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June 15, 2012, 01:52:38 PM
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Considering most of our members are missing experience posts on Void and Dantien meditation, and some are missing posts for Zen meditation and 3 Qigong Forms, I have decided to cut you all some slack.

I have been contacted by a few members regarding ongoing personal problems that should resolve themselves soon. So, considering this is the norm and not the exception, and also that this is supposed to be a laid back, casual group, I've decided not to remove anyone for lack of participation.

Instead, I will keep track of who has and hasn't made experience posts. At the end of the group, if you've made all your posts, I will be making a "I completed the Qigong study group" forum signature banner for people to use. Only people who complete the group by sharing their experiences on a weekly basis will be considered "graduates" and will be allowed to use this banner.

So, take your time, you have 4 weeks left, 5 including the final week (which is discussion about the group experience). Keep in mind though, the goal of the group is discussion of our common experiences together, and we can't very well have this in a linear, productive manner if everyone makes all their experience posts at the very end. Time is time, and it's fine if people need to go back and post experiences on the first week in the third week, but once you do it would help to stay current so we can discuss our experiences together, and so I can answer questions about them.

So, here's the current experiences and what I need from people.

Week 1 - 3 Basic Qigong Forms: XIII, akuigla, Dante_pk
Week 1 - Zen meditation: XIII, akuigla, Dante_pk
Week 2 - Void and Dantien meditation: Everyone except JustinReeves

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