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Auric Emanations: Seeing Them, Interpreting Them, and Two Different Theories About Them
by Koujiryuu and Prophecy  2004 Not to be reposted without permission.

  • Essay Outline
  • Koujiryuu's Introduction
  • The Aura
  • Seeing Auras
    • a. First Method- Focusing on a Point in space
    • b. Second Method - Energizing the Ajna Chakra
  • Interpreting colours in Auras and the Chakra Connection
  • Colour Meanings
  • On Auric pairs
  • The Hermetic Aura
  • Conclusion

Koujiryuu's Introduction

Within all of us there exists the life force essence, called many names over many years. This energy pervades and maintains not only living creatures but inanimate objects as well; this is reflected and confirmed by physics. The collective study of metaphysical and psychospiritual paths, regardless of what the practicioner studies specifically, deals with this underlying, all-encompassing energy.

The energy that courses through everything in existance has properties which further manifest outside of the physical form in question, regardless of what that object is. This is generally referred to as an aura, an energetic reflection of the amount of subtle energy within an object- auras, also, have been called many names over time and varying by tradition. An aura is quite simply an emanation reflective of the energy within the physical form. Henceforth I will refer to Life Force energy as simply "energy" or "psi".

While a couple practical exercises are included in this essay, I'm attempting to employ my extensive artistic background and experience as well to expand beyond just seeing auras into the realms of interpretation and how colour affects the subconscious.

My own standpoint on auras presented here is largely analagous to the generally accepted parapsychological standpoint on auras, and the accompanying ideas that most psions employ themselves. My collegue Prophecy's piece, later in the article, approaches the aura from the standpoint of Hermetic science- a different, yet no less valid approach to the interpretation of the human aura. With that, I'll be moving on.

The Aura

While I defined in most basic terms what an aura is above, a rudimentary knowledge of the properties of auras is necessary before moving on.

So what is an aura? Beyond being an emanation reflective of the subtle energy within a physical form, an aura is a reactive response of the life force to external stimuli. The main way energy in our Universe moves and reacts is through vibration, therefore, an aura can be further defined as being an electro-photonic vibrational reaction to a set of circumstances.

While this may slightly contradict what some people believe about energy, an human aura is also partly composed of electromagnetic radiation spanning all spectrums, from microwave to infrared and ultraviolet light. This will be elaborated on later, but suffice to say there is an undeniable connection between psi and electromagnetic energy, while psi is still an entirely different and distinct force. Auras, by their very nature, also contain vast amounts of information about an object which can be ascertained through the colour(s) and shape of the aura, therefore the clairvoyant ability to percieve auras can be a very beneficial skill to cultivate.

While all things in existance possess energy, and therefore have auras, living things have much more energy and thus have a more intense auric emanation. The auras in sentient beings, especially, are generally more refined and potent than those of inanimate things. Furthermore, the auras given off by inanimate objects are static and unchanging, while the auras around plant and animal life are dynamic and vary greatly depending on the life-form and circumstance.

Seeing Auras

There exist numerous methods of percieving auras. Some work very efficiently while others are practically useless, however this may be subjective and you should try both techniques here to find the one that works the best for you.

I would recommend practicing these techniques in an area with plenty of natural light and on a small plant, tree, or shrub. Plants don't mind being stared at continually, while it's generally unnerving to most people. After gaining proficiency with viewing the auras of plants, naturally you can progress to applying your skills to actual people.

The following techniques presume that the reader is able to reach a basic transcendental meditative state easily and quickly.

a. First Method- Focusing on a Point in space

Start out by meditating until you reach a state of calm mind, with intense neural discharges on the inside of the eyelids, a buzzing in the inner ear, and a feeling of connectedness with the universe.

Look at the plant you are trying to see the aura of. Now, focus on a point in space about a foot (12 inches) behind the plant you are trying to view. Remaining calm and focused, simply gaze and meditate on this point until the objects aura becomes apparent to you of it's own accord. Do not attempt to shift your focus from the point to the actual aura as anything you were percieving will dissappear as soon as you shift your focus. Rather, attempt to view the whole aura by broadening your vision while retaining focus on the point you selected.

Many athletes develop a kind of "field sense", where they are able to see and be aware of everything happening at once while focused on what they are doing in the game. Some basketball coaches call this having good "court vision"; this is simply a broadening and extension of normal vision. This is exactly the kind of vision needed to percieve an aura using the above technique.

The actual aura is very far removed from how it is often depicted in popular culture, especially anime cartoons and videogames. While those mediums generally express it as being very bright and resplendant, like a candle flame around a person, it is most often seen as a more ghastly outline or afterimage that is usually moving or wavering. This of course depends on what you are viewing and how spiritually potent that object is. It may appear as a cloud around the plant reminiscent of a gas, or may appear as more of a diffusive glow similar to the visible heatwaves around a grill flame in the hot summer months. Auras have also generally been described as a "faint haze". A good deal of the perception lies in the individual, so in this regard auras can be a very subjective thing.

b. Second Method - Energizing the Ajna Chakra

The Ajna Chakra is more commonly known as the "Third Eye". It corresponds physiologically to the pituitary gland in the center of the brain, while the actual conceptualization of the "spinning energy wheel" corresponds roughly to the point directly between the eyebrows. The chakra is a wheel of energy spinning counterclockwise with prana (life force) at this location.

Being that this chakra controls not only auric sight but all psychic activity in the individual, including clairvoyance, stimulating it properly can enhance and promote auric vision considerably. That's the aim of this technique.

Using the same plant, close your eyes and place an index finger over the point between the eyebrows. This helps to focus the mind through the sensation of touch. Make a small circle counterclockwise on this physical area while mentally repeating "aum" in the mind. Aum is the ancient sanskrit mantra that corresponds to that chakra. Draw energy to this point and see it funneling into and activating the chakra wheel, which is spinning faster and faster- visualize it changing in colour from a dull bluish-gray to a bright, glowing indigo hue as it spins faster counterclockwise and becomes more energetically charged. Make the mental affirmation: "I will percieve the whole aura of this plant". Count down: 3, 2, 1 while picturing an eye opening in that area, and physically open your eyes and look at your plant. You should immediately notice the aura of the plant very easily now.

To "turn off" the auric sight, simply visualize an eye closing and slow the spin of the chakra until you no longer percieve auras. Obviously, if this technique works as well for you as it has for me, you may have difficulty functioning normally with this kind of perception active.

While these are the only techniques I'm providing for the sake of brevity, they of course can be combined to produce a more potent effect. Most people have a larger degree of success with one or the other- it's up to the individual's experience to decide which method works best for them.

Interpreting colours in Auras and the Chakra Connection

Auras by their very nature contain varying hues of colour. colour contains information about the nature of the lifeform in question, therefore interpreting colour is an important aspect of viewing the aura.

The visible light portion of the electromagnetic spectrum contains over 16 million specific colours. The visible spectrum is composed of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet light, in that order. The widest wavelength of light is red, and red contains the least energy; likewise the thinnest wavelength is violet, which contains the most energy.

The hindu paradigm of chakras corresponds with the visible light spectrum as well. The chakras, already touched on prior, are spinning wheels of energy that correspond largely with the glands in the body. They are also closely tied to nerve plexi. They are located at the coccyx (tailbone), gonad, adrenal, thymus, thyroid, pineal and pituitary glands, roughly. Therefore, the chakras correspond with the visible light spectrum respectively as being red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. In English, they are usually referred to as the root, spleen, plexus, heart, throat, brow, and crown centers; the sanskrit names of each of them are muladhara, svadhisthana, manipura, anahata, visshuddha, ajna, and sahasrara.

As each chakra is meditated upon and activated, starting from the root and rising to the crown, progressively deeper and deeper states of consciousness are possible, and the individual is capable of generating progressively stronger amounts of energy. As you can see, this makes perfect sense, and aligns with the inherent wavelengths and properties of the visible light spectrum as well, as the lowest chakra correlates with the widest bandwidth and lowest frequency of light while the highest chakra correlates with the thinnest bandwidth and highest frequency of light.

The generally accepted meanings behind each colours seem to be universally known and recognized by many psychics, mystics, magicians, and spiritualists; regardless, they are still subjective, and what they mean may vary greatly depending upon the person reading the aura. Therefore, in interpretting an aura yourself, it would be wise to base your interpretations upon the meanings of colours laid out below while at the same time making room for your own intuitive feelings about what that colour means to you personally.

Colours in auras can be either "clean" or "dirty", that is, bright and resplendant or washed out and muddy. Further, there are some colours that cannot be either "clean" or "dirty" by their very nature, and are one or the other; for example, brown and black are universally "dirty" colours and must always be so, while gold and pink are universally "clean" colours and likewise will almost never appear sickly.

Upon viewing an aura, the entire aura will usually be of a largely singular colour, with brief "flashes" of colour around the head area signifying a thought associated with that colour's spectrum of meaning. In this way it is possible to literally "read minds" of those around you to an extent through taking notice of what colours are flashing around them as they talk to you.

Colour Meanings

Clean: Sexual Virility, Sexual Health, Primal Energy, Potential/Untapped Energy, Spiritual Wealth
Dirty: Sexual Perversion, Materialism, Egoism, Possessiveness, Lower planes of existance
Flash: Sex or Materialistic thought

Clean: Spiritual energy, Sexual Essence, Strength, Vitality, "Fire", Resolve, Control of others in a positive manner
Dirty (more brown or dull orange): Perversion, Sickness, Lack of Introspection, Egoistic thoughts, Stagnant energy, manipulation of others.
Flash: Strength, Resolution, Exercising Power (clean) Self-Doubt, Intimidated (dirty)

Clean: Joy, Detachment, Clarity, Freedom, Contentment
Does not appear dirty

Clean: Healing, Restful, Recouperation, Spiritual Peace
Dirty: Destructive tendacies, Negative energy
Flash: Peace, Human Love, "Good" thoughts

Clean: Energy, Confidence, Calmness, Telepathy, Spirituality, Transmittance, Conduction (of energy)
Does not usually appear dirty
Flash: Energy/Telepathy. Further, electric blue is signifying of the highest refined energy possible.

Clean: Spirituality, Love, Divine Providence, Truth, Spirituality
Does not appear dirty
Flash: Truly spiritual thoughts.

Clean: True spiritual learning and practice, Divine Love, Divine Energy, Peace, Tranquility
Does not appear dirty
Does not appear as a flash, usually
If present, indicates a true spiritual teacher, and is a strong point of the aura

Clean: Spiritual Love of the highest calibur; True Love.
Does not appear dirty
Flash: Usually appears as a flash. Watch a mother with an infant's aura sometime if you get the chance; pay attention to the head area of both.

Brown or Mustard
Always appears dirty: Stagnant Energy, Negative intent, Sickness, Lack of Spirituality, Neglected Practice, Unhealth

Appears fuzzy: Death, Intoxication, Eventual Death (within 5-18 hours after the aura goes white)

Blood Red
Always appears dirty: Pain, Unhealth, Deep spiritual sickness, may also appear brownish

Appears fuzzy: Spiritual Evil
Flash: Evil thoughts, totally devoid of compassion or love and motivated entirely by self-gain

On Auric pairs and Auric amplification

Auric pairs are certain colours appearing in nature that by their very nature correspond to another, inverse paired colour. This is reflected in basic artistic colour theory that you can learn in any High School level art class, or earlier, even.

Now, for our purposes, auric pairs are interesting, because what you may percieve in an aura may not reflect that person's true aura. This is especially so if the person you are viewing is wearing clothes of a bright, singular colour. For example, if someone is wearing a bright turqoise dress, you may be prone to view a very reddish aura. Now, this brings into question: which aura am I viewing? The person's, or that of what they are currently wearing?

White is the presence of all light, while black is the absence of all light. For this reason, wearing all or mostly black will make your own aura resplendant and easily viewable by any adepts around you. Likewise, wearing all white is a sign of purity and a lack of fear for death, and this will manifest in a very strong, clear aura as well. It is your choice, but perhaps a combination of the two is most potent.

In this vein, it is possible to amplify your own aura through clothing. Simply decide on a kind of colour/energy you wish to channel, and wear the appropriate coloured shirt that is the inverse of what you are looking to transmit. For example, I personally have roughly ten shirts of varying blue hue; when I wish to transmit Gold, a spiritually loving and accepting colour, I usually wear navy or dark blue. To transmit a more yellowish hue, I would wear a more baby blue. It is that simple.

The best way to view someone's true spiritual aura is by viewing them against a white wall with their top off, or wearing a neutral shade of black, white, or grey. Remember, those are not colours proper, but rather shades.

This concludes my piece. With this, I'll hand the floor to my collegue, Prophecy.

The Hermetic Aura

Since Koujiryuu has fairly treated of the aura from the common perspective, fully enforcing it with what knowledge he has in the field, it seems only fair that I come in to present the hermetic view of the aura so as to provide the reader with a larger spectrum of views. Is either paradigm wrong in its proclamations? No; there are simply different names for the same thing, and different sides seen of the same subject. Keep this in mind and you should not find an opposition to the rest of the article in this section, but instead a complimenting theory. I shall try to describe this somewhat complicated theory as best I can, hopefully in a manner which will provide the reader who has not studied hermetic science some grasp of the concept.

Before we do anything a brief explanation of what is known as the "Elemental Key" is no doubt in order. The Elemental Key is a means of defining various characteristics and motives of a particular circumstance and event, though more importantly a means by which the attitude of a human being can be labeled in such a manner so as to understand the nature of that individual's soul and mentality at a given point in time. One may think of it as the "model" in light of scientific terminology, defined as a schematic description of a system, theory, or phenomenon that accounts for its known or inferred properties and may be used for further study of its characteristics. In context of that description the Elemental Key can be seen as a means by which we can infer the characteristics of an individual via reference to what we know about the connotative properties of the hermetic elements: fire, air, water and earth.

Let it be known to the reader that when I speak of elements in the magical context, I am often not referring by any means to the physical presence to which the words are attached. Therein, while the hermetic view of fire and the properties of physical fire may have a few similarities, the term "fire" itself still only serves as a description of a higher matrix composed of units of ascribed thoughts, inherent personas and the consequent ethereal energy by which means the matrix is held together completely in the mental sphere. The grossly manifested emotions and characteristics which shall be dealt with shortly are not but emanations of the higher energy which the word itself refers to.

Now that the appropriate preliminary theory has been discussed, we can move to the bulk of this section. In correspondence to each of the elements is a template of ascribed characteristics which hermetic magicians call "tempers," though can easily be recognized as simply moods and given states of mind. These tempers, along with their elemental counterparts which are the source of their creation, are as follows:

Fire - The Choleric Temper
Positive: Energetic, strength, creative, valor, loyalty, motion, perceptive, activity, enthusiasm, eagerness, resolution, productivity.

Negative: Sporadic, breakative, irritable, destructive, intemperance, anger, caught in illusions, gluttony, jealousy, passion, intemperance.

Air - The Sanguine Temper
Positive: Adaptability, clearness, kindness, intellectual, piercing, perceptive, inventive, diligence, joy, adroitness, lack of grief, cheerfulness, optimism, eagerness, independence, familiarity.

Negative: Gossiper, thief, dishonest, contemptible, fearful, lacking of stability, rude, airheaded, unemotional, continual feeling of being affronted, contempt, lack of endurance, slyness, garrulousness.

Water - The Melancholic Temper
Positive: Respectability, modesty, compassion, devotion, seriousness, docility, fervor, cordiality, comprehension, meditation, calmness, quick to give one's confidence, forgiveness, tenderness.

Negative: Indifference, depression, apathy, shyness, laziness, overemotional, disintegrating, dissolving, secretive, lack of foundations, ungrounded, forgetful, lustful, clouded.

Earth - The Phlegmatic Temper
Positive: Respectability, reputation, endurance, consideration, resolution, firmness, seriousness, scrupulousness, thoroughness, concentration, sobriety, punctuality, reserve, objectivity, infallibility, responsibility, reliability, circumspection, resistance, self-assurance.

Negative: Greed, addictions, obsessions, laziness, tired, lack of control, forgetful, anger, slow, insipidity, unscrupulousness, misanthropy, dullness, unreliability, laconism.

These tempers, as they are called, are the means by which we can decipher a single thing: the internal elemental balance of a particular person. In this context we must accept as true the theory that each person's activities and characteristics can be divided into four groups, namely the hermetic elements, and that the activity of those elements within the person is reflected by the outwards manifestation of the associated temper. From the hermetic standpoint the aura, then, is simply a slight emanation of the elements within the individual in question. The degree of emanation of the aura is directly proportional to the characteristics of the person, and therein a relationship can easily be grasped by the observant mage. We can, for example, determine the degree to which one may be a very kind and intellectual person by examining their aura for that particular elemental emanation. If we find a heavy emanation of the water element then the mage will know precisely and without a doubt that the person he is viewing bares on his persona heavily the characteristics of the melancholic temper. Because of this the observant magician can know precisely how a person will react to a given situation, that is, he shall act in accordance to the elemental disposition to which he is most inclined.

The aforementioned auras are by no means spiritually healthy ones in the hermetic magician's paradigm, but instead horribly imbalanced ones. The ultimate is to obtain what is known as the Magical Equipose, or the complete balance of the elements within one's self, and therein control over which aspects of your character manifest in your daily life from time to time. Likewise, a magician can decipher if another individual is a psychic or a fellow magician by observing the aura and keeping in mind which emanations mean what. In the case of the magician, he may be able to tell the extent to which a fellow magician is developed by observing the cultivation of his magical equipose in both his aura and his consequent actions.

I shall now say my piece on the perception of colors in the aura, of which my colleague has also treated. The mind perceives several primary things through its five senses when they act in unison: space, light/color, sound and shape(which includes taste in physical psychology). Upon those key perceptions other properties are built. It should be already known to my reader concerning the mind that, while it can receive these key properties from its objective senses, the manner in which they are accepted and understood by the mind is largely subjective to preexistent schemas as well as properties of the physical brain itself. Now this is particularly true in light of the developed sense of sight, which some mistakenly call the 6th sense(I believe it to simply be the logical cultivation of the five senses). Because the psychic sight works with frequencies and vibrations, which can be understood better by a detailed study of the aspects of the aura which Koujiryuu has made note of, the mind is likely to perceive them differently. Because of this, while a set template of color-correspondences may help you get started, such cosmology often proves flawed and detrimental to the student's advance in dealing with the meaning of an aura. It is far more advantageous for the student to take a deal of time in observing how his psychic sight, presuming it has been developed, depicts the color and shape of an individual's aura. The best way to do this is to have one experimental and one control factor; namely, one friend who's characteristics you know and one individual who you can get to know, but as of yet know little about. Observe your friend's aura with your psychic sight and note which colors are the most dominant in the spectrum. On your own time go back and jot down these colors in a notebook you keep, making a table of the person's general persona in comparison to the elemental tempers he displayed. By this means the student can arrive at a reference for the colors he sees around other people's aura. When you feel you understand this, having done the procedure with several friends, move on to people you do not know but upon an introduction can easily get to know. Observe their aura and in your mind formulate what you expect their actions to be, how they will greet you, etc.

In time the student of hermetic science should familiarize himself with which colors of the aura belong to which element. So, for example, red may represent quickly obtained passion and light green may represent a deal of physical stamina; in this case the student should classify light green and red as belonging to the choleric temper, and therein the fire element. With application of this the student can come to know at a glance which parts of a person's nature need to be worked on, where his flaws are, and where his strengths are in accordance to the Elemental Key.


This concludes this short essay on the subject of auras. We both hope it has served to enlighten, clarify, and inspire further research and practice in a positive vein.

Prophecy and Koujiryuu

Permanent and non-revocable permission has been granted for the Veritas Society to publish this article.
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cfgh...   (My apologies, this should have been addressed to Kobok.. !)

I came upon this post during a search.  I am new here & not of any particular discipline, (still studying, experiencing & trying to discern/manage everything I'm going through), so I hope that you or anyone else who may answer forgives any implied ignorance in the following question.

In the second method, it mentions drawing energy to the ajna chakra.  My difficulty with this concept is where I am drawing the energy from, is it external or from within?  I have seen both sources mentioned depending upon where I am reading/learning, and am not sure what the benefits/implications of each are yet.  

Any light you can shed would be so helpful...  Thank you so much :)
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December 19, 2010, 06:00:26 AM
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Whether this energy is internal or externel depends on the paradigm you are following. You said you do not practice a particular discipline as of yet, so you will have to choose which paradigm appeals most to you. I cannot speak for all paradigms, but those who practice the Dynamic Psi paradigm generally do not need a real 'source' of energy: energy can just as easily be generated as it can be gathered from somewhere else, it is just that the concept of gathering energy seems much easier to grasp to most people (rather than seemingly creating something out of nothing).

However, this article was posted in the Chi and Ancient Arts section of the forums, so I will assume that it follows some of the more traditional Chinese paradigms around the ideas of qi, jing and what have you. As far as I know, qi is most often gathered from the universe into the body on the inhale, and then circulated around the body (or sent to the ajna chakra, as you mention) on the exhale. 'tis a bit different when it comes to Daoist Qigong, but I do not think this applies to this article. This might be what you are looking for.

December 24, 2010, 12:56:38 AM
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My apologies for not having replied until now..  thank you so much for the reply & the perspective, it does help!  I have been reading about both almost simultaneously and that explains my confusion. 

Have had an interest third eye meditation for a while due to some experiences I've been having and my search led me here.  Trying to learn how to control it more (the experiences and the energy) as well as lessen any unintended effects. 

Love that this place exists & am grateful to have received your reply ~