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June 26, 2013, 09:52:51 AM
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Just prior to having my near death experience I asked God if I could be shown the Source. A couple of days later I ended up in another attention, where reality was echoes of my internal state of being. Whatever I thought about everyone around was speaking about. I was lost in a mirror. It was quite a shock to my attention. I prayed to God that night and pledged myself to him. I found myself floating bodyless in a black void. I looked behind me and saw many points of light that travelled over me, and around me, converging to a single point in front of me. As I watched this light among darkness it came closer to me, and I to it. Just as it came directly in front of me I stopped, with fear. A voice spoke, a female, saying that it is what I wanted. My energy body then scanned the light and told me it was beautiful. my energy body jumped in on it's own accord. My awareness exploded then, into the light. It was the most intense awareness I have ever known. It was time unfolding. I saw and I understood that all things have already succeeded(life), and have already failed(death) at the same time. That every possible outcome has happened, and has not happened. It left a balance of existence, of life and of death. Complete life having accomplished all things, and complete death having non-existence of all things, were completely in balance, and together. What it made was the purest choice one could ask for, for all things are happening at all times. This explosion of awareness was in motion, and whatever I focused my attention on, and my choice on, would begin to unfold from it. This source showed me that one can harness any experience of life one wants, and all things are possible, and already are. This was the source energy of life and of death. Before I jumped in I had said that I would come back, and so I did. One of my feelings of being at the source was pointlessness of our existence, because everything was already done, and everything is folly. It became for me a controlled folly. For within this Infinity all things are occurring and possible. This leaves us our purest choice, it is a blessing from God. We can with our lives accomplish anything we can imagine, no matter how far fetched it may seem. I came to see the extremes of the two sides of the source(life and death) as working together. For in the absence of all things, is left the potential for something to be, a place for all things to manifest. In the purest form of our death is the raw potential for us to develop. The only thing that remains is not a lack of purpose, it is a choice of purpose.