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December 23, 2013, 12:42:04 PM
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Forgemasters Void Meditation Guide:

Here are 5 easy steps to learning to meditate and induce altered states of consciousness in your mind.

one of the most important things to keep in mind about my style of meditation, it can be done whenever and wherever as long as you can keep a thought-free mind. train yourself to put your body on autopilot doing mundane tasks and use this time for meditation purposes.

1. Get comfortable. it doesnt matter where you are, or how you decide to do it, but make sure you are comfortable and can clear your mind.

2. use physical or mental association. associating your meditation with a physical or mental task will help you subconsciously induce the state of a quiet mind. my method is touching all of my fingertips together.

3. close your eyes. this helps dramatically for beginners who cant block out the physical stimuli from creating random thoughts.

4. let your mind play out its thoughts. Do not force them, but let them leave naturally. one good method of this is "watching" your thoughts slip away into a void, or empty space, in your mind. letting your mind naturally quell your thoughts rather than forcing them will not only help bring on a clear mind faster, but it will help in the future as well. one thing that can help with this is a mantra, such as repeating "clear the mind", or the classic "ohm"

5. you may start to feel weights on your body, or get a tingling sensation, this is completely normal and you should let it happen. I associate this with your mind feeling the energy in your body. at this stage, you are ready to induce altered mental states, move the energy in your body, or do any practice you have from there. Congratulations!