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December 12, 2003, 01:59:36 PM
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Qi_Master Made this artical on the old site bother him if you have any problems have a nice day :D

I really didn't want to post this, especially because I am supposed to be gone. But I would continually check up on Veritas, and after a few discussions with sykodragon PM, I decided to give this to everyone. I felt the need for a good training article to be given. I have all levels up to Advanced 3, but only beginner level 1 is given as the title of this states. Enjoy, and train hard. I gaurantee results, and more power. Peace be with you all.

I will need you to get two candles, and make them the same length if they are not already. After they are the same length, I will need to find a table or something to put the candles on. So they are about navel level sitting or standing in a horse stance. (When I say sitting, I meant sitting on a chair.)
Light both candles having them alligned by each other almost two feet apart, and put you left hand about a foot above the candle for you left hand, and the same for the candle for you right hand.
Move your hands up about two to four inches, Breathing in through you nose, with the tip of your tongue touching the roof of your mouth, just in front of you teeth, and stomach going out, feeling you tan tien with as much chi as you can. Then moving your hands back down to original position, breathing out, tongue drops down, and stomach comes in. Sending chi down out your hands towards the candles moving through the flat palm/palm heart. (The area that rounds in on your hand to a flat surface.) Do this fifteen to twenty times before moving on
The next step is quite the same, but requires more focus. While having your hands above the candles, in the position explained before. As you raise your hands, and start to breathe and visualize, add a new visualization where your left hand is taking the heat of the candle up into your hand, and having it redirected out of your right hand. Now do the same thing with the right hand

Edit: when people say the left hand absorbs only or the best, that is a lie. The right hand does just as good

Now blow out one candle.

Start to make a qi ball, but have both hands outside of the candle surrounding it. Try not to burn your thumbs. Visualize the your chi leaving your right hand through the finger tips, and going into your left hand, and redirecting out of the left hands left thumb, back into your right thumb, and the process of leaving the finger tips of the right hand to left happens again.
Let it start to get going faster and faster, until you can visualize a golden ring being created with your chi, connecting you hands in an energy ring that cannot be broken. This ring will start to absorb the candles energy. Visualize it creating a tornado, and sucking up the candles heat. let it become one with your ring of golden chi. Let the middle of this ring feel up with a red light
This red light will expand, and create a fire ball in between your hands. So when the visualization is done, you should have a golden ring of chi binding your hands together, and a fire of red in between the ring. (When I say done, I mean that your still visualizing in your mind, but now the visualization stays the same.)
If your hands are not pulsating, and you are not sweating yet, or feeling tremendous energy all over, then continue to do it until fatigue. This is the first part to the beginner stage, there two more stages of the beginner. These can be done at anytime.
The intermediate, you start taking from multiple people. Advanced you drain life forms. (humans, plants, etc.) The third set for the beginner is the first time your practice involves taking from small things, such as grass, a flower, and a small amount of a persons energy to make them weaker. There are three stages for beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The master stage contains six stages.

Edit: If certain people I have previously given this to reads this, which I'm sure most will end up doing. I apologize for making anyone earn the right to learn this, and lately it has become hard to keep up on teaching people by e-mail, and msn messenger. For those who do use msn messenger, keep on chating with me while I'm actually online for what I am doing with you, but for the rest, I can only give answers to as many questions as I can. Any indepth understanding will have to come with time, and experience. So to students, don't feel like I've cheated you in any way.
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