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February 20, 2014, 11:58:13 PM
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I hope, I hope, I hope it hurts!

I won't deny I hope this works
I owe so much!
The debt and weight!
My access barred until I repay
All those things that I must, I say

This is not so typical, is it all, so literal, I do not know, cannot go, will not know, I AM COLD, bitter ache, can't relay, no escaping from my fate, hate the shapes and forms we own, cannot go, CANNOT GO, madness, mind me, mind you, your tongue, this is not from up above, pattern perceive me, precious power, patrolling the lonely borders around me, hands and hearts and hurts and hopes


Abstraction is a matter of fact
Fact-less, tactless, accident
Actually, you aren't in
On the outside of this world
Your breath is soothing

I am truly

Now I see you upside down, it makes so much sense, I wonder how?
Why is what you would want to be asked?
Why not ask? WHY NOT ASK?

I no longer need to know
Just teach me until my wings regrow
Let me know
Let me know
Inside I need my wings to grow
This desolate wasteland is not our home

Right side up, make it up, shake this planet to wake it up, hate this much, so much hate
I feel the boundaries and the gate
Open up, I must fly
Until god shoots me from the sky!
"...There is simply The Way, and he who follows it must know when to act and in what way to act.  Sometimes it is to the right, other times to the left.  An initiate acknowledges no difference...." Veos.