Author Topic: 3 Basic Qigong forms experiences and questions  (Read 7738 times)

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June 09, 2012, 11:37:16 AM
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Hey Koujiryuu, are we supposed to keep doing these forms along with the new meditations? Do we do them for a shorter length of time, or the same length? Does it even matter?  :P

The official answer is no. In coming weeks I'll recommend you do previous exercises along with the new ones for the week. This week there isn't any recommendation like that.

That isn't to say you can't do them if you want to and have the time, as long as the week's exercises get done too.
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June 10, 2012, 06:31:05 AM
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I aware that week 1 is over, but I just feel like sharing another experience.

I was really tired due to work, haven't had any normal sleep these last 2 days, dizzy, couldn't breathe normally, feel like I'm about to faint just now,
I took some time off and went to take some rest, during the break, my inner self sort of told me to try the 3 forms.

Starting with a reversed Lifting the Sky, I feel my burden released and my mind being elevated to a state of lightness. After several sets, I follow the session with the usual Lifting the Sky (Gathering Clouds), during this session I feel tingling and heat/cold sensation on the base of my feet, hands (palms and forearms), and shoulder, the upward movement felt more denser than usual, felt some magnetic attraction/repulsion when my fingers are close to touching each other at the peak of the movement. I also felt some vibrations on my lower and middle abdomen during the upward and downward movement, I checked, it wasn't my muscles, it felt like gentle electrical impulses on the surface of my skin. At the end of Lifting the Sky, I am feeling cleared and energized, no problem in breathing, no dizziness.

Afterwards, I'm being guided by myself to spread my leg and start with the Pushing Water, this time it feels really good. My feeling was firm and study, I feel even more rooted than my experience in the first day. Vibrations are felt on both palms of my hands as well as the base of my foot, some tingling sensations still appear occasionally on my abdomen, but not as vivid as it was during Lifting the Sky.

Also did the Shaolin Archer afterwards, got into the rhythm rather easily, felt like I'm guiding some flow in the front of my chest using the movement of my palms, flowing it around myself and then into the center of my heart/chest. Did it a couple of times, no strong sensation felt on the zen finger, but this time it's more of a balanced feeling all over the horisontal area, spreading from my arms, shoulder and chest.

I conclude the session with a deep breath and another lifting the sky, feeling energized and went to work again afterward.

June 10, 2012, 01:26:38 PM
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I started with Lifting the Sky. As I started deep breathing, I felt energy in my hands as usual. When I came down from the position, I felt my energy being pushed out of my hands. Rather a lot more than usual.

A few minutes after I did Pushing Water. When I did the exercise all I heard was *crack crack*. My knees were cracking up a storm. I didn't feel as much energy as I did in Lifting the Sky but I liked it because it can help me with my weight problem. :/

Shaolin Archer was unique .-. I could feel the energy in the air as I was inhaling and bring my arm across to the other side.

June 15, 2012, 03:27:04 PM
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so after i did these QI Qong exercises i felt calm, more focused and energized.