Author Topic: Remembering Dreams vs. Remembering Nightmares  (Read 2491 times)

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October 16, 2012, 01:55:09 PM
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About a month ago, I took on a task to remember my dreams at night better, so as to facilitate easier lucid dreaming and eventual OBEs.  With some bumps, I definitely got better, starting to remember dreams (and then more of them) most nights, remembering more and more details. 

Yet, even though I wake up from sleep or a long nap and can fill a page (or more) on the computer about details from my dreams, they often remain hazy.  As in, I'll remember a lot of details, but I'll remember it as if it were foggy, as if I'm recalling a movie that I saw long ago about which I remember a lot, but my memory has undoubtedly gotten cloudy on.  My dreams that I remember, therefore, don't get recalled (even on waking directly up from them) as rich tapestries of sight, sound, feelings, and smells, but they seem like I'm remembering old events through the fog of time.

On the flip side, when I have the occasional nightmare (much rarer now, as I got one of those Amerindian dream catchers that work great and cut my nightmares out almost completely), I remember them in great and vivid detail.  I remember seeing vibrant colors, hearing sharp sounds, smelling things, even tasting things.  I remember more of the scene and it feels like I was really just there. 

Now, I guess this makes sense since nightmares can stick with us more as they are more traumatic (makes sense we remember seeing a murder more than seeing something more mundane).  Yet, as I am still working on dream recall, is there anything I can do to remember my dreams more clearly ?  Again, I am remembering them in greater detail than ever before, but they just seem more blurred than I'd want.  I'd like to remember the entire scene down to gritty details like I do in nightmares, without actually bringing my nightmares back (which could be traumatic enough and frequent enough to impact my whole day).  Does it just take more practice and hopefully I'll remember more and more until they became extremely vivid?  After a month (and typing out my dream memory becomes a more timely exercise as I get better at it), do people note when dream memories get clearer?  Or should I try a different tactic altogether if by recording my dreams I'm doing the best I can do on that front.

Any thoughts?

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