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March 29, 2014, 11:06:51 PM
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Cold Man (Try)

Crying heart.
Feelings to pierce me like a dart,
and crack my icy shell,
Travel with intentions unspoken,
Passing by minds seen unopen.

Secrets I will never tell.
In this battle I'll have never fell.
Curse me in a wishing well.
Times are changing, our blood is staining.

This green grass could almost be hell.
I wish I could have seen your soul to sell.
We could relive old times and connect with a failing spell.
While the darkness consumes me as you try to yell...

Yet I'll travel forwards, too far gone.
I know not where you are...
In astral prisms which reflect portals to sacred fissions
You most likely travel to in full knowledge in missions.

I hope my voice among yours one day you can again hear as an addition.
The unseen heart cracks and fades away.
In a signifying ending marking ignition.
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