul to the external entity of the organization). I think they really do mean well and I might just have distaste for external authoritative bodies, but when people want your money for your spiritual attainment... it's questionable at best and soul shattering at worst.

As a pretty strict solitary practitioner for several years, a group dynamic seems nice at the moment... but I want a community, not another monthly bill. Sorry for the rant, just thought I would give an update on another organization I have looked into that offers the same responsibilities and promises in different languages... spiritual freedom for money and/or eternal obedience to the Order/founder.
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